Deception episode 26


Episode Twenty Six (last episode)

© Kemiliz Aiyemo Omotayo

The door was pushed open and the awaiting church members and visitors beheld the unimaginable sight of their most revered prophet who was still banging the already sister Esther, as in sister, with the angelic voice.

The people screamed in surprise and this attracted more people into the Prophet’s office. The onlookers not minding Esther’s low cry of help, brought out their mobile phones and began to take photos and videos. The Prophet’s wife on seeing the shame her husband just brought to them, ran away with her only child. When the onlookers noticed Esther was almost out of breath and might give up if immediate help was not rendered, they began to pull the stuck prophet away from her. They tried all their efforts but it proved abortive. They then concluded to take them to the hospital while some of his faithfuls started praying for them.
The whole of the environ was now filled with multitudes as the rumors had spread like widefire.

They rushed them into a bus laying with their sides while the prophet was still hammering her and and she getting weaker. They were rushed to the hospital.

Ben at home was waiting for his wife. He had tried to stop her from attending the mid week service because of the time she usually gets home.
” You are pregnant and shouldn’t be moving around at night” he had advised her on several occasions. But Esther being who she was, wouldn’t agree.
” You can’t stop me from going to my church. This miracle happened there and I will not become an ingrate just because you want me to” she had defended
” I’m not stopping you from going there. God knows my spirit isn’t right with that church but since you are so bent on continuing serving there, I can’t and won’t force you to stop. You can continue with the Sunday service and every other service that will not make you return home late at night” he said almost in a plea.
” I won’t stop neither reduce my service in the house of the Lord all because I’m carrying your child. The Lord that started this work will finish it well.” Esther said and brought the conversation to an end as she walked out on him.

Ben, who’s now worried sick about Esther began to pray asking God to protect her and bring her home safely. As he was still praying, a call came in. Thinking it was Esther, he brought his prayer to an abrupt end.
The caller, one of his colleagues asked him to go online and check the latest update. Ben informed him he cared less about whatsoever was happening online as every of his thoughts was on the whereabouts of his wife.
“Guy, we’re saying the same thing nau. Your wife and her prophet is the trending news. How they had glued together during s*x” he spilled out.

Ben paused and starred at the phone to confirm the caller ID. It wasn’t a wrong number. He heard his colleague repeating ‘hello’ at the other end of the phone but he was too unsettled to answer him. His colleague eventually ended the call when Ben didn’t respond anymore.

Ben was confused whether to check out what Kunle had just told him, or continue with his prayer. Ever since he met Kunle, he had known him to be so negative minded. Maybe because he wasn’t a believer, Kunle had never believed a man can be faithful in marriage let alone a woman. He would always object everything about happy ever after in marriage so Ben wasn’t surprised as he called him just to prove he’s always been right.

He decided to do the previous and then went online. He sunk into the double seater when his eyes met with the headline from one of the major blog on Facebook.
” Prophet and his pregnant member in a sexual tie”
He opened the link and staring at him was the picture of his wife, his beloved Esther right under the pastor.

He cried and pity himself for the shame that just befell him. After wallowing in self pity enough, he picked his car keys and set out to go get his wife. She was still his responsibility even after the disgrace she had brought upon him.
He knew the way to his church. He had once gone to pick her up during the mid week service and when he refused to enter the church, she asked him not to bother to come again.
He drove to the church and the sparsely dispatched crowd he saw was a confirmation that the deed truly happened.
He was ashamed of himself for being connected to an adulterous woman, but what could he have done. He entered the church and heard some of the Prophet’s faithfuls praying for his deliverance and asking God to put the devil to shame over the Prophet.
How dumb could they be? Isn’t it obvious that their Prophet is the devil and God had just exposed him?

He excused one of them and after much conversation and confirmation, he was directed to the hospital where his wife and the Prophet had been taken to. When he was leaving, he heard some people saying it was Esther’s husband that had place thunderbolt on Esther. He shook his head and went his way wondering how people could just conclude on things they don’t even know. He would have filed for a divorce instead of this shame and disgrace.

He drove to the hospital where he introduced himself as Esther’s husband. People immediately began to whisper and he was pained but what could he do?

Ben met with the doctor who described the situation as P***s Captivus; a condition in which the v****a clamp down on the p***s much more firmly than usual making it impossible for the p***s to withdraw from it. The doctor explained that they did all they could but the prophet would not stop jerking and they had to inject him with muscle relaxers. The prophet lost his life during this process while Esther was in unstable condition.

