Deception episode 10


Episode Ten

© Kemiliz Aiyemo Omotayo

Esther pulled him close and kissed him passionately.
Maybe he wanted to or not, but he found himself returning the kiss with passion as well.

The world stood still as these two love birds were entangled with each other.
The two had no prior experience in this field so they ravaged each other like hungry lion devouring its prey.

Esther pressed her all on him as if wanting to be lost in him.
The feelings were burning really hot.
Everything was moving too fast beyond their control.
She released Ben to catch some breathing before she continued again.
Although Ben felt the urge to stop at this point, but how could he let her down. He needed to do what she wanted and even if it isn’t right, he couldn’t just let her down again since she’s enjoying every bit of it.

They had both moved to the couch still in hot session. Although Ben isn’t too good in this, but Esther led the team well. She continued to place his hands right where she wanted to be touched with no remonstration.
He was just like a puppet in her hands.

As the show continued, with her gown now lifted up and both sweating like a pig, there appeared a light.

The light wasn’t from above but from the door that was opened introducing the entrance of Rachel, her baby sister.

” Fuck!” Esther cursed.
More for the intruder breaking their moment than the fear of being caught.
She quickly pulled down her gown and jumped off him.
Ben who had never let his guards down before became truly ashamed of who he is and what he had done. Without looking up to neither of the girls, he hurriedly buttoned up his rumpled shirt and left without a word.

” Sup big sister, sorry I interrupted.” Rachel scoffed.
Although Esther wanted to feel shame but then it shouldn’t be before her kid sister.
“So, why are you here?” Esther replied with a straight face.

Rachel looked around in a smile before answering her question with yet another question. ” What am I doing in my father’s house? Really!”

” That’s not what I meant to ask. What are you doing at home at this time when you should be with mother in the shop?”

” I understand. How wouldn’t you be confused when you were having it all hot on daddy’s couch.” Rachel jestered.

“I’m not having this conversation with Rachel. I’m an adult and shouldn’t be questioned by this little girl.” Esther thought aloud

“An adult? And you’re doing this right in the sitting room? I haven’t ever been this stupid to bring a man home yet. Well, what am I? Just a little baby girl” Rachel said and bursted into a deafening laugh as she left to her mother’s room.

Esther had a moment to think of Rachel’s response.
” Is Rachel sexually active already? Where’s all this boldness from even after seeing me in that state?”

” I’ve gotten what I came for, mother’s Bible and mine as we’ll be leaving shop for the evening service. Now you have the whole house to yourself and you should do the necessary by calling back your guy to continue from where you stopped. But a word of advice, make sure you use your room this time and lock up the door.”

Esther was surprised with her little sister’s words. She didn’t even do anything to condemn her even when she caught her red handed with a guy. Could it be that she’s no longer chaste? Could she have derailed from the way of the Lord? How could she?

” Little sister, you got it all wrong. Although we were almost lost into temptation, but thank goodness for his saving grace who brought you at the moment. I need no room neither locked door as I am still a virgin as you are.” Esther said innocently.

Rachel laughed so hard that she coughed. ” You and who are virgin? Please spare me this pretence. Neither of us are virgin, that’s the scaring truth.” Rachel replied.

This is getting serious. She tried to remember how old Rachel is, she’s just 16 for crying out loud.
And yet she’s talking and acting loose already.

” I’m still a virgin and I’m so very disappointed that you’ve lost yours and not even bothered about it” Esther said.

” Says someone who’s about to be laid right in her father’s house and couch. Get this straight, you’ve lost it too, even though your hymen is still intact which I doubt, you’re are a filth, messed up beyond repair” Rachel threw at her.

” The whole of your body is the temple of God and not just your Virgina, I believe you know this already.
See you in church, Mrs virgin, we’ve really missed your voice” Rachel added and left Esther who was still in a state of bewilderment.

Ben hated himself for being too weak to resist the devil in Esther’s form. He allowed himself into sin just to please her. It was just minutes to their relationship and he has lost his guards already. He felt dirty, just too unclean.

He couldn’t go back home so he continued wander even to the remote area of the town. He became tired and rested under a large tree. He remembered Ifemi’s words about seeking the face of God. He remembered their first encounter even when she was still in secondary school. He remembered the dream he had back then where he wasn’t able to move forward like he should because of this same Esther. Everything began to add up and was in contrast against his faith.
He remembered Paul’s admonishment in 1 Corinthians 6 verse : – Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.
He broke down and wept bitterly.

He wanted to pray but his body had become a heavy burden and also he felt the heaven has been shut against him.

