Deception episode 19


Episode Nineteen

© Kemiliz Aiyemo Omotayo

Mr Charles stopped his car beside her and she hopped in.
” Where are we going?” She finally asked as he was driving in silence for over 20minutes on a trafficless express road she wasn’t familiar with.

Mr Charles took his face off the road and smiled at her before facing the road again. She was expecting an answer and that smile she received didn’t go well with her.

Esther became scared for he first time in her life.
What if Mr Charles was a kidnapper? A ritualist? Is this how her life was going to end? She thought about her husband, her family and the few friends she had made in Lagos. They wouldn’t even be able to give her a befitting burial if she died, that’s if her body parts were found and not dismembered.
She was sure she wasn’t going to make heaven. She wasn’t truthful and honest, and to crown it all, she followed this stranger more because of the lust in her mind.
” I have been preaching of salvation and I’m going to lose my soul on my way to probably commit adultery. Oh God! Help me this time and I will never allow this lustful spirit lead me anymore” Esther prayed in her thoughts.

She felt Mr Charles tap on her thighs and she jolted in fear.
” Are you okay, my darling?” He asked

“Did he just ask if I’m okay? What’s there to be okay about? Well, maybe that’s how he had been trained to make his victims feel at ease before he perpetrates his evil intention.” Esther thought.

” We’re here already. My home sweet home.” Mr Charles said as he finally turned off the car’s ignition.

Esther contemplated at this moment to take to her heels, but a quick look around made her calm down.
It was a busy area.
This place doesn’t look like the scary kidnapper’s den.
“Am I safe?” She asked eventually.
” Of course you are darling. Why would you even think otherwise? Let’s go in” he replied.

Esther followed him like a sheep to be slaughtered.
He opened the gate and entered into the compound that was still undergoing construction.
They finally entered a sparsely furnished two bedroom apartment as she later found out. She was entertained but bluntly refused.

” Can you tell me why you brought me here sir? She asked politely.
” You’re here to completely seal your employment” he answered as he rested on the couch.

He felt the tension in her and so he left his seat and began to massage her shoulder. It seemed this always did the trick as she became calm again against her wish.

He began to do to her what he did in the office and Esther allowed him again with relieve. After all, she was here already and it would be in her own interests if she flowed with the tides.

She discovered that his hands weren’t as smooth and tender as Ben’s own, infact, it was coarse, but she was loving every bit of what it was doing.

At a point, she felt the need to run, to run as fast as her legs could take her before she finally ventured into a journey of no return.

” Where’s the bathroom?” She asked even to her surprise as she stood up. This wasn’t what she wanted to do, this was far from it.

Mr Charles directed her to the bathroom. Right there, she thought about it and concluded to see how things will end. If truly this was that bad, the Lord would have helped her somehow because she had served him well enough and deserved to be saved if need be.

She pulled everything on her, and began to wash up. She washed off every conscience she had left and decided to enjoy this moment.

Mr Charles joined her in the bathroom and they began from there. With her soapy body, he began touch her b****t from the back.
While his left hand was squeezing the life out of her n*****s, his right hand traced its way to her v****a and began to hand f**k her.
This was beyond what she ever dreamed as her body reacted to every of his touch. This was real love making! This was life!

She felt the sensation run up and down her spine as she quivered to every of his touch.
Mr Charles stopped to wash off the soap off her body and she found herself begging him not to stop.

He was proud that he made her beg for more. He bent her over with her hands on the bathroom wall. He worked in her dripping wet c**t with his fingers again before he finally penetrated with his huge manhood.

Esther let out a cry in ecstasy as she welcomed all of him into her.
It was painful at first because she was too tight even though she was wet.
In the d***y position, Mr Charles fucked her so well that she reached orgasm, yet he wasn’t done.
He continued with her yet again till she cried out again as she released.
Mr Charles also came at the long run and helped her clean up. She was too weak to walk and so he carried her into the bedroom like a baby and laid her on the bed. He covered her nakedness with the duvet and left to the sitting room to work on his laptop.

Esther had no strength to think, her head wasn’t even functioning well and it took no time for her to sleep off.

At home, Ben was worried about his wife who he’s yet to reach but more worried about how he will tell her that he’s out of job again.
He was feeling very restless and blamed it on what he was going through.
Even though he lost his job, he was determined never to allow his wife works in that company.
He called his wife over again and yet there was no response.

