Deception episode 17


Episode Seventeen

© Kemiliz Aiyemo Omotayo

Ben looked at his wife and saw her angry face. He walked up to the bed and sat beside her with his hand across her shoulder.
Esther felt good as she was sure her husband had come to apologise. She pouted her mouth like a baby waiting for her husband’s words of apology.

” I’m sorry darling, but you will have to stay back here with my parents as I have some stuff to personally settle in Lagos” Ben uttered.

This wasn’t one of the moments Esther would ask ‘what?’ in a bid for the other person to change his/her words. She heard this loud and clear and she is just too disgruntled with the happenings that she had no strength for pretence.

” Stay back where? For what?” She asked obviously annoyed.
” Baby calm down, it’s just for a week or two at most.” Ben said.
” I’m not asking about the nonsense you are saying. You leave, I leave. That’s it!” She said and stood up standing with her hands on her waist.
Ben stood up and joined her. She placed his right hand on her shoulder again but she shoved it off this time.

” Stop acting this difficult and try listening as I explain things dear” Ben pleaded.
” I am not listening to any explanation. I have said my mind and that’s final” she said.

Ben tried to think of what went wrong. It’s barely 24hours since he became joined with Esther and he was seeing something different from what he had known.
” Was she pretending all along?” He thought.
She had always been patient to listen to him and somehow would agree to his decisions, so what changed now?

Esther thought as she sat on the dressing table. Ben had always consulted her before making any decision which will always be in her favor anyways. She wondered what had changed and prepared never to accept this ridiculous change of a thing.

Ben without further words began to take his bags which were few out to the sitting room to the waiting hands of his friends who had followed him all the way from Lagos.
Esther couldn’t believe that this was happening already.

She left the room obviously furious and the first person she met was her father in-law, whose broad smile could melt a stone. She had no choice than to greet the elderly man with a smile too. She hated it when she people see that she’s bothered and started asking her questions, so she decided to keep the smile and acted cool.
She greeted and appreciated everyone that was present there. She laughed at every joke her husband’s friends made concerning the wedding.
Ben who was surprised at how she had easily managed her anger couldn’t help but to stare at her. She returned his stare with a smile as well.
Their maid and some others began to prepare breakfast more from the leftover of the previous day. Esther as the new bride was exempted.
She returned to the room and Ben followed.

” Don’t you ever make any decision without carrying me along. I won’t take it from you again” Esther threatened the moment Ben shut the door behind him.

Ben wanted to react to this threat, but didn’t. He hated this kind of attitude, not from even his less than 24hours wife.

He held himself from speaking back with anger as he believed he was at fault. Truly he should have told her before now. He even wanted to tell her why he needed to go to Lagos as soon as he entered but he was sure she wouldn’t understand anyways.
” I’m sorry darling. I’m sorry” he said.
” I’ve lost count on the numbers of sorry you’ve said so far. Please just stop doing things that will make you apologise every now and then” Esther replied.

Ben was waiting for her to finally ask for his reasons for not going to Lagos with her, to ask for the personal issues he wanted to settle but alas, she didn’t ask.

Esther on the other hand was thinking of how she was going to cope with her parents in-law, although she had always known them from afar but she just hoped their relationship wouldn’t go sour within her stay.

They all had their breakfast and everyone was happy, or so it was thought.

” I’m sorry once again but I think I owe you some explanation.” Ben said when they were alone again.
“I’m all hears” Esther said unconcerned
” I am being asked to go to our branch at Ondo state and my mind won’t be at ease leaving you all alone in Lagos.” Ben lied to her for the first time.
The lie wasn’t really necessary but then he just wanted her to be happy before he left.
” So why didn’t you tell me before now?” Esther asked a bit calm
” I would have told you even before the wedding but I never knew it will finally results to this. Actually, they wanted me all through the time I am here in the village. They even suggested I postponed our wedding which I refused bluntly because I know it will hurt you alot. Everything I’m doing is for you darling, just for your comfort and happiness.” Ben added wondering why he needed yet another lie just to convince his wife. But truth be told, his last statement was true.
Esther believed and understood him now. She even prayed for him before they finally left.

Esther had thought that her stay back would be difficult but it was far from it. Esther was treated far above fairly and she hardly did any chores apart from sweeping her own room. The only problem she had was sexual as no day ever passed without her thinking of breaking the damn hymen.
She did all she could to avoid self-servicing ranging from not staying indoors alone, and going to church often. She’ll drown herself in prayer at night before sleeping too.

