Deception episode 22


Episode Twenty Two

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” Thank you so much ma for taking your time to help me out with my family issues. I really appreciate you ma” Ben said standing at the room’s door post.

Esther and her mother went white as sheet as they heard his voice. It didn’t take up to a minute before Esther started trembling and it took her mother’s quick intervention by holding her palm tight under the sheets to steady her.

The thought that she had eventually dragged her mother into mud was beyond her. She didn’t know what to do. The Charles she was even ready to leave her marriage for is obviously not into her as much as she is. No matter how calm Ben was, she knows that no man would ever tolerate infidelity from a woman, not even the one that had her mother’s backing. She tried to think of what to do but her brain seemed to have stopped functioning.

“Mother, you seemed troubled, is everything okay?” Ben asked looking confused.
Esther’s mother quickly adjusted herself. She didn’t really understand if he heard them and pretended not to. But one thing was sure, she wouldn’t be the one to expose her daughter’s secret.
” I’m fine my son. The stress of the day is having it’s toll on me already.” She lied.
” You should rest now. You’ve really done a lot and I’m sure she’s changed for good.” Ben assured.
“I know my son, but words of advice can never be too much, can it? I just want to ensure all is well and will continue to be well even after I leave, that’s why we’re having mother and daughter’s conversation this late” she added yet another lie.
Ben appreciated her mother the more and this brought a quick relieve to them both.

” Can I make use of your phone please? I need to check some stuffs online” he dropped another bomb.

“What could be the problem with Ben? Why is he bent on making her loose her sanity? Can’t he just let go and let them start afresh as her mother had suggested” many more of these thoughts ran through their mind.

They were yet to delete Charles’ message and it seemed Ben was reacting on purpose as he knew of their evil but pretending not to.

” I’m using it Ben. Once I’m done with the call I want to make, I will ask your wife to come get it for you.” Her mother said coming to her rescue again.
” Okay ma” he said and turned to return to the sitting room.

” Esther, you should go meet your husband. You know, do the needful. I expect you to know this but it seemed I have to take up a duty in schooling you again” her mother teased and gave her a pinch which made her groan silently.

Ben laughed at her mother’s joke and waited to get his wife. He had really missed her and he remembered that a long time friend of his, Omotayo olukayode olufemi once told him that reconcilation sex is very sweet if not the sweetest.

Esther had been loving every role her mother was playing until this moment. How on earth was it possible for her to have sex with her husband after the vigorous rounds she had with Charles?

“Mummy, stop it joor. You’re too old for this” she joked, maybe it would help change things.
” Really! Stop what oh?” Her mother asked squeezing her skin beneath.
” Don’t keep this young man waiting. You know you want it as much as he does” she added.

Esther remembered a saying that an ounce of discretion is worth a pound of wit so she chose to be cautious and discreet than trying to be funny.
She stood up sluggishly in her transparent nightie with a fake smile and walked to meet her husband who was patiently waiting as well as adoring the beauty of his beloved wife.
Esther turned to look at her mother who she had now hated for making her walk into this avoidable trap and she read the movement of her mouth as “MAKE HIM HAPPY”
She sneered instead wishing this cup could pass over her.

Getting to the sitting room, Ben reminded her of how much he loved her and how she meant the world to him. She found herself smiling to his words because they were so sweet and genuine. He layed her gently on the three seater like a fragile creature and then began to carress her gently before finally entering her.

She kind of loved how tender he was handling her. She completely forgot about Charles who was always fierce and savor the moment with her husband. She loved the ease and lost track of time when he eventually ejaculated. But one thing was certain, he spent more than 3 minutes on her.
She slept right there without cleaning up as she was too tired while Ben slept on the floor. Who wouldn’t be?

The next morning, her mother returned to her base after which she was sure her mission had been accomplished. Esther transferred a sum of 50 thousand naira to her with an unending ‘thank you’. Ben also gave her mother inlaw some money and they both accompanied her to the park.

They couldn’t go to church that day. They spent their time together catching up on the time they had missed. Esther fed him with all her compiled lies and he swallowed all without a second thought.
All he wanted was their peace and happiness.

The next day when Esther had gone to work, Ben received a call from Ifemi. She explained she was busy that was why she was unable to reach him soon.
When asked what happened, Ben narrated everything with the happy ending.
” This lady is not who you think she is. My guts has been always right on her but you always choose to look away even when it’s right in front of you. She’s cheating and fooling you yet you’re pretending not to know, accepting every shit she’s dumping on you” Ifemi declared hotly
” Just let it go. We’re fine now.” He said somehow doubting what he just said.
“You’re fine now? Just like that? Gosh! When will you get it that your wife is a slut?” She asked
” I said stop it already. I don’t even know why I’m telling you all these. Maybe because I thought you would understand what love is and as you’re the only one I have always shared my love life with. But I guess I’m wrong again. You’ve never liked Esther and you never will.” He said angrily.
” That’s not it Ben” she was saying before he interrupted ” do not ever use that word again on my wife because the very next time you call her a slut, is the time you’ll seize to be my cousin.” He threatened and ended the call.

