How Samuel mistakenly slept with his brother’s wife episode 16


Written by Nicholas Stephen ✍️


I went to a nearby shop and bought a can of water, which I drank until he called. So I dashed out the door to pick him up.

I took him to my house and began talking with him about the situation on ground.

“Bola I want you to manipulate a fàke DNA test for me so how do I go about it? you know money is not my problem.”

“All right I’ll handle that. But you know there’s alot at stake here. And it will cost you alot but let me make it 500,000 just because of the relationship we’ve built over the past few years.

“Alright the money is not the issue but what I’m more concerned about is completing the task. What concerns me the most is how we will obtain her sample because, as it stands, I have no idea where she is.” I said to him.

“But you said she has been to the clinic, probably we’d have to consult one of the nurses to get the samples so I could work on it.” he replied.

As a result, we both agreed. I rushed to the hospital and met the nurse who ran the test, telling her to give me a copy of Monica’s DNA test as well as a small sample of her blood. So she went ahead and did it without hesitation. I accepted it, greeted her, and exited.

I went back home and handed them over to him. So he told me it will take him two working days before he could wrap up everything.

“Okay, but I want this to be well orchestrated, which means no one else should find out about it. “You know I’m paying you for this, so I’m confident you’ll complete the task exactly the way I want it,” I said, pointing my left hand at him.

“Don’t worry, sir. Your secret is safe with me, and we’ve been doing business for years, so I believe you can put your trust in me. “You’re my man, na.” He responded by extending his right hand for a handshake.

“Alright, give me your details let me transfer you half of the cash.” I said to him.

So he gave me his details and I immediately transferred a whooping sum of 250,000 naira to his Uba bank account.

After that, he thanked me, took some blood samples from me, and I greeted him before he left.

I was left all alone in the house

“Let me just finish this so called DNA test let my mind rest. Everytime DNA test! Abeg let me go and enjoy myself.” I grumbled to myself.

I checked the time and it’s almost 12am. I tried calling Monica’s line but she ignored my call. I gave her over 6missed calls but nothing came up.

“Mehn! what do I do. This girl should better not cross boundaries if not…… Seems this girl is looking for dèàth and I’ll give it to her.” I grumbled in anger.

I decided to stroll out. On my way I got another missed call and when I checked it was Timothy.

“Brother…. can you hear me?”
“Hello…., hello…., seems the network is seriously disturbing down here.” I responded by acting as if I wasn’t hearing what he was saying and quickly hung up the phone.

He called again but I ignored.
I continued my journey.

Just few metres to the junction I sighted one dark skin girl from the intersection. And she embodied everything I sought in a woman.

But one mind was telling me to go after her and the other was telling me to go back home.

“Mehn! let me just mind my business for today, but this one that Monica is still out there somewhere make she no go cast me o.”

I immediately switched direction and went to one of my friends house..

When I got there she was outside watching her clothes so I went to meet her.

“Ahhh Sharon, I can see you’re doing fine. Been a while though what about your mum?”
I asked her

“Yeah she’s fine although she travelled alongside with my dad to abia state and they’d be returning next week. My junior brother should be returning from school few hours from now. How about you?”

“Ummmm actually things are not that stable for me you know, but I strongly believe that things are going to get better.” I responded.

“Okay so you came to see me? because I know you hardly visit. So what brought you to my place today? she said while giving me a serious look as she kept washing her clothes”


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