Deception episode 6


Episode Six

© Kemiliz Aiyemo Omotayo

“What game are you both into?” Esther’s neighbor asked passing her gaze from Gladis and finally to Esther while her hands were firm on the pot she was carrying.

The two had been so carried away that they weren’t aware that her neighbor has returned.

” I wouldn’t mind joining you guys in the game o” her neighbor added.

“Stupid! That’s how they end up where they don’t want” Gladis thought and hissed aloud as she went to the bed to dress up.

Esther’s neighbor who really didn’t like Gladis from onset asked Esther if she could kindly lead the way to her kitchen ignoring Gladis and her attitude.

Esther took her to the kitchen where she had lied about how Gladis was hiding her own thing from her, whereas she uses hers until it finished.

” I wanted to take my bath this morning and I discovered that there’s no more bathing soap. I asked Gladis for hers and she insisted that it had finished. I had to come out of the bathroom, dress up to go get soap for myself. On returning, I met her bathing with hers and that’s why we exchanged words” Esther lied.

” But, you were on your towel when I came in first. So when did you go out to get soap?” Her neighbor enquired.

” Will you just go ahead with your cooking and stop bugging me with your questions. Must you know everything?” Esther threw back at her.

She shuts her mouth afterwards and concentrated on her cooking which was the reason she was there anyways.

Esther stayed with her in the kitchen not to keep an eye on her but to avoid her roommate, Gladis who had become unbelievable within a twinkle of an eye.

Gladis also swiftly dressed up and left for lecture without a word to any of the two in the heated kitchen.
She was also scared, doubting if her threat holds water or should she be expecting worse when she returns?

When her neighbor had left, Esther thought about talking to someone about her predicament since it’s now obvious she has a problem of resisting sexual advances. She contemplated on seeing a counselor, but decided against it; she wouldn’t want to let her mystery out to anyone let alone a stranger all in the name of counselling.
” It might be used against me later when I finally become a woman of influence thereby eventually dragging myself and family to mud. No I can’t!” She concluded in her thought.

Just as she was thinking of what to do, even when she has resolved on not letting it out, Ben’s call came in.

Ben asked why she’s at home instead of school but she lied she wasn’t feeling too well. They discussed a lot about her and she was glad that Ben’s call was a relief.

” I hope you haven’t gotten yourself a boyfriend yet?” Ben kidded

” Han Han, why would you think of such. You know I’m keeping my body for my future husband nau” Esther replied naughtily

” I know and I’m just joking. But I just hope that lucky man would understand that you are my treasure and will treat you like I should” he added.
” When did you begin to imagine nonsense?” she replied laughing.

Just as Ben heard ‘imagine’, he suddenly remembered the dream he had concerning her.
” Esther!” He called out
” Yes Ben” she replied.
” I had a dream about you last night and it seems something is kind of shutting it in.
I’ve been trying to call you since I woke up, but one way or the other, i turn out to forget. Finally I’m able to get behind the force and get through to you, but then I forgot why I had called until you said the word ‘ imagine’ which struck the Bell in me” Ben explained.

” What’s the dream about? You’re getting me scared” Esther said truly afraid.

” I saw you in a crowd sitted with your head bowed as if in a thought. Different people where all moving fast trying to reach a point which wasn’t visible. I was going with the crowd when I sighted you and then I had to stop.
I kept asking what the problem was but yet you wouldn’t answer. I couldn’t leave you there so I tried dragging you up but I observed that you now weigh much more than your actual weight. I managed to pull you up and began dragging you with me and noticed people where passing us by. It was then that I woke up.” Ben narrated.

Esther who was listening aptly knew the revelation was from God, but then her heart has been hardened already.

“I will pray and fast my way through” she thought but was brought back to reality when she heard Ben asked again.
” Are you there? Esther, tell me, is there anything you’re hiding?”

She denied ever holding back anything from him. Even when he advised that she confides in the school counselor or probably with a pastor, at least someone with higher faith, she still denied it.
” I won’t let my mom down” she thought.

They ended their conversation after Ben had asked her to study and pray using 2Corinthians 10 verses 3 – 5.

She picked up her Bible immediately and read the reference scripture Ben had asked her to read.

“2Cor.10.3 – For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh:
2Cor.10.4 – For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;
2Cor.10.5 – Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;”

She cried and begin to pray, binding and casting the spirit of lust in her. Even as she was praying for herself, she prayed for Gladis as well.

She prayed and prayed until she was too weak to pray more, she then begin to ask for mercy even as she sobbed.

She didn’t take anything nor leave her room. Thank goodness she had had her bath in the morning.

Laying weakly on the bed, she heard rumbling of keys which indicates that her roommate, Gladis was back.

She layed down still even as Gladis entered and locked the door from within. She’s the host and cannot be frightened by the presence of her guest. Also, she has kind of found new and unexplained confidence to stand and challenge this instrument of the devil standing before her.

To her utmost surprise, Gladis dropped her bag, knelt down and begin to cry asking for forgiveness.

Esther wouldn’t let this get to her like it did in the morning. She wouldn’t let her crocodile tears move her a bit.
Although she wouldn’t reveal her secret, but this pretending snake isn’t going spend one more night in her apartment.

Gladis cried and pleaded but yet Esther wouldn’t be moved by her acts. When she wanted to touch her legs, Esther kicked hardly without any form of pity.

Gladis who was genuinely sorry stood up and began to pack her things. She was too slow for Esther as she wished she gets her thrash together quickly and be gone for good.

Esther looked up at her sorry sight and some parts of her believed she was sorry, but how possible for her to be truly changed in less than 12 hours was unfathomable.

” I know you don’t believe me, I have given you the privilege not to. But truly, I have decided to get back to being sincere with my faith. The counselor,I had been opportuned to meet had given me a platform to begin afresh as I have decided to consecrate my body, soul and spirit again.
I am apologizing to you because you are the first person I’ll ever be involved with apart from who initiated me into this evil and I know that you also need a renewal of your soul as you’re battling with the spirit of lust as well even though you fail to acknowledge it.
You need too see the counselor as well, she’ll help you retrace your step. You can’t deal with this on your own, I thought I could myself but I only ended up getting deeper into it. I would be leaving you in peace, but I hope you work out on your salvation” Gladis encouraged amidst tears.

Esther was moved to tears. She sniffed as she thought about Gladis that she had judged and condemned advising her on the need to speak up, in alignment with the dream Ben had concerning her.

” Drop your bags and stay this night, you can leave tomorrow” Esther found herself saying to Gladis.

” Thank you Esther, but I have already made up my mind to leave.” She replied.

Just as she was about to leave, Esther popped out the question she has been meaning to ask:
” How did you get into this?”

Gladis let out a loud sigh before she replied: ” my principal, Mrs Comfort James was the one that molested and repeatedly molested me till I became so addicted that I needed to satisfy my self in order to quench the unending urge while away from.” Gladis revealed.

Esther went white as she thought she heard the name of her worst nightmare.
” Did you just say Mrs Comfort?” She asked hoping the response would be nay.

To be continued…

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