He felt bad because all Ifemi had just done is opening up an healed wound. He thought about the possibility of Esther cheating on him and he nodded it off. He concluded that if he had not been jobless, he wouldn’t be having this kind of conversation and thought on a Monday morning.

He knelt and cried to God begging him to help him rise again, if not for his sake but to take care of his parents and his beloved wife and plan for his future. He dozed off and dreamt.

Things went on normal between the couple as Esther was practically doing all her mother had said, even much more which eventually erased completely the thought of infidelity on Ben’s mind.

At the long run, Ben’s pastor helped him secure a job where he was employed as a factory supervisor. The pay wasn’t up to his qualifications, infact a little lower than Esther’s salary but at least he’s now employed. Esther was humbling supporting him in running the affairs of the home which made the financial stress reduced for him. Also, his pastor began to support him as well by paying him allowances as the music director in the church.

While all this was going on, Esther always meet with Mr Charles fortnightly without the knowledge of her husband. The world was right on her palm as she was getting good sex and money from him, and getting love and attention from her husband. How else could she describe that she’s blessed? Her bank statement soon rolled to six figures as Charles constantly increased her pay.

Esther continued her work in the house of God in every aspect even financially. She would give her offering, pay her tithe, make and remit pledges of thousands on Naira. She actually knew she was committing a great sin, but hoped her effort in the church would atone for her.

Days rolled into weeks, months and then to years as they lived together happily but without a child yet. They are now financially stable and had even relocated to a well furnished three bedroom apartment. They would always pray together begging God for the fruit of the womb. Thank goodness she was married into a Christian home else she would have been blamed for their childlessness. Although Ben’s parents wished they carried their grandchildren soon, they didn’t stress them at all but prayed along with them.

Still working with the food company while Mr Charles had resigned, she had been promoted to becoming the head of the storage department with a robust salary and incentives. Even though the sex drive between her and Mr Charles had reduced over the years, she was still meeting him because her pay was never reduced but increased.

When the worry of her inability to conceive began to wear her down, Ben suggested they meet with their pastor for prayer which she agreed. All this while, the two had gone to several hospitals where they had been confirmed fit and healthy to have children.

As the pastor was praying for them in the office, he had a very shocking revelation. He became restless in spirit and asked them to sit up. He wanted to talk but he stopped and asked Ben to excuse them. Esther wasn’t comfortable with this but Ben gave her an assuring look and a pat on her shoulder before he went out.
It was now Esther’s turn to feel restless as the pastor was staring at her for too long. Esther tried to understand why he wasn’t talking but only staring but she couldn’t. She hadn’t done anything wrong or had she?

” Sister Esther, what have you done?” The pastor asked finally breaking the silence.
She heard him but couldn’t comprehend his statement. The question seemed off. The issue is not about what she had done but why she was unable to conceive.
She gave the pastor the look of “I don’t understand what you are saying”

” Why have you soiled your body, the temple of the Lord with filth?” The pastor asked again.
” I really don’t understand all you’re asking Sir. Can you please explain in a plain language?” She asked lowly.
“Even if you’re bent on destroying your soul, why do you choose to drag your husband to hell with you?” He asked in parable again.

At this point, Esther became furious but kept cool as she now understood the pastor’s saying. She knew it was about her infidelity but not willing to validate what the man of God was saying.

” You know me too well sir. I have duly served the Lord in the choir and Sunday school department. I know in and out of the word and I can never do anything intentionally sinful bringing about my destruction” she said humbly trying to convince the pastor
” Stop the pretence, it will do you no good. You need to genuinely confess your sins before God and man and repent from your evil ways” he advised.

” I don’t know what you plan on doing with all of these sir but how can you expect me to confess what I did not do?” She said trying really hard to keep her cool.
” You can deceive the whole world but yourself and the spirit of the living God. No matter how long you have dwelled in deception, it can never become true and that’s just the reality you choose not to face” the pastor fired back.

She had had enough of this, and she wouldn’t waste any more of her time here. She had worshipped in his church and served judiciously only to be questioned just because she’s having just an affair out of her marriage. Why wasn’t her faith questioned all this while? Why is it now that everything is working for her favor that he would bring this up? Thank goodness her parents in-law were disturbing her over their childlessness. She would have her children when the appointed time of God comes as adultery with just Charles can never be the cause of her barreness.

Ben loved and trusted her and she was damn sure he would never believe the man of God over her so there wasn’t any need to tell the truth.
Not now and definitely not later, as she would carry it to her grave.
” I don’t understand what your mission is but I will never give you the chance to ruin my home. This will be the very last time we will set our feet in your church. You can keep that whatever you call revelation to the upcoming Christians who do not know their way with God” she blurted without any iota of respect to the elderly man nor the anointing of God on him.

With this she stormed out of his office and dragged Ben who was in the waiting room with the pastor’s secretary.
Ben was surprised at the angry look on his wife and asked what had happened but she didn’t answer. He refused to enter the car and demanded what was happening.
” He was trying to sexually assault me” she lied without a second thought.
” What?” Ben yelled looking back at the building they just came out from.

To be continued…

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