Deception episode 2


Episode Two

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“Good!” She exclaimed and continued
” You need to be sexually experienced and active to be a woman of influence” Mrs Comfort added.

To say she was shocked was an understatement, she was dumbstruck.
She starred blankly at nothing precisely. The words she just heard were still trying to find a landing space in her head.
She shook her head with the thought of sending out the script that had just been played, but then the voice keeps resounding in her head.

She looked over her shoulder to clarify that someone else had said what she just heard but then it was just Mrs Comfort, her very own principal and her that were in the office. She searched through her eyes for any of those devilish signs of abuse but all she saw was an innocent face, that was trying to make her believe her.

“Ma!” Esther tried to speak when her brain finally connected with her mouth but was silenced by the principal who placed a finger on her lips with a gentle hush sound.

“Remember you promised to follow the principles and this is the moment to really know if you are true to your words or not.
I won’t force you to make it in life or not, but then I will advice that you don’t waste the virtues you possess already simply because you are scared of learning how to develop yourself on time probably because of the scary things you’ve heard about s*x. It will be at your best interest if you allow someone you trust like myself with great experience bring to you the knowledge of exploring your body. I won’t force you, because all I want to do is help you” Mrs Comfort lied.

Although she’s just 15, but everything she’s hearing now is in sharp contrast to the little knowledge she had during the seminar in school when the girls were enlightened on mensuration and body awareness.

She remembered she had tried to talk about her change in body system with her mother but she’s always too busy in trying to make ends meet which she had not met still.
Her mother didn’t even know when she started her menstrual flow until her fourth or fifth month there about. Her mother had adviced her not to allow any man touch her, else she would become pregnant and thereby chased out from being a child of God to becoming a child of the devil. How she would loose every good thing God has given her, including her beauty, intelligence and melodious voice.
She remembered her promise to her mother and God never to allow any man take advantage of her innocence.

That was the boldness she needed and the she spoke out quickly ” but it is a sin to allow any man touch any part of my body”

Mrs Comfort who was already rubbing her back gently stopped and asked ” but, am I a man?”

This got her again for some seconds, but then she conquered it or so she thought. No matter the propaganda Mrs Comfort was trying to use on her, she felt it was all shades of wrong. She won’t allow her principal to be used against her. She rebuked the devil silently even though her hands were gently fondling her upper b****t already.

She had heard many teachings of the devil but wasn’t expecting him to come in a feminine version without his horrible looks and horns. She didn’t expect an educator, an elderly woman to actually be a molester. Not in her wierdest dream. But, here it is in reality and everything looked as if a spell had been casted on her.

She recollected how she had spoken with their coordinator in church about s*x education. She had responded in a similar way like her mother, but only added that it is only her husband that have the right to have s*x with her. That it is an honorable thing to keep her virginity for her husband quoting Hebrews 13 verse 4. All through her explanation, she never mentioned anything relating to a woman sexing another, and it’s strange to her what the principal is saying and doing right now.

Although she felt the need to stop her, but the most part of her wanted to see how it will end after all it is from a woman and not a man.

She felt a kind of sensation in between her uppermost thigh, something odd but kind of interesting.

Esther thought that if the principal was doing anything that bad, she wouldn’t be so confident, comfortable and calm to indulge in it in her office.
She felt the need to relax as the sensational feelings was increasing with every of Mrs Comfort’s touch.

” I’m going to watch out until the end and then conclude on what to believe” Esther thought as she now let her guards down and flowed along.

Mrs Comfort who had not only find pleasure in molesting young girls but had become an expert in the game finally gained access into her bra. Still from behind, she tenderly rubbed her n*****s which hardened up responding immediately to her touch.

Esther let out a gentle m**n.

Mrs Comfort loved it. She loved her freshness and her naivety. She cupped her round, firm but a bit larger than her age b****t with her wrinkled hands.

Both of them let out a louder m**n even as Esther felt both warmness and wetness in her vulva.

Just as they were enjoying the moment of lust, the door of the office opened and an evangelist walked in almost catching them in the act.

In as much as Mrs Comfort tried to smartly pretend she was still showing Esther the pictures, Esther’s face gave her off.

The evangelist felt the tension in the atmosphere and the opened buttons of Esther’s shirt.
He acted cool and sat on the seat beside Esther facing the principal who is now seated but restless.

The silence between the trio was deafening. While the principal was scared and hoped she wasn’t caught, Esther was wishing the visitor who she later realized was an evangelist would leave soon so they can continue their adventure as doing it in the presence of a man might make God hate her. But also, she noticed the uneasiness of her principal and was wondering where the confidence she was displaying before had sneaked to.

