Deception episode 12


Episode Twelve

© Kemiliz Aiyemo Omotayo

” But at least I won’t force myself on a man few minutes into our relationship, in my father’s house and couch. I am not a virgin slut like you” Ifemi bragged.

” What did you just say?” Esther questioned

” You heard me loud and clear, you loosed virgin” Ifemi yelled

This is damn unacceptable! Who could take this derogatory statement? Definitely not Esther regardless of her belief against violence, she couldn’t let this slide.

She boiled from her innermost being. She was hotter than lava from volcanic eruption.
She hadn’t done this before, engaging in a physical fight wasn’t her thing, but this was just more than what her spirit being could suppress.

She moved closer to Ifemi and landed on her left cheek a thunderous slap. Ifemi who didn’t see it coming staggered and almost lost balance.

Esther couldn’t just stop at that. A slap isn’t enough to put Ifemi in her place, so she went to her again and hit her across her face, this time making her loose balance as she fell.

Before Ifemi could think of the misfortune that just befell her twice, Esther pounced on her with all her weight and just as she wanted to give her the beating of her life, she was pulled up from her.

Esther was sure it was Ben, she perceived him and felt his masculine hands. She struggled to be free from his grasp to continue with Ifemi, who was still on the floor but Ben wouldn’t have that.
” What is wrong with you?” He yelled at Esther.

Esther became crazier. With all the energy in her that she had never for once imagined to possess, she released herself from his hold and rushed to Ifemi who was now sitted and sobbing silently.

Esther was fast enough to give her another deafening slap right before Ben threw her on the couch.
A scorpion bite wouldn’t give such sting that Ifemi felt after this last slap. The continuous ‘hmmmmmm’ sound refused to stop and she didn’t know when she bursted out crying.
Ifemi felt so weak and embarrassed but managed to run to her room with her now reddish face.
She wasn’t going to stay there and allow that beast ruin her beautiful face. She locked herself in and cried. When she looked up at her face in the mirror, she cried the more.

” What is wrong with you? How dare you beat up my cousin right in my house? Have you gone insane or something?” Ben asked furiously without expecting any answer.

Esther had no time to reply the ridiculous questions he was asking her. She was just there, trying to balance her breath and stay calm as the reason for her crazy has disappeared.

” What came over you? Have you lost it or what? What if I hadn’t come here, would you have killed her because you couldn’t control that thing you call temper? What if it was my father that had seen you in like this? What kind of a person are you, Esther?” He shouted.

Did he just ask the kind of a person she is?
This last question shouldn’t be left unanswered. Although she has now totally subdued the violence in her, but she was still mad but calm.

” I really thought you were a man, but now I know you are anything else apart from a man. How dare you blame me for what just happened? If you had shut your mouth about our encounter yesterday, just yesterday, would she have had the impetus to call me a virgin slut? Would she?” Esther challenged.

Ben’s hands and ego dropped uncontrollably. He was sure the cause of the physical fight between the two ladies, or better the monsterous beating of Ifemi by Esther.

Even though the words were expensive, but he could never imagined to have found Esther, a believer in that position. What happened to ‘turn your left ear if someone slapped your right ear’ lecture that they’ve always listened to as a Christian.
He really was finding it very difficult to understand the kind of person Esther truly is. One minute, she’s everything he wanted and the next, she would contrast what he feels.

“Esther, still you have no right to hit anyone, not even Ifemi. You should have allowed me settle this issue and not start acting like a wounded dog” he said in a calmer tone.

Did he just refer to her as a dog? A wounded dog? Really! She has had enough from this family and would not take anymore shit from either of them, not Ifemi, not Ben.

” You can go straight to hell and burn to ashes, and make sure you take that bitch of your cousin right along” Esther barked and left his sitting room, his house and maybe his life.

Ben stood with his mouth wide open for some seconds trying to believe what he just heard was from his Esther.

Although Ben wanted to go after her, since he was the reason for her actions which he really can’t accept 💯 of the blame, he decided to stay back and check up on Ifemi, who’s physically hurt.

He knocked gently on her door but she didn’t answer. He continued knocking when he heard her continuous sniffing which indicates she hadn’t done anything drastic to herself.
“Ifemi, you need to open the door please” he pleaded.
” I’m sorry I can’t. My face is a mess and I’m to ashamed of myself.” She cried.
” Ifemi baby, I’m so sorry for putting you through this, but you need to allow me check on your face so I can help you make it better before daddy comes. You don’t have any excuse yet if you’re asked about it, you know. Let me help you take care of it” he convinced.

She opened the door with a gentle creak and turned her face away from him.
“I’m sorry for all I said to her, I’m truly sorry. I regret my choice of words, I’m sorry” She cried.
Ben silenced her by hugging her and gently patting her back telling her she has been forgiven.

When she was a bit calm, they both sat on the bed giving Ben a now clear view of her face.
“Jeez! This is horrible” He spilled without thinking which made Ifemi burst into a fresh round of tears.
” I know, I know and I couldn’t do anything to protect or defend myself. She was too fast and so strong. I didn’t see it coming. My head hurts” she cried.
” I need to take you to the hospital cause I don’t think there’s anything I can do to make you better, and this black eye, gosh!

