Deception episode 8


Episode Eight

© Kemiliz Aiyemo Omotayo

” I will be sending you the address of the hospital that your roommate is as she was involved in an accident.” The caller had informed.

“Whaaaaaaat!” Esther screamed

She held her phone with a shaking palm to her face. She couldn’t believe what she just heard.
No, it can’t be! Gladis can’t be involved in an accident. Maybe there’s a mix up somewhere. But she was sure the caller had mentioned her name and that of Gladis. Even though she wanted to believe her mind was playing a trick on her, but she was sure her ears weren’t malfunctioning.

She redialed the number that had called but discovered she was out of airtime. Just as she was trying to borrow credit, a message came in giving a detailed address of the hospital her friend was said to be admitted.
This was a confirmation of her fear as she went down and wept bitterly.
She soon put herself together enough to brush her teeth but not to have her bath. She dashed out of her room heading straight to the hospital still crying.
She met some of her neighbors who she told about what had happened to Gladis.
She was consoled and encouraged that Gladis would be fine and she tried holding on to this.

At the hospital, she met the caller who was at the accident scene. He had helped them by bringing the victims that were three in number, including the rider to the hospital in his tricycle.

He told Esther that Gladis was the only one without any injury, and she even helped the others who had sustained minor injury. Esther was glad on hearing this but her joy was terminated when the man added that Gladis collapsed right there in the hospital.

She tried asking about her friend’s condition from the nurses who with a straight face and rude expression gave her no information still.
Typical of some Nigerian Nurses.

During her waiting period, Esther had put calls through to the important persons in the fellowship telling them about the situation of things with Gladis.
While she was waiting with few others from the fellowship for what looked like hours, the doctor returned from the theatre.

” Your friends had internal bleeding from the accident. We did all we could, but I’m sorry we lost her” the doctor explained.

If only weeping could bring back the dead, Gladis would have returned to life as Esther cried violently.
It took some abled men present at the moment to hold her down.

When she was calm a bit, she called Ben with the credit she had borrowed to inform him about the demise of her roommate. Ben did his best to console her, calling her from time to time.

Two sisters were appointed to stay with her from the fellowship.
When they all got back to her apartment, one of the sisters, sister Gbemi who noticed the packed back asked.
” Who owns these bags?”

Esther was taken aback by the question. Sister Gbemi was referring to Gladis’ neatly packed bags that were right at one of the corners.
” They belong to her. They are for Gladis” she said as she went into another outburst of cry.

The other sister consoled her and when she was calm a bit, sister Gbemi released another statement which threw her off balance.
” Were you planning on asking Gladis out already knowing fully well she had no place to go?”
It seemed Gbemi wasn’t on a mission to comfort but to torment her.
She just lost her roommate and Gbemi should be reasonable enough not to make her feel guilty at this point.

” What are you driving at?” Esther challenged
” I just want to know what happened before the accident, that’s all” Gbemi snapped

” Who is this for Christ sake?” Esther thought.
She knew sister Gbemi in person but wasn’t sure of who she was anymore.
” Stop this sister Gbemi, you shouldn’t be doing this. If you have anything in mind, you should inform the leaders who sent us here and not to compound her grief with your ridiculous questions and behavior.” The other lady defended.

That was Esther’s saving grace because she had actually wanted to fling caution in the thin air and throw a fit already. Thank God for the quick intervention of the other sister.

It seems the other sister’s words got to sister Gbemi as she apologised immediately for her attitude.

” Thank you sister joy for coming to my defense, but I’ll gladly like to explain what isn’t unclear to her” Esther said as she had gained balance to put her emotions together.

” There’s no need for that” sister joy said.
“There is and I will, thank you once again” Esther said looking at Gbemi who though had apologized was eager to hear from her.

” I truly had issues with Gladis, and was determined to ask her out truly. I explained this issue to my next door neighbor because she came in during this time. She was sober when she returned later yesterday and I forgave her. Even after I made it clear that I no longer have anything against her, she insisted on leaving my house. I tried talking her out of it but she was determined. I managed to convince her to leave her packed back for today as it was late already and she needed to go for vigil. You can check my phone, we spoke when she got to the fellowship. If we had not settled our difference, I don’t believe we’ll speak yesternight” Esther narrated without stopping tears from dropping.

” I’m so sorry sister Esther, I never meant any of these. Please forgive me” sister Gbemi said truly convinced with Esther’s story.