On the other hand, the evangelist was thanking God for directing him to the school even at the odd hour just to save an innocent girl from a predator in form of principal who was meant to nurture and protect them but instead destroying their souls.

The principal kept looking for what was not lost and Esther could take it no more.
” Can you please ask your visitor to leave ma so we can continue on your teachings on sexual experience?” Esther dropped the bombshell.

“Will you get up and leave this moment!” The principal shouted with a very angry looking face.

Esther became more confused, on who she was referring to. They have been having a good time and so she believed the sudden outburst was not meant for her. And then, the visitor was an elderly person and she sees no reason reason why Mrs Comfort to yell at him also.

” Is it possible she’s asking herself to leave? ” Esther thought.

“Ma!” She was trying to talk when Mrs Comfort silenced her again.
This wasn’t the innocently looking woman who was educating her some moments ago.
She had promised to obey her and so she stood up slowly in attempt to leave right before the evangelist asked her to sit back.

” What have you been doing to this girl?” The evangelist asked.

” What kind of dumb question is this Mr?” She fired back.

” If you don’t open up now, I will let the entire neighborhood learn how you’ve been sexually abusing the children in your care right here and now” the evangelist returned.

Mrs Comfort’s feet and palms began to shake underneath the table.
She denied weakly by saying she was only explaining some things to her using the past prefects as reference.

” I don’t think she was molesting me sir, she was only enlightening me…” She paused for a while to look at Mrs Comfort who was signalling to her to keep quiet and then to the evangelist who asked her to continue.

“Sexually” she added

“Or a you? ” She asked quickly and directly.

With Mrs Comfort’s silence and discomfort, it dawned on her that she was actually molesting her, making her to commit immoral sin.

“Let me explain and I beg you do not to let my secret out” she pleaded.
She stood up as if to close the door but ran out immediately hooking the door from outside and temporarily shutting the two in her office.
She fled the school environ.

As soon as they realized what Mrs Comfort had done, Esther quoted Proverbs 28 verse 1 ( the wicked flee when no one is pursuing them…) and it gladdened the evangelist that she’s a believer who was only deceived by the one she trusted.

They were later able to open the door and the evangelist took Esther home where they met her mother who had left her shop to get something at home. He explained everything to her mother and she was thankful for rescuing her daughter from the evil principal.

He explained the need to inform the authorities so as to stop her from destroying more lives than she already has.
Mrs Aduragbemi agreed to what the evangelist suggested and promised to take the appropriate steps the next day as she needed to relay everything to her husband before acting.

The evangelist left after a lengthy and vigorous prayer session with them promising to await them in the police station the next day to make their reports while he stands as witness.

Esther feeling dirty washed herself thoroughly in the bathroom before locking herself up and sobbing as well as praying for forgiveness.
She was still in the middle of her prayers when her mother asked her to open the door.

“Listen my daughter, everything that happened is for a reason and I’m sure you will never allow anyone take advantage of you, not ever again.” Her mother encouraged.

Esther sobbed silently while her mother hugged and patted her back.

” But you see, what happened is a secret and must be a secret between the two of us” her mother continued.

She gently released herself from her mother’s embrace after hearing this.
“But we agreed with the evangelist to report the matter tomorrow” she said more like a question.

” Yes we did, but that was just to let him off our neck. We can’t let anyone know you’re a victim of child abuse, you will be stigmatized.
You won’t be able to go to your school and also won’t be able to lead the teenagers choir in church anymore. Generally, you won’t be able to socialize as no one would want their daughters to be seen with a sexually immoral girl which you’ll be tagged as. You’ll no longer have friends and as a family, we will all be an object of ridicule and might be forced out of this community.
It will not be your shame alone but your entire family will be dragged in the mud as well.
This is a secret we must take to our grave as no one, not even your siblings and your father must hear about this. ” Her mother said.
” But mummy…” She was still trying to speak
” It is a secret and must be a secret, for your good and that of your family.” her mother said on a final note.

“What about other children? How will we save them from the clutch of this evil woman?” Esther asked.

” The God who rescued you will do the same for them, and probably use any of them to save others. Because I’m very certain if He wanted to use you, He would have provided more witnesses than just the evangelist ” her mother said convincingly

” But what will we tell the evangelist tommorow?” She asked still confused but decided to keep mute
” You are going to deny everything outrightly right before him” Mrs Aduragbemi concluded

To be continued…

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