He took Ifemi to the same hospital his parents weree, but they never knew he and Ifemi were there as his father wouldn’t leave his mother’s ward.
The nurses attended to Ifemi while eyeing him as an irresponsible man despite the fact that he told them he wasn’t the cause.
Before they went back home, the maid had prepared food and clothings for his parents.

Esther on her way home couldn’t help but feel the rage anew. She found herself looking over her shoulder hoping Ben would come after her. Although she hated Ben, but some parts of her wanted him to run begging her, like he did the day before.

She got home and realized the door was unlocked, but she cared less. She went straight to her room and began to pant and pace about in her room.
The thought of not being able to deal with Ifemi to her satisfaction made her mad. She angrily scattered everything on her dressing table and screamed out of anger at the same time.

Rachel, her kid sister ran into her room to find her sister in an unimaginable sight. She knew something was definitely wrong for her sister to be this visibly furious. She had never seen her sister in this state before, she can not even remember if Esther as ever touched her as a child out of anger.

The fury Esther felt wouldn’t reduce as she left her dressing table and went straight for her wardrobe. Since the two that infuriated her wasn’t there, she needed to pass the anger on anything.
As she was throwing tantrum in her room like a spoilt child who was refused a candy, Rachel was just there starring in unbelief.

Rachel soon realized she needed to do something first to make her stop this madness before she does some irreparable damage to herself and property. She ran to Esther and held her in a tight embrace speaking gently to her.
” Stop this sister, just stop it”

Esther became calm. Her sister’s hug was like the balm of Gilead easing her pain quickly. There and then, she began to sob silently.
” Just let it all out, don’t hold anything back. I’m here for you” Rachel consoled.
Esther wept.

” She called me a slut, a virgin slut, a loosed virgin, that had it with Ben right in my father’s house. And he supported her by comparing me to a wounded lion. How could he?” She managed to say after she was a bit better.

Both sisters disengaged and sat on the bed. She explained everything that had happened to her sister who listened with rapt attention. Rachel didn’t interrupt her and this was so relieving for her.
Although when relating her ordeal to her sister, she saw this worrying looking on her face but concluded she was only concern about her.

What could make Rachel worry apart from what she was telling her?

When it got to the part where she talked about the fight, Rachel laughed out loud and she saw her n*****s hardened in the transparent nightie.
Esther joined in the laugh just to get her eyes and mind off her sister’s body, especially her b****t.

“This isn’t happening again! Not with my sister” she thought.

” Are you okay sister?” Rachel asked when she noticed her sister’s face had turned to a frown.

” I’m trying to be fine” she replied.
She explained how she had loved Ben and how disappointed she was with him.

Rachel asked her to go freshen up while she helped her rearrange her scattered room. It was as if the role had just been switched, Rachel was now acting like the big sister.

Esther agreed and left the room to go have a shower. She returned to see Rachel who was bending over, innocently arranging her dressing table. Her bare butt was apparent in the nightie.
Esther shook her head to take off that nonsense feeling which is becoming uncontrollable in her.
She just stood at the door starring at her sister’s bum.

” What are you doing standing there? Won’t you come over and let’s get this place back together before mummy comes?” Rachel asked without looking back to see the lust already stamped on her sister’s face.

” I’m just looking at how grown you’ve become.” She replied with her face still glued on her a*s.

“Common, I’ve been a big girl since, you just failed to notice doing all the big sister’s thing” Rachel said with a laugh.

As she laughed, her butt shook sending a great sexual feeling to Esther.

Esther was somehow happy that she’s forgetting about Ben and Ifemi but then, she wasn’t sure of what she would do about her own body.

Without thinking, she closed the door and moved towards Rachel giving her a light slap on her butt. It felt good.

” See your big bumbum” Esther joked.
” I never asked for yours to be small na” Rachel replied too in a joke.

” So you think your bumbum is bigger than my own because I said it’s big. Forget it o, mine is way bigger and softer” Esther said.

” That’s a big lie. People do comment that I have a big bumbum for my age, and even my boyfriend loves me more because of it” Rachel defended.

This is getting interesting as Esther refused to stop to think of what she was doing.
” If I show you mine ehn, you will see. But just because we don’t have time, i will just let it slide. But just know that my bumbum is bigger and softer if you touch it” Esther coaxed.

Rachel wouldn’t have that as she dragged the wrapper off Esther’s body.
” Oya turn around, let me touch it” she said.

Esther smiled mischievously as her plan was getting to it’s fulfilment stage. She was shocked when she heard Rachel said ” although your bumbum is big, but it isn’t soft”

“It’s your palm that is hard. You will feel the softness if you rub it gently.” She convinced.

Rachel rubbed it gently and affirmed it was truly soft.
Esther became wet and asked her sister to continue rubbing it.

” I now agree that yours is bigger and softer. Let’s get this place together” Rachel said and turned back to picking up the stuffs on the floor.

Esther moved to her, lifted her short nightie and began to caress her bare butt.

“What are you doing sister?” Rachel asked as she turned her head and saw the lust on her sister’s face

To be continued…

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