Ben didn’t care about the Prophet. He was sure he would be right on his way to hell already. The fact that his wife would be okay and nothing would happen to his child is enough for him. He asked if he could see her but was declined.

He returned home that night without seeing his wife. He felt bad for himself. Maybe if he had been strict with her, things wouldn’t have gone this bad. He blamed himself for being too loving and letting her have the upper hand in their marriage as he was always more concerned about her happiness.

He put a call through to his and her family explaining what Esther had done. He was done covering up things. He couldn’t sleep until the early part of the morning. It seemed like his life was about to end.

His pastor had also heard what had happened to him. He called him and consoled him.
The next morning, his pastor and Esther’s mother were the ones that woke him up. He appeared like a shadow of himself.
Esther’s mother wouldn’t stop crying and it kind of infuriated him. They all left for the hospital after he had his bath.

At the hospital, the doctor explained to Esther that the shock and shame of what happened has affected her head and she had started acting insanely. This broke him down, but then he had no choice but to stay with her still for the sake of his child in her womb. The doctor advised that since she was now stable, she should be transferred to the psychiatric hospital where she would be adequately taken care of.

He couldn’t enter the ward where Esther was. Part of him felt guilty for her. He pitied her even though she had hurt him so much.
Her mother sat beside her trying to make her stop talking to herself. Her mother wept because she had also not been responsible enough for her as a mother.

Esther was being transferred to a psychiatric hospital as advised by the doctor. Her case was deteriorating with each passing day. Some moments,she would act sane and the next minute, she would began with her lunacy. All these period, Ben never deserted her. Even though he felt broken himself, that his aged parents had to stay with him and also his church members continuous visitation, he never abandoned her. The news had gone viral, pictures of him also was now everywhere with caption of him being the cause of what happened to Esther as he went diabolic. The thoughts of suicide had even managed to creep in but, he couldn’t bare to put his aged parents to eternal sadness. He had even gone weak in faith and hope, partly blaming God for allowing all of these to happen to him despite how he served Him.

One day, at the hospital with Esther with her mother, an evangelist had come to render prayer ministration for the patients. When he had prayed for Esther in her ward, Esther said lowly ” I want to talk”
Her mother tried shutting her up thinking she wanted to start displaying.
” You have nothing to say” her mother said
” Mother! I said I want to talk” she shouted.
” Help me hold her o, she has started again” her mother said crying.
” You can’t shut me up like you did before. I want to talk and i must talk” Esther yelled and began to throw fit. Her mother also continued crying begging her to calm down. Some nurses and the doctor soon joined them in her ward. They tried to inject her but she wouldn’t stay still.
” What do you want to say?” The evangelist asked amidst the struggle.
” How it all started. I need to say it all” she yelled.
” Doctor can you just let her be for now. Let’s just hear what she wants to say” the evangelist said.
The doctor didn’t want to agree initially but when Ben tearfully asked the doctor to hold on, he complied. Ben felt bad watching his wife in this state.

” I don’t know why you all are acting this way. How can you not understand that I just want to talk?” Esther said now calmed to the surprise of everyone.

Esther when she had gotten the attention of everyone began to tell her story. She explained everything from when Mrs Comfort, her principal molested her and her mother asked her to cover it up, to when she started feeling the sexual urge. She didn’t miss any episode of her life. How she almost slept with her roommate and her sister. How she was never faithful in her marriage. How Mr Charles had been using her which brought about her inability to conceive. She explained how she had lied against Ben’s pastor and how she had ended up with the Prophet who happened to be the father of the baby in her womb.

At this juncture, Ben couldn’t hold himself any longer. He went down and began to weep like a baby. His only hope of becoming a father now had just been dashed. He had been caring for another man’s child right under his roof. How inhumane can one be other than this?
” I’m sorry Ben, I’m truly sorry. Mrs Comfort caused all of these. May she never find peace anywhere she is. May she end her life in sorrow and rot in hell for destroying my life” she sobbed and cursed

” You shouldn’t be doing this. It’s your salvation that should matter to you now which you can get be asking for God’s mercy” the evangelist said.
” It’s too late for me. I got the second chance as my sister had said, but I wasted it. My sins are too enormous for God to forgive. I am damned already” Esther replied.

