Deception episode 25


Episode Twenty Five

© Kemiliz Aiyemo Omotayo

“You mean I should…” She was saying and the Prophet affirmed his statement with a repeated nod and “as soon as possible”

She thought for some seconds how possible it is for her to get down with her prophet. She had heard stories like this but had never believed it would happen to her with this great prophet of God. What was she going to do? Walk out of the office and pretend as if this conversation never happened? Would that not be tantamount to her forever barreness? She had seen how the Prophet’s words do come to pass and those that failed to hearken returned with great consequences.
” Sir, is there no other way apart from this?” She found herself asking weakly after some minutes of silence.
” That’s the only way I have been shown. This was how you got yourself into this mess and this is the only to get out of it” he assured ” call me my secretary on your way out” he added and faced his Bible.

Esther understood this as her moment to leave. She dully stood up and walked out of the office dragging her now heavy feet. She stopped at the door to have a last look at the prophet, but he didn’t seem to have her time anymore.
She got home thinking of what to do. She had heard stories like this before and would always blame the members who slept with their pastors. Now she’s putting on that same shoe and wondered if truly she’s been brainwashed as she believed others were. Her husband noticed she wasn’t herself and she confirmed she was only weak and tired.
She went to bed earlier than usual but couldn’t sleep. She kept thinking of what to do and finally decided to allow the prophet perform this spiritual transfer on her. Most of her knew this wasn’t right, but she needed to be called mother as soon as possible.

The next day, without informing her husband, she put a call through to her place of work and lied that she was very sick. She was the type that had always been regular and punctual, so she was giving three days off.

She made sure her husband left for work before she went to the prophet. If she had done this before for satisfaction that brought about financial bliss, then it wouldn’t be a crime to do it to be called a mother. Although she felt kind of withdrawn to do it with the man of God she had revered a lot, but it’s is better with him than another whose power she wouldn’t be sure of.
There’s no need calling him because the prophet would always be in his church. He had a house where his family lives but according to him, the Lord told him to dwell in his presence day and night.
She entered the church and knelt down to pray, asking God for forgiveness as well as making her effort yield positive results.

As she was praying, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She knew it would be no other person but the prophet so she brought her prayer to an halt. She sat down and he sat beside her.
” You’ve done the right thing and I’m very certain your prayers are answered already” the prophet said.
” Thank you sir” she said shyly with a weak smile. She wasn’t ready for conversation but to just get this done with as soon as possible. The prophet proceeded to tell her about the expenses she had to foot in order to seal the prayer and transfer session which everything would cost a hundred thousand naira.
Esther transferred the said money immediately and then hoped that would be all as she was going broke already. She followed after the prophet to his office where he prayed for her. He prayed and prayed for a very long time time. Later, he asked her to pull her clothes and lay on on the white clothes he had spread on the bare floor. She felt embarrassed but obeyed. She closed her eyes while she layed down and soon began to feel the Prophet’s hands on her. She peeped and saw him mumbling in tongues as he applied anointing oil on his palm and rubbed it on her seductively. She loved s*x very much and was supposed to be moved by this but she felt nothing but bitterness. She wondered how many women had gone through this spiritual seeds transfer of a thing and tears dropped from her eyes.
” Don’t waste my efforts on you woman. You must willingly do this with joy and not the other way round. If you know you’re not ready, you can as well take your leave but I assure you it will be at your detriment. Do you know how many women have conceived through this means. I am helping you here and you should be glad I am and not giving me attitude. After all, you’ve been indulging in extra marital affair, so why acting up.” The prophet uttered in anger.
” I’m sorry sir, I’m sorry my prophet. I’m just…” She pleaded sitting up.
” I can’t do this again” he said and sat down.
” Please sir, you can’t do this to me. We’ve gone too far for you to back out now” she knelt down holding his legs while all sense of shame disappeared.
” You caused it. My spirit is not in the mood any more. If you can bring me back in spirit, then it’s your luck.” He replied
” Tell me what to do, prophet of God, just tell me and I promise never to fail this time” she begged.
“S**k me” he blurted.
” Where sir?” She asked
” My p***s ofcourse, where else do you think you would s**k” he said arrogantly
“Ok sir” she said and began to touch his thigh in a bid to remove his trouser. She hadn’t done this before, but she had gone to far to stop now. And also, doing this for a child isn’t that bad, is it?

