Deception episode 18


Episode Eighteen

© Kemiliz Aiyemo Omotayo

He drove into her gently and within one minute, his pace and breathing increased with every pound.
To Esther’s utmost surprise, Ben began to shake uncontrollably and before she could say jack, he let out a loud cry with his tongue out of his mouth like a salivating dog as he poured into her.
He then collapsed besides her.

“Is this all?” Esther asked in disbelief

Ben was too tired to answer her absurd question. He needed rest and that’s all that matters to him now.
He wouldn’t lie that he enjoyed every bit of his wife.
Although she always told him that she was a virgin, but a little part of him was always in doubt until this very moment.
He was so proud of being married to a chaste lady and can’t wait to let his friends know that he’s married to one.

He wasn’t just proud about is wife alone but himself. He was able to resist all temptations and allowed his wife have the taste of his undiluted self.
He smiled for this accomplishment and drifted into sleep.

Esther on the other hand was patiently waiting for her husband to make her feel like a complete woman. You know, to clean her up and say some sweet words to her like she had sometime watched in one of the movies she had stormed across.

She was bewildered when she heard her husband soft m**n making her realize that that was truly all.

She stood up slowly from the bed and starred at the lightly stained sheet ” all of this for nothing” she said as she looked at her husband who was deeply asleep now.
This was far below what she expected.
She had read little, watched something related to and heard people talk about s*x with much enthusiasm, but yet again she had being disappointed.
It seemed everything about Ben is all disappointing and she hated she was just realizing that now.

She washed herself up in the bathroom and returned to the room. She hated the fact that he was sleeping when she wasn’t satisfied.
At the second look at her husband, she saw a trace of smile on his face which made her smile unwittingly.
Ben was so cute as he slept.

Right there, her thoughts began to change.
” Maybe this s*x of a thing is overrated. It’s all an act to make me and others feel it’s the best feeling ever. What if I’m acting all weird for actually the best thing anyone can get. My husband loves me and he’s always willing to make me happy at all times, this should be all coolvalstories that matters right?
Every disappointment I’m feeling is right in my head as I am just too expectant. This place isn’t bad to start with. My parents gave birth to all four of us in a room and parlour rented apartment. Ben is really trying and I think it’s better I become a responsible wife than the nagging one I am now” Esther thought.
She looked once again at Ben and was happy she had him all to himself. She went over to his side of the bed and planted a kiss on his lips and then on his forehead. Ben smiled unconsciously again which gladdened her.

She thought of how to clean up the mess on the bed without disturbing him. She just placed the gown she had pulled on it as she’s now determined to ensure her husband’s comfort and happiness as well.
She laid besides him with her head on his chest listening to his rhythmic breathe before she finally slept off.

She woke up late to the sweet aroma of the fried eggs her husband was making for breakfast.
She stood up lazily and walked up on Ben who wasn’t aware she was awake. She took her time to enjoy every of his move like a real chef with his apron on. It was just like the movies and she loved it.
She sneaked in and placed his hands around his waist whispering “Good morning my love”

He replied with a wide smile and joked about how smelly her mouth wass. She used the shower and put on her clothes as Ben had brought all of her things in when she was still sleeping.

They ate their breakfast happily and Ben didn’t ask about her last comment last night as he had wished to talk about it.
He soon left for work as he had told his wife.

His efforts to get a good job was futile again. He returned home and pretended to be good. He ate the delicious dinner his wife had made and was grateful he had a good wife.

The days quickly rolled from weeks to months and their love waxed strong.
Things were going smoothly well for them or so she thought. They even attended his church together and she loved it. She soon joined many departments in the church.
They were really loved in the church as they both played a great role in the church.
Esther would sing, lead the prayer sessions and sometimes exhorts during the weekly service.

All this while, Ben had to settle as a manager of a bakery just to provide for the family, that was after he had sold his car. He had been managing well just to make his wife live well but it’s really telling on him. He was spending more than he earned and soon he began to loose weight gradually.
Although Esther wasn’t clothes freak, but she would always ask for money to settle up the pledges she would always make in church.

Also, their s*x life is just there flowing along the regular pattern which was little touching, and then sexing for maximum of three minutes before he cums.

One day, Ben submitted his wife and his own CV at a food company he had been directed to. He was hoping for a break as his finance was drowning already.

” Baby, I have submitted your CV together with mine and I hope we’ll be called upon soon.” He said one night

” Am I not supposed to go for my HND as you promised?” Esther asked.
” You will but not now. Things aren’t the way they appear” he replied
” Well, make me see things the way they are. And wait a minute, why do you have to submit yours too when you have a good job?” She asked.

This was the opportunity and Ben ceased it. He explained how things had been and they both broke down in tears at the end of his speech.
” You didn’t trust me enough to let me in on the situation of things, what am I really to you?” Esther asked in tears.
” I’m sorry darling. All I ever wanted is your happiness and I’m scared the truth will hurt you then” Ben said
” You should have tried me. You should have. It’s not all about me in this marriage, it’s for us, for you and I.” She cried more.

The two later consoled themselves. Ben explained she would have to settle for Part Time program and she agreed.

The week after, they were both called for the job interview and they were both happy. They prayed fervently wishing that at least Ben would be taking.

They were surprised to see so many applicants as well. They wrote the test and were sure they did well.
They were called in one after the other for oral interview.

Esther entered into the office all looking and smelling good. She sat comfortably when she was asked to.
The interviewer asked so many questions that had been answered in the CV with him and Esther had no choice but to answer him. She needed the job as she’s now fully aware of her husband’s financial state.

