Deception episode 5


Episode Five

©Kemiliz Aiyemo Omotayo

“What in god’s name are you doing sister Gladis?” Esther asked with her eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

Gladis, who was visibly shaking slowly turned around. The shower was still running and Esther was still standing starring in disbelief at the huge vibrator she was holding.

” I’m sorry” Gladis said silently bringing back Esther from her lost state.
Esther walked out of the small bathroom still in shock.
She sat at the edge of the bed thinking of what Gladis, a prayer warrior was doing to herself.
Pictures of her leading prayer sessions at the fellowship and even at home kept appearing before her. She had trusted her to be a good Christian. She could even vouch for her outside despite the fact that they recently became close.
” This is serious and heaven knows I can’t deal with this” Esther thought and set up to begin to pack up Gladis bags.

Gladis walked out of the bathroom at this moment and read the scene that she’s about to be thrown out.
She knelt down and began to cry, begging Esther profusely.
Esther was kind of moved by her tears but how on Earth was she going to stay with an infidel, a deceptive one.
Someone who has deceived and is still deceiving a whole lot of people about her religious stand and yet she’s something else.

” I have no where to go, please don’t do this to me I beg you in God’s name” Gladis continued pleading.

” What do you expect me to do? Do you expect me to stay silent while you turn your body and my apartment to the temple of the devil? Just tell me, what do you want me to do?” Esther asked.

” I will change, infact, I have changed from this moment. Please do not let my secret out. Protect me please, I’m just an orphan who was misguided. Don’t condemn me please, save me.” Gladis cried more as she begged.

Esther was confused on what to do. She can’t just throw her out when examination is just at the corner. Even if she did, what would be her reason? What would she tell the church?

Esther thought about her mother, what she would have adviced in this disposition.
She thought about how she would have felt if Ben had let out her own shortcomings then. But then, this isn’t right.
God wouldn’t want this.
“Which of these will God frown out; sending her out to nowhere or helping in covering her sin at the moment? God please speak to me, say something, show me a sign. I’m confused” Esther thought.

She looked down at the kneeling Gladis who was still in tears regretting her actions, she took compassion on her as the heaven had decided to shut its mouth.

” I will hide your secret and let you stay on the condition that you must never masturbate again, not in this house or anywhere else” Esther commanded.

“Yes yes yes” Gladis said repeatedly

” Have I made myself clear? If ever you do this again, I will not only throw you out, but let the whole world know the kind of a person you are. Do you understand and agree?” Esther added.

” Yes, I do agree and I promise never to do this again. Thank you sister Esther. Thank you so much.” Gladis said as she stood up and moved towards Esther and gave her a tight hug.

Esther took in her smell, it was nice. She felt her cool body against hers as both of them were on towel alone.

That feelings she usually felt around her Virgina resurfaced with a greater tension.
She felt her heartbeat increased speedily.

She tried pushing Gladis off with little effort but Gladis who was still mumbling ” thank you” held her tight still.

Within some seconds, she felt Gladis’ hands on her butt.
“What are you doing?” Esther managed to ask lowly after some minutes

” Just watch and see, you will love it” Gladis said romantically while her hands found their way into Esther’s succulent bare buttocks.

Esther was truly loving it as Gladis had said.
She moaned and Gladis did as well.

She felt the hotness in her vulva, as if something was dripping from it already.

Gladis let her own towel fall and asked her to touch her as well.
This is all wrong but she has just passed the stage of ‘lead us not into temptation’ into the state of ‘deliver us from all evil’.

She begged Gladis weakly to stop even as her hands were already on her breast.
” God, please help me stop” Esther begged within but she got no will power.

Gladis gently removed her towel without objection.
She “whaoohed” at the sight of Esther’s big, round and firm breast.

She touched the nipples and it stood erect at once.
” You like it, don’t you?” Gladis asked and Esther replied with a nod as if remotely controlled.

Even though Esther didn’t want to touch Gladis in return, but her stupid hands were doing the exact opposite of what her brain had instructed.
Things were moving exceedingly fast with a great speed, but it was so annoying that she isn’t strong enough to stop this evil.

This wasn’t like when the principal was taking advantage of her naivety, she’s now more knowledgeable about the happenings, and needed nobody to tell her how wrong it was.

Just as she was waiting patiently on God to give her the strength to disengage from this evil, or probably sending someone or something to help out.

Just then, Esther felt something more intense, more sensational, more indescribable.
” Oh my God” she exclaimed.

Gladis had stopped using her hands as her mouth is now sucking on one of Esther’s nipples while her hand was right on the wall of her Virgina.

Just as Gladis was rubbing her clitoris trying to find a way in to her, a sudden bang came on the door.

The two stopped at once, looked at each other trying to decipher who it could be.

While Esther had a missed feelings between being disappointed and happy, Gladis cursed silently.

The bang came again.

” Who is that?” Esther finally asked after finding her voice.

” Sister Esther, it’s me your next door neighbor. Can you please open the door?” She asked.

Gladis quickly ran back to the bathroom and turned on the shower.
It’s a good thing she was smart enough to make Esther join the act, all in a bid to keep her secret, but foolishly letting another in on her sexuality is unacceptable.

Esther finally opened the door to let her neighbor in.
” I really need your favor sister Esther” she said.

Esther thought: ” thanks for showing me favor by saving me from this hell of a girl and feeling”.

” What do you want?” Esther asked calmly trying to balance her breath.

If her neighbor had been observant enough, she would have noticed that Esther was still panting.

” I need some little kerosene from you to complete my cooking. And I also want you to lend me transport fare to the campus. I promise to return it once I use the ATM. But more importantly, I need to complete my cooking” she narrated.

Esther was now happy within. God has finally been able to save her even when she thought it was too late.

” I don’t have kerosene, but hope you wouldn’t mind bringing your food here and completely the cooking on the gas? Esther said.

Before Esther could say anything more, her neighbor had ran out excitedly to bring her pot of food.

Gladis heard the sound of the opened and closed door and she came out of the bathroom to continue from where they had stopped.
She touched Esther’s shoulder, but was met with a shock.
Esther slapped her hand off her.

“Get your filthy hand and self off me. As a matter of fact, get behind me demon!” Esther yelled.

” What has come over you? You were enjoying this as much as I am, so why this sudden reaction?” Gladis asked

” I rebuke you, Gladis, I rebuke you and everything you represent. You dare not touch me again, else the whole wide world would know the kind of a snake you are” Esther replied.

” You can’t and you won’t” Gladis said confidently.

” What did you just say?” Esther asked in disbelief
” You dare not let out our secret, else I will expose you lesbian and self- abuser.” Gladis said with a smirk on.

Esther didn’t expect this so she was taken aback. She couldn’t believe that this conniving snake would turn the table around, at least not so fast.
She wouldn’t let this bitch play a smart one on her, Never!

” Really? Do you really want us to do this?” Esther questioned.

” Yes! Let’s dive into this ocean together and see who will get drowned” Gladis said boasting.

” Game on snake! Let the game begin” Esther fired back.

” What game are you both into? Esther’s neighbor asked passing her gaze from Gladis and finally to Esther while her hands were firm on the pot she was carrying.

To be continued…

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