She soon have assess to the Prophet’s manhood. It was very little compared to his huge physique. It was surrounded by bushy hair and wondered if he had ever had it trimmed or cut. The sight disgusted her and she let out a lowly sounded hiss.
Just so as not to provoke her prophet, she got done in business and gave him a head. He began to m**n greatly. At a point, he stood up quickly and bent her over giving her from behind. It wasn’t up to a minute before he started his epileptic move which signalled the arrival of his c*m.
” Dress up” he said when he had comported himself and she did.
They went back to the church and then he began to pray for her again performing as if something didn’t just go down with them.

Although Esther hated every bit of what just happened between her and the man of God, but she did everything within her not to be angry with him lest the spiritual transfer would not work.

She went home and scrubbed her body as if her filth would be washed off. She layed down tired and slept off. Ben returned and found her sleeping. He thought she must be very tired and prepared a light meal for them. When she woke up, she narrated to her husband that she wasn’t feeling too well and had to leave work before the closing time. He asked her to be taken to the hospital but she refused saying all she needed was rest to be back on her feet. Ben allowed her and they later went to bed. She felt pity for Ben and promised in herself to stop messing around and be faithful to him who had done nothing but loved her.

The next day, she prepared meal for her husband and assured him that she would be alright before he eventually left for work. She used the sleeping drugs she bought all because she didn’t want to think of what she had done. She returned to work after her sick leave was done and she drowned herself with work. Esther missed the Sunday service and the prophet called her to know why she missed the service as it was unusual of her. She lied she wasn’t feeling fine and he prayed for her over the phone.
What an hypocrite! The prophet made sure Esther assured him that she would be coming for the mid week service before he hung up.

Esther went to the church as promised and the prophet asked her to wait behind. She met him in the office and before she could say jack, he let down his trouser and asked her to s**k him.
This wasn’t happening again. She thought she was done with the spiritual whatever but it seemed the prophet just started.
” Sir! I thought we’re done with this” she voiced out her thoughts.
” No darling, not yet. The spiritual exercise is a process and until we see the manifestation, then we shall press on” he said with a smirk.
” But people are around sir, can’t we just have it some other time?” Esther asked.
” Worry less about that. Just get down here and let me help you” he replied.
Esther moved to him like a dummy and began to do as she was told, while the pastor spoke in sexual tongues. He bent her over quickly and let himself into her like he did the other time. He came after some seconds of p******g.

He cleaned himself up with his handkerchief and wanted to do the same for Esther who refused saying she was fine. He sat and asked her to do the same. He told her he needed some money and Esther after some hesitation sent him #50,000.
” This is all for your good” he said smiling to Esther whose face was frowned as she walked out of his office. Ben wanted to s*x her that night but she declined and Ben being a gentleman, didn’t disturb her for long. She couldn’t allow her husband to sleep with her right after she had it with the prophet.

Soon, Esther got used to it. They began to have the less than a quickie as she often referred their s*x, everytime they see right in his office. But what usually piss her was the fact that the prophet was now constantly demanding money from her as she would send at least #20,000 to him after they met. She once tried to stop it as her account balance was almost empty but then the prophet had threatened to expose her and curse her if she ever decided to leave him.

Exactly two months to when she started sleeping with the prophet, she became sick and had to be taken to the hospital. After series of tests were carried out on her, she was confirmed to be 7weeks and 3 days pregnant. Her joy knew no bounds as she screamed at the top of her voice even scaring the doctor. Her husband was equally excited. He had waited for this day that seemed never to come. Here he is, he’s going be a father soon. He hugged Esther tightly and thanked the doctor continuously for bringing this good news.
Ever since the good news had been delivered unto them, Ben treated Esther like an egg. He wouldn’t let her lift a finger in the house. He even asked her to stop working but Esther who knew she was broke financially wouldn’t agree. She said working would be a means of exercise for her as she would be bored staying at home all day.