“No you’re not. The Lord who forgave David, and even gave him Solomon will forgive you. Also, he’s the one who forgave Mrs Comfort and I’m certain he will have mercy on you if only you can ask for it.” The evangelist encouraged.
” Mrs Comfort can not receive mercy, it’s not possible, is it?” She asked.
” Yes it is. He said in his words in 1John chapter 1 verse 9 – If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
All you need now is to ask for mercy and the Lord in his infinite mercy will forgive all of your trespasses” the evangelist admonished.

” It’s all Mrs Comfort’s fault. It’s her evil that destroyed my life and I will never forgive her” Esther vowed.
” You can’t continue with this bitterness since it wouldn’t affect Mrs Comfort anymore.” He said.
” How would you know?” She asked.
” I know because I met her some years back where I had the opportunity with the help of the Holy Spirit to help bring her to Christ. She repented and gave her life to Christ and lived a good life thereafter before her demise” the evangelist explained.
On hearing this, Esther and her mother looked directly to the evangelist and had some little traces of recognition.
” Do you know Mrs Comfort?” Esther asked
” Yes I did. And I know you too. I was the same person that had rescued you from Mrs Comfort and brought you home. I was the one you and your mother denied in the presence of everyone just to cover up the truth” he revealed.

Esther now understood everything and hot tears rolled down her cheeks non stop. Only if she hadn’t cover up Mrs Comfort then, she wouldn’t have been in this mess. She looked at her mother and a feeling of hatred ran down her spine. She was the architect of her sorrow. She had made her gullibly do what was unjust so as not to put the family to shame. A shame which now appeared in a million and one times.
” Mummy! You caused this too” Esther said repeatedly
” I’m sorry my daughter. I never knew an act that I thought was simple and should be concealed will end up ruining us. I never meant for any of these. All I thought was that I was helping you. I’m sorry my dear” her mother pleaded while Esther continued repeating her last statement.

Catching everyone unaware, she rushed to her mother and began to strangle her while shouting ” you ruined me” repeatedly.
It took great effort from the nurses to get her mother off her grip but not before she had hit her mother’s head against the wall. Her mother became unconscious and was rushed to another ward while Esther was injected and she became unconscious.

Ben who couldn’t believe all that had happened stood up sluggishly and left for his house. There was nothing left for him with Esther. He had been managing with her all because of the baby he thought was his, but now that the truth is out, there was nothing he should stay for.

The evangelist prayed for her even while she lay unconsciously hoping she would genuinely repent and ask for mercy.

Thank goodness Ben’s parents were at home because he was totally out of shape by the time he got home. His parents never left his side for a minute after he narrated everything Esther had revealed.
Ifemi had tried talking to Ben ever since this issue began that he should come over to the States, but Ben had refused saying he would not leave his child even if he would divorce Esther later. When Ifemi’s call came in that night, Ben told her he’s ready to relocate since he had lost all. He had lost ten years of his life to Esther.
In the middle of the night after much thought, Ben realized his own point of failure. He didn’t truly seek the face of God concerning Esther. And even when he had revelations about her, he had allowed his flesh to mislead him dissuading him from the will of God. He wept bitterly and begged God for forgiveness in prayer while his parents also joined him.

Esther woke up in the middle of the night also and was okay mentally. She thought of the humiliation she had brought upon herself and family. She regretted every of her actions but wasn’t bold enough to ask for forgiveness. She couldn’t live to face this eternal shame so she decided to end her life once and for all. She stood up from the bed and began to look for a way to end it all. When she bent down, she saw a surgical scissors that was under the bed and smiled to herself.
She was going straight to hell already for what she had done and adding suicide to it wouldn’t change a thing. She laid back on the bed and cut her left wrist vein deeply. Without making a fuss, she bled to death and appeared as though she was sleeping.

In the morning when a nurse was taking the routine check-up, she saw what happened and called the attention of the doctor who confirmed her death. Esther’s mother who was coming over from the ward she was to her daughter’s ward overheard the doctor and rushed in to see her daughter’s lifeless body. She slumped and was unable to be revived. She also gave up the ghost.

Few months after the funeral of mother and daughter which he fully funded, Ben relocated to the States to start a new life.

Isaiah chapter 29 verse 15(NLT) – Destruction is certain for those who try to hide their plans from the Lord, who try to keep Him in the dark concerning what they do! “The Lord can’t see us,” you say to yourself. ” He doesn’t know what is going on”
Proverbs Chapter 28 verse 13 – He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.

No matter how much you cover your sins, it will grow to a level where it begins to take over you and determine your end…

The end

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