Not quite long, the Holy Spirit ministered to him using 1 Peter 5 verse 7(amp): – casting the whole of your care (all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all) on Him, for he cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.
and 1 Peter 5 verse 10(KJV): – But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.

He felt a bit lighter and began to ask for mercy. He prayed earnestly

After then, he left for his house with the determination to end everything he just began with Esther.

He met no one at home, they’ve all gone for the evening service. He went straight to his room and continued with his prayer.

He felt hunger pang and went to the kitchen to ditch out some of the food Ifemi had made. It wasn’t as tasty as the aroma.

The whole family returned at night. Ben’s mom thought he was asleep so she left for her room not wanting to disturb him.

” Hey cousin, I know you ain’t sleeping so get up now and give me the whole gist. My ears are itchy already” Ifemi said as soon as she entered his room knowing fully well that his parents were in there room already.

Ben continued to pretend as if he was truly sleeping and Ifemi would have none of that. Ben turned around grumpily when Ifemi wouldn’t stop tapping his legs. It’s less than 24 hours of meeting her physically but then he knew she won’t stop until she gets what she wanted.
” I’m tired, please. Can we do this tomorrow?” He pleaded.

” What! Did you guys do it already? On a first date?” She asked surprised
“Oh come on! How could you possibly think of that ?” He defended with a clearer voice and eyes.
” Well, I thought you were sleep talking. So tell me, are you guys together now?” Ifemi asked with all seriousness.
” I thought you hated her, what changed?” Ben asked.
” I never hated her, I just don’t really like her. But then if it’s what makes you happy, who am I to object?” Ifemi replied.

” I know I left earlier with the mindset of asking her out which I did, but it’s all ended. I can’t have anything with her again, not now neither later” Ben concluded.

” Really, tell me every details now I need to understand what happened” Ifemi said as if in charge.

Ben narrated everything that happened to Ifemi’s surprise.
“On a first date or whatever that was, really! She’s truly a pretending slut as I have felt” she said.

” You can’t really put all the blame on her. I was involved as well and I did nothing to stop her” Ben tried defending Esther.
” Don’t you dare try to defend her. She’s loose just as I predicted. Even an unbeliever would think twice before doing that on a first date in her father’s house, let alone a righteous from birth sister Esther. Thank goodness you are done with her before starting else, I can assure how miserable your life would be” Ifemi mocked.

” You don’t need to speak ill of her anymore since I’m no longer interested in anything I felt for her. Just let it be. I need to sleep now cause I’m really tired” Ben stated.
” Of course you should be tired, smooching and romancing isn’t an easy task for a believer like you” Ifemi teased.

He chased her out of the room playfully. He felt better talking to someone. He felt relieved. He slept off not to long after he had said his prayer.

The next morning after devotion, he had sometime to talk with his parents who were so happy that their son is now fully a graduate.
After his father had left to prepare for office, his mother spoke with him encouraging him the more to be steadfast with God

“You didn’t come for the service yesterday which was unlike you. Son, what ever kept you from coming to church yesterday is really a bad one and you should stay far off it.” His mother advised.

Ben and Ifemi looked at each other. Ifemi had the look of ” you see”. Ben knew this was another revelation from God confirming the dream he had and what happened between him and Esther.

He only nodded to his mother’s words and left for his room.
He remembered the dream he had, where someone was showing him his other self and Esther. While his fire was burning, he saw Esther pouring her water on it.

He needed no prove again that their union would not be pleasant.

Esther on the other hand said nothing to her sister about what she had caught her doing. Although she had a lot to say, at least to tell their mother but she decided against it as she wasn’t morally inclined to speak to her about being chaste.

They had their morning devotion as well and everyone went about doing their respective business.
Esther unlike the past felt less guilty, some parts of her even wished she had seen the end of that romantic moment.
But then, she realized suddenly that Ben hadn’t called her ever since.
She wanted to call but the thought of preserving her dignity as a lady wouldn’t let her.
” What if something had happened to him. I reject it in Jesus name” she added quickly in her thought.

She followed her mother to the shop while Rachel and her brothers went to school and where they are learning trade respectively.

Just few minutes at the shop with her mother, she became very restless and the urge to see Ben became intense.
She left the shop with a lie that she forgot something at home.
She went straight up to Ben’s place not minding how early it was.

Just as she was about to knock on their door, she heard Ben and Ifemi’s voices concurrently

” Mummy please, you can’t do this to us. Don’t do this to us. Open your eyes please”

To be continued…

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