” No, let me talk. You really wanted to know and I will tell you. Have you ever had a clash with your roommate? Did you wish her dead afterwards? Or, Have you ever ended a friend’s life just because you had reconcilable difference? How could you come up with the thought that I had something to do with her death. I am really so disappointed in you as I really do not expect this to kind of treatment from you.” Esther questioned with a more louder sob while sister Joy consoled her.
Sister Gbemi who couldn’t stand the guilt she now felt left after continuous apology.

Sister Joy really tried in comforting her. She had her bath much later.

While in the bathroom, that voice came, incriminating her of turning sister Gbemi’s innocent questions to accusation.

” She accused me falsely and what, do you expect me not to do anything?” She asked in her thought as if talking to someone.
” Was that an accusation?” The voice asked
” Of course it is!” She replied
“If you insist it’s an accusation, do you know she’s right?” The voice asked again.
” Of course not, how can she be right? I never wished her dead or did I?”

All of these conversations were happening in her head.

Her mind flashed back to when she was telling her neighbor in the kitchen what had happened between herself and Gladis. She remembered that when Gladis left, she wished she never returned again.
” That isn’t a death wish, is that?” She asked
” What do you think?” The voice replied with another question.
” You can’t use this against me. I won’t take the blame for what I didn’t do.” She groan
” I am not using it against you yet, and I am not blaming you for it. You’re the judge of yourself” the voice replied.

Esther began to cry, the silent cry ” she returned, she did return that night” she said repeatedly, trying to convince herself and the voice in her head.
” Where is she now if truly she returned?” The voice asked again

Esther went down and began to weeping bitterly.

Sister Joy who noticed Esther had stayed longer than necessary in the bathroom had to call out to her. When she didn’t respond, she began to bang the door. It took a while before she finally opened up in a sorry state.
Sister Joy never left her alone afterwards.

Gladis’ aunt was reached out to and she came with the family the next day, to get Gladis corpse and her belongings.
The fellowship did well in contributing for some of the expenses.

Esther couldn’t still believe that Gladis is no more.
” Is God really fair? How could Gladis die just after she repented? Does this mean there’s tendency that I’ll lose my life if after I openly confess my sins as in the case of Gladis? Is God not partial?” She thought after days when she was much more better and sister Joy had left.

” Aren’t you supposed to be happy that your secret is safe? Gladis is human and there’s probability she might tell on you just because she believed it’s the right thing to do. God has just protected you and you should be grateful for that, as you can now go and live your life without fear. Remember God’s ways are mysterious, He planned this just for you” the voice in her head encouraged.

For the very first time, she agreed with the voice.

She returned to being active again in the fellowship, though at first, she thought sister Gbemi would raise issue but when nothing of such happened, she believed that all things are intentionally working for her good.

Her life went back to normal and soon, almost no one remembered the death of Gladis as the preparation for examination became intensed.

Esther did her best in the examination or so she thought.

She went home for vacation and was so happy to see her family.
Her siblings had become so big that she had to ask her mother what she was feeding them with.

They were all happy together.

She became happier when Ben called that he was on his way home. Her joy knew no bounds.

Esther decided to join him at the park but Ben refused, saying he had a surprise for her.
They both agreed to meet at his place, which was alright for her.

Esther liked Ben, maybe a little above likeness. No, she was just fond of him or maybe she’s growing feelings for him.

She dressed well looking all glowing. She had styled her naturally dark and long hair covering the side of her face and resting on her shoulder.
She wore a beautiful red gown that covered all the necessary parts that needed covering.
She was beautiful, there’s no doubt about it.

She hugged Ben tightly the moment he opened the door for her. Ben was looking rather too good for her when she was able to access him well. She felt kind of not good enough for him.

Ben noticed the inferiority complex she was having and begin to tell her how beautiful she was. He even touched her beautiful hair and made a ‘Whaoh’ comment which made her blushed.

They sat opposite each other as they continued to compliment each other’s look.

Esther observed that there was someone else in the house apart from the maid.

” Do you have another guest in the house?” Esther asked

” Of course not, you’re my only and honorable guest” Ben flattered.
Esther blushed yet again. She couldn’t understand the reason for her continuous blushing neither how to stop it. It’s funny she’s feeling too happy in his presence.

” Baby girl, come! Come meet our guest” Ben called out to the other person in the kitchen with the maid.

Then walked into the sitting room a flawlessly fair and beautiful lady that could easily be passed as a model, or maybe she’s even a model. She walked in with so much grace and loveliness and finally settled right beside Ben, with her hand on his laps.

“Baby! Meet Esther, my childhood friend and wonderful sister.
Esther! Meet my new baby, Ifeoluwasimi, Ifemi for short.

To be continued…

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