Deception episode 7


Episode Seven.

© Kemiliz Aiyemo Omotayo

Esther went white as she thought she heard the name of her worst nightmare.
” Did you just say Mrs Comfort?” She asked hoping the response would be nay.

“Yes, Mrs Comfort, my school principal. Do you know her?” Gladis asked even though her expression showed she did.

” No, I mean yes yes” Esther stuttered.
Gladis looked at her and without asking any question, Esther began to explain

” Mrs Comfort was brought to our school some years back, but she didn’t stay up till a month before she was transferred to another school on the account that our village wasn’t conducive for her. Although rumor had it that she was caught trying to molest a student, but your words now just confirmed she did which was the reason behind her sudden transfer.” Esther explained partly false.

After her explanation, Gladis starred at her with doubt and Esther understood it quickly defending herself.

” That’s the truth, and you should believe me”

” I never said I didn’t, but now I’m wondering why you think I didn’t. Is there more to it?” Gladis responded.

Esther hated the way the table is turning against her. She can’t just sit and allow Gladis twist the truth out of her. Ben couldn’t, so nobody can.

” I really want to know how it all began, would you let me in, please?” Esther persuaded, just to get her to stop asking about her.

” You don’t need to beg. I am willing and ready to let you know because it might help you too. I already told the counselor and I felt a heavy burden lifted off my shoulders. I’m sure you’ll feel light as well if only you can confide in her or someone else. I will let you in, I’m sure you need to hear it” Gladis said.

” Go on” Esther said not wanting her turn this into sermon already.

“Three years ago, Mrs Comfort was transferred to my school at Iseyin. She had addressed us with so much confidence and fluent speech unlike our former principal and teachers who had thick Iseyin accent. I fell in love with her the very first time and I wished to grow up to be like her, with confidence and poise. I did my all to find favor in her sight just to be close with her, you know, she’s now my role model. I would go to school before the usual time and leave late just to get her attention. I became more focused with my academics just to get good grades all in the bid to get her to know me.
My wish finally became a reality as she noticed me and appreciated my efforts on being a diligent student. I was so happy. I would soon be able to speak fluently like her as I had a thick accent too.
She asked about me which I gladly related to her. Later, She asked if I wouldn’t mind staying at her place as she would like to take care of me like a daughter she never had.

I was overjoyed. I ran back home to my aunt who was my guardian. She had no problem with it as she believed it would be a relieve of burden to her, but her husband was never in support.
In a week’s time, I was already living with the principal enjoying the luxury I never had before with the approval of my aunt.
She began to take me on English classes as that was her area of specialization, you know right?” Gladis asked in her narrative.

” Yes!” Esther said with a nod

“There was this particular day I was unable to remember some of the words she had taught me, I couldn’t remember their pronunciation and she became furious. She told me I was impossible and angrily left for her room. I felt bad that my helper was giving up on me already. I couldn’t let this happen, so I ran to her room pleading that I will do all it takes to speak just like her.

” You know you won’t, that’s how lazy students like you act” Mrs Comfort had told me bluntly.
” I will ma, I will do all you ask me to” I promised repeatedly.
I thought I saw her smile, that kind of wicked smile, but who cares. All I ever wanted is to speak well and staying with her was an additional benefit.
If only I had knew what I was getting myself into, I would have flee for my life.

“Are you sure?” Mrs Comfort asked me again and to prove to her that I’m ready I put one of my fingers in my mouth, touched the earth with it and finally lifted it up.
” I swear I won’t fail you again” I swore.

” Ok then, but first thing first, you must never tell anyone about what’s going on between us. Agreed?” She said

” I promise I won’t, but why? People know I’m staying with you and you’re helping me with my diction. What’s there to be kept as secret when it’s not?” I had respectfully asked.
” If you want to go far in life, you’ll have to silence your inquisitive nature on matters like this. You’re not to ask questions but do as I say and show you.
If you really want to be the best, I will be giving you my personal recipe which you mustn’t tell anyone about else you’ll be defeated in this race.” Mrs Comfort had lied.

I agreed to her terms and conditions just to be the best.

She asked me to pull my clothes right before her and use the shower in her room. I did as instructed without any form of objection. She applied her cream slowly on my body like I was a baby with the claim that it will help my assimilation and retentive ability.
She began to massage my b*****s and I wondered what that had to do with the English study, but yet I could not ask for the fear of being rejected finally.

I observed in no time that I had began to enjoy what she was doing to my body, my b*****s in particular.
Of a truth, I enjoyed it and I began to respond to every of her touch while I touched her also.

It was some days later that she finally deflowered me with one of her instrumental that I now know as vibrator.

Not to corrupt your mind the more, that was how we began to self-s*x ourselves before and after each day’s lecture at home. Sometimes, she would call me into her office in school to have a quick one.
My urge became insatiable as I now learn how to satisfy myself whenever she wasn’t available.

After my secondary school, which was over a year of indulgence, I finally met Christ and I returned to my aunt’s place. I buried myself in prayer hoping the lust will disappear, but then it didn’t. I continued in my secret sin with myself hoping one day I would be delivered.

I don’t know how, but God has used our encounter this morning to deliver me. I didn’t go for lectures at all today, I never knew how my step was directed to the counselor. Maybe because the fear of being exposed or so, but a greater force had helped me find my feet in the Lord again.” Gladis narrated.

Esther ran to her and hugged her tightly as tears stream down her cheeks. She was truly happy for her. At least God has used her to save a soul.
A soul that wouldn’t have ever been lost if her she and her mother hadn’t conceal Mrs Comfort’s evil, because with her calculations, it was after she left Ogbomosho that she went to Iseyin, Gladis’ school.

The two ladies prayed fervently together before Gladis picked her bag to leave once again.

” It’s too late for you to leave the house with your bags now. Go for your prayer warrior vigil, and then tomorrow you can find your way” Esther had said

She would have loved her to stay, but the little Gladis knew about her will not let her be comfortable enough to live with her.

Gladis understood and later left for the vigil.
She informed Esther when she got to the fellowship. Through out the prayer session, she kept thanking God for finally saving her. She couldn’t even pray along with the prayer points being raised.

Esther also began to pray at home but as she prayed, her mind kept drifting towards the attrocity she had committed thereby making Gladis and maybe many other girls became victims of sexual assault. She wished the hands of time could be turned and how she would have exposed Mrs Comfort making her pay for her sins legally.

” Have you been able to expose the lustful spirit in you yet?” A silent voice said.

She looked around and saw no one. She concluded that it was the devil, the accuser of the brethren trying to condemn her.
She opened her Bible and began to pray with Psalms 51 verse 1 – 19, emphasising more on verse 9 and 10 which goes thus: – Hide thy face from my sins, and blot out all mine iniquities.
– Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

She prayed now with focus and thereafter drifted into a deep sleep.

She was awaken by an unknown caller on her phone around past six.

” Good morning, please who am I speaking with?” Esther asked half awake.
” Is this Esther, Gladis roommate?” The caller asked.
” Yes, I am. Who are you and why are you calling?” Esther asked trying not to be impolite but getting impatient already.

” I will be sending you the address of the hospital that your roommate is as she was involved in an accident.” The caller had informed.

” Whaaaaaaat!” Esther screamed

To be continued…

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