The interviewer, Mr Charles left his seat and stood besides her while he gaze at her CV with him.
” It’s stated here that you’re married but there is no ring on your finger” he said

Esther perceived his manly scent and quickly took her mind off it. She was kind of uncomfortable with his closeness but who was she to ask him to return to his seat.
” I just asked if you’re truly married at this young age” Mr Charles said bringing her back.
” I am married sir, and I’m not that young. I will be 24 soon, it’s all there” she replied pointing to her CV he was holding.
” Oh I see” Mr Charles said without looking at the CV.
” Can I see your ring?” He asked.

“What’s all this for Christ sake? Is this also part of the interview or what? What has ring got to do here?” Esther thought.
Some parts of her wanted to stand up and leave, but then what would be her reason?

She brought out her hands and placed them on the table ” I don’t use ring, I don’t use any jewelry” she said.

Mr Charles sat on the table now ” oh what a pity, a beautiful gold ring would fit perfectly on this beautiful finger” he said and slowly ran his hands on her ring finger.
Esther felt that feeling she thought she had subdued again. She didn’t respond physically but she did in her head.

Mr Charles seeing no objection from her didn’t stop touching her hand.
” You are a beautiful lady and I can help you get a better slot here. The only problem is there are many applicants with better qualifications.” He said
” Please sir, my husband and I really need this job” she said and knelt down immediately.
” Your husband?” He asked
“Yes sir” she said and told him his name.

” Just stand up” he said and pulled her up “I promise to help you but I can’t say the same for your husband” he added.
She was now back on her seat feeling better.

Mr Charles moved to her back and began to
rub her shoulder slightly. She wanted to react but stopped. He continued doing what he was doing this time gaining more grounds as he was now touching her bare shoulder.
She found it rather strange to be really enjoying what this man was doing to her.
She just sat there like a dummy as he proceeded in touching her upper b****t.
She was feeling this touch better than Ben’s and hoped he didn’t stop already.
Mr Charles, with full access into her brassiere touched every part of her and moaned silently. He was damn surprised for the ease.
Who could ever believe that this beautiful lady all dressed up like a believer would be that easy to get?

He pressed her b****t firmly and squeeze her n*****s in turn.
It was now very obvious she was enjoying it and he continued.

” You now have a job” Mr Charles said as he brought to abrupt stop what he was doing.
” Thank you sir” she smirked and left without thinking of who she had just allowed a stranger do to her.

As soon as she left, Mr Charles sought out for Ben’s file and took it out.

Ben and every other applicants were interviewed and were asked to wait for his call.

When they got home, Esther began to feel all dirty all of a sudden. She felt like a cheap slut. This was a different case from when she was younger as she now knew what s*x really entailed. She didn’t even anything to stop Mr Charles but rather was flowing with the wave enjoying every bit of it.

She rushed to the bathroom and washed herself up. She wept a bit and joined her husband before he began to be suspicious.
She tried to take off her mind from Mr Charles touch but it seemed impossible. She pretended to be cool but right within her, she knew she was falling again.

Ben tried to make love to her that night, but for the very first time, she refused. She wasn’t even moved by his touch and found herself hating the 3minutes he would eventually spend on her.

When Ben wouldn’t leave her in peace, she had to sleep on the couch where she dreamt of having a hot s*x with Mr Charles.

The next day, she woke up before Ben and dressed up.
Ben woke up and found her all dressed and ask where she was going to.

” For my new job of course” she said confidently to Ben’s surprise.
” Have you been called?” He asked
” No I haven’t, but something tells me to be ready because I might be called soon” she said.

” I’m sorry but you’ll have to forget about that job. The revelation I had concerning it wasn’t good at all. We will get a better one soon” Ben said.
” I think you really need to hear what you are saying. I’m about to get a job and you’re already having a funny revelation. Please spare me that. I didn’t ask for a job neither did I process it, and now you want me to forget about it after putting my all? Just stop it already” Esther said furiously.

Ben was confused about what had gotten over his wife overnight and why she was so sure she would get the job.
He tried to convince her and almost threatened she chose between the job and him.
They were still arguing when a call came in from Mr Charles informing her that she has been appointed and asked to resume immediately.
She jumped for joy, pecked her husband, picked up her bag and dashed out of the house before Ben could say anything.

On a way, a message popped in giving her details on the changed location. She was confused but then was prepared for anything, I meant anything.

Ben alone in the house felt everything wrong with this job.
He didn’t even realize he ought to be at the bakery until much later in the morning when one of the workers had called to inform him that the boss was asking after him.

He quickly had his bath and rushed off to work.

In the bus to the bakery, he thought he saw someone that looked exactly like his wife on bike but took his mind off it as it wasn’t the way to the company.

Ben got really late to work and the boss wouldn’t hear him out. He paid him off and terminated his appointment right there.
Ben left after much pleas as it was obvious that the boss wouldn’t change his mind.

Just like that, he lost yet another hope.
He called his wife on his way home but she wouldn’t pick or return his call. He needed his wife to comfort him but she wasn’t available.

Esther saw his calls but silenced her phone. She didn’t want hear him speak of any revelation since she was so eager to start her new job but kind of more excited to see Mr Charles again.
She got to where Mr Charles had directed and she informed him she had gotten to the location.

Mr Charles stopped his car beside her and she hopped in.
” Where are we going?” She finally asked as he was driving in silence for over 20minutes on a trafficless express road she wasn’t familiar with.

To be continued…

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