Ben’s first week of returning to Lagos was more than stressful. He moved here and there but couldn’t get a better job that befitted him.
He didn’t even go through half of what he’s going through now to secure his first job which he lost. He had a very good results, capable and was very fluent as well, but it seemed he needed more to get a job this time.
He managed to always stay in touch with his wife even though things aren’t going well with him.
He informed her on time about the change of things as he won’t be coming home the second week anymore but the third.
Ben was glad she didn’t stress it this time and did everything possible so as to do as he promised even though he didn’t get a job still and his bank account was reducing.

He returned as expected and Esther was so joyous. She didn’t ask for s*x that night even though she wanted it badly.
They would be going to Lagos the next day where she would have enjoy s*x, so why the rush. Ben was glad she didn’t disturb him for it as well.
The next day, they all went to their church for their wedding anniversary and it was great. They returned home tired and had to rest before setting out for their journey.
They left for Lagos later.

On their way, Esther couldn’t just stop imagining how her first night would be. Her husband had once thwarted her dreams but was sure he wouldn’t do such again. She would rub his laps gently and smiled at him. He noticed her husband’s returned smile was weak but she was too engrossed in herself than to know that something was wrong with him.
They were held up in traffic and they got home tired.
Esther was very happy when Ben drove into the massive building. With negligence to her tiredness, her s*x urge increased with the excitement that she’s going to be living in a big house.
If she couldn’t get it on her wedding night, she should be able to get it in her beautiful home this night for sure.

Ben parked and opened the car for his wife like a proper gentleman. He helped her with her handbag and left their other bags in the booth. Ben led the way, passing the huge building that had excited Esther. She wanted to ask where he was taking her to but that sounded more stupid in her thought. Ofcourse they are in their home already.
“Maybe he wanted to enter through the backdoor” Esther thought but to her surprise, she was led to a tiny boys quarters.

The disappointment on her face was easily read.
” You’ll love it on the inside” Ben said
There’s nothing to be loved there. Who would ever thought that her Ben, her husband would be living like a rat in the city after all his lavished spending on her and during the wedding?
She was discontented in spirit already, and not even the beautiful, neatly and well decorated sitting room could ginger her morale.
” Where’s the room?” She said unhappily
“It’s over there” her husband replied.

This was below her dream and standard, a room and parlor self-contained was just too poor for her. For the first time, she doubted the success of their marriage. If she had come to Lagos before now and being to this place, she might have actually changed her mind about spending forever with him.
She was too beautiful and gifted to live this lowly life.
” God! I have been deceived” she said and Ben heard her well.
” What do you mean by that?” He challenged

Answering Ben with the way she was boiling will only spell doom. Too many things are falling out of line already and she was too tired to talk about it. She pulled her clothes and left for the bathroom instead to Ben’s surprise.
Ben decided to let things slide and pull his clothes to join his wife in the bathroom/toilet.
She shouted that he allowed her finish first as that place was too small for two persons.
Ben was getting irritated with her acts but maintained his cool.

The sexual feeling she was having seemed to have disappeared into thin air. It didn’t even cross her mind anymore as she left the bathroom to behold her cute husband.

She wasn’t even thrilled by his beautiful unclad appearance. She didn’t even look at him twice as everything about him was irritating to her.

Without saying a word to each other, Ben used the bathroom while Esther laid on the bed wrapping his towel around her.

Ben returned from the bathroom and loved the back view he was seeing. He gently laid behind her and began to stroke her hair.
He then proceeded to touching her back which kind of awaken the urge in her.
She was angry but she was now horny as well.

He began to rub her butt and then touched her v****a from behind. This sent an electric wave down her spine as she lost every form of anger towards her husband. She turned facing upward welcoming all that he would do to her body and soul.

Ben worked with his hands to the best of his ability and was glad his wife was enjoying every bit of it.
He stood and laid on her in the missionary style and got access much more easily into her dripping wet v****a. Ben penetrated and she let out a low cry as her hymen finally broke.

He drove in her gently and within one minute, his pace and breathing increased with every pound.
To Esther’s utmost surprise, Ben began to shake uncontrollably and before she could say jack, he let out a loud cry with his tongue out of his mouth like a salivating dog as he poured into her.
He then collapsed besides her.

“Is this all?” Esther asked in disbelief.

To be continued…

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