Esther joyfully told the prophet about the pregnancy and the need to put an end to their affair as the manifestation is visible. The prophet was happy for her but then refused to let her go.
” Sister Esther, you don’t know how I love what you’re doing to me. I must confess, you’re the best I ever had and letting you go might be impracticable for now.” The prophet confessed
Esther couldn’t believe the Prophet’s confession. This man is far from being a prophet of God but a Prophet of doom. How can he expects her to continue with her even when she’s now pregnant. This is unbelievable. If not for the kind of man her husband is, who would tolerate his wife timing on s*x? This prophet isn’t just f*****g her but extorting her. She’s done with the prophet and done for good. She had gain sexual satisfaction and money from Mr Charles then, while the prophet had not only been using her but extorting her as well.
” I’m sorry sir, but I can’t do this anymore” Esther said firmly.
” Really?” He asked
” Yes sir. I can’t continue with you. I am pregnant now and it would be unheard of for a married pregnant woman to be committing adultery.” She explained.
” This is not adultery my dear” he said trying to cajole her
” It is sir.” She replied
” So what do you want me to do now” the prophet asked with a serious face.
” I want you to leave me the hell alone while I concentrate on my family” she declared.
” How is it possible I leave you alone when my family is inside of you” he asked
” What do you mean by that?” She questioned.
” Well, my seed, my baby is growing in you and I can’t leave him even I try to leave you. I will need to be nourishing him to sound health, you know” he said with an evil smile referring to the baby in her as a boy.
To say Esther was shocked was an understatement, she couldn’t believe what is happening right now. Now she understood that the prophet was obsessed with her already. She needed to be free, to break loose of this bondage. She threatened to expose the pastor and was dismayed when he asked her to go ahead. He assured her he would ruin her life and everyone she cared about and then get his child if she threads on this path.
Esther became scared. If his face could be this scary as he spoke, then the thought of what he could do made her almost wet her pant in fear.
She concluded this was a dead end and hoped that God would deliver her one day from being captive of the mighty prophet.
” When will I be free?” She asked in tears.
” Free? I don’t understand” he said feigning ignorance
” When will I be free from your bondage?” She sobbed
” You’re not in bondage my dear, but if you feel you are, then I can’t be held accountable. Back to your question, the moment I find a better replacement, then I’ll let you go, even with my child. I don’t know how soon I will get the replacement, but pending that time, you will continue to submit your body to me while I water my child to good health” he pronounced victoriously
Esther felt defeated. She placed her head on his table and wept silently. She couldn’t think of how she had gotten into this mess neither could she think of a way out.
” Brace up dear and come s**k my rod. I have others to attend to” he said rawly with an evil smile as he tapped her shoulder.
She stood up slowly, went to him, and did as she was told in tears. When he was done with her, she transferred money to him as usual.
Esther got home and felt weak from within. She wished she could open up to Ben about what was happening in her life. She watched Ben sleep peacefully and wished for inner peace. She almost woke him up to confess to him but something held he her back.

Esther’s acrimonious escapade continued with the prophet till her late second trimester. All this while, she had become incredibly cold towards her husband. Ben had concluded that every of her attitudes were pregnancy related and he understood. Esther wouldn’t let Ben touch her as the prophet was fully in charge.

She had gone for mid-week service which was now habitual and the prophet asked her into his office.
After giving him the head job, he asked her to lie on the floor as he was tired of going through the back. He began to drive in her with full forcefully making her groan in pain. He passed the usual less than 2 minutes and Esther was expecting him to c*m but he didn’t. He began to pound her as if wanting to drill a hole in her. Esther observed that something was wrong but who was she to interrupt the almighty Prophet’s moment.
Five minutes after, he was still on her. Esther had become dry and her vulva hurts badly. She began to beg him to stop but it all fell on deaf ears. She pleaded even with tears but it seemed the prophet had lost control of himself as he doesn’t appear to be sane anymore.

Soon, others who wanted to see the man of God began to knock asking what was happening inside. The weight of the prophet on Esther was killing and all efforts to push him off her was futile.
The prophet was unconscious about the happenings and was f*****g Esther aggresively as if another force was driving him.
When he had stayed over 20minutes on her, resting all his weight on her protruded tummy, Esther cried out in pain for help.

The door was pushed open and the awaiting church members and visitors beheld the unimaginable sight of their most revered prophet who was still banging the already weak sister Esther, as in sister Esther, with the angelic voice.

To be continued…

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