Mr Charles took Esther’s phone from her bag and saw incoming calls of ‘ my treasure’.
He smiled to himself and said to the ringing phone mockingly ” I’m sorry treasure, but I’m with your woman. When I’m done with her, I’ll make her return to you satisfied with a wider p***y”

He returned her phone to her bag and went to the room. She was looking all beautiful and innocent and he decided to keep this one longer than others. As he watched her sleep, he was turned on again.
He gently removed the duvet and watched her flawlessly beautiful body for a while.
Esther turned unconsciously in her sleep making him have a good view of her neatly shaved v****a.
He bent over and began to give her a head.
The half awake Esther felt this was too good to be a dream. She became fully conscious and weakly asked him to stop what he was doing.
Charles intensified on this and Esther loved it.
Soon, he was giving it to her again and she enjoyed every damn thing.
They both came together and it felt damn so good.
They laid beside each other and she was told how beautiful, sweet and tight she was. She flustered at every of his speech.

Charles couldn’t be compared with Ben in any way. Charles was a real man and Ben was just anything. Ben wouldn’t spend more than three minutes and sleep off like a log of wood, while Charles had worked so hard on her, taking her to the level she had been made to believe by Ben it never existed.
Comparing Charles with Ben right now was even annoying, she took her mind off it as Ben cuddled her up.

She later became hungry but Charles had nothing to offer her than drink. In as much as she knew she was committing adultery, she would never compound her sins by taking alcohol.

She insisted on food and Charles had no choice than to go get something for her.
At the moment she was alone, she went to the sitting room and saw so many missed calls from her husband. She felt angry at first for leaving so much missed calls and messages but then later felt sorry for him.
She didn’t bother to open the messages from him because she felt guilty now.

Ben didn’t deserve what she was doing to him. He had done nothing but love and cherish her yet she was sleeping with another man in less than a year of their marriage. And to make matters worst, she was loving this new man sexually.

Charles entered and found her in thought. He didn’t need anyone to tell him she was feeling bad already as she bowed her head holding her phone.
” What is it baby?” He asked anyways
” Nothing” she said still looking down.

He placed the food on the table and sat beside her.
“There’s nothing wrong with what we are doing. I have been s*x starved as my wife isn’t in the country and it’s obvious you’re experiencing the same too. What matters is the satisfaction we get from each other and I must confess, I don’t think I can ever let you go because you are the tightest and sweetest lady u have ever met. Not even my wife can be compared to you” He said.
Esther looked up and saw his reassuring look and smiled.

Ben wasn’t just a good fucker but also a sweet talker.
Before she could say Jack Robinson, he had started touching her again and her stupid body responded to his touch because she had lost control of it.
They had it in the sitting room again.
It seemed they were going to end up using all the rooms in the apartment before calling it a day.

They later ate together like a true couple that they weren’t and she was tempted to ask about the job. She let it slide as the job she has at hand was more fulfilling to her.

They had s*x once again before they finally decided to leave for their home.

” Lemme have your account details” Charles said on their way out.
” For what?” She asked
” For what?” He repeated with surprise
” Yes, for what?” She asked again “do I look like a prostitute?” She added.

Charles understood her now, she had read his good intentions differently and he would be nice enough to explain to her since it was evident she was naive in the game.

” It’s just to convince you that I love and appreciate you a whole lot. Remember love is giving, and I will generously give you a whole lot just to keep this sweet thing for myself” he said looking at her upper thigh.

” Well, if getting sexually satisfied comes with additional benefit, who am I to reject it” she thought and called out her details to him.

She received an alert of 100k and embraced him joyfully. He had done more than she had expected and was convinced she was on a good course.
If not that they werere in the compound already, she would have given him her body again as the alert came with urge.

He dropped her off where he had picked her and she found her way home feeling sexually and financially satisfied.

Esther wasn’t expecting Ben to be at home so she didn’t prepare for what to tell him.
She opened the door from outside with her key and stepped into the waiting hands of her husband.
The smile she had on her face disappeared immediately and was taking over by fear.
She knew she needed to act boldly else she might lose everything.

” Why are you at home by this time of the day?” She asked without greetings.
” Welcome dear” Ben stood up and hugged her tightly.
Esther was confused, she was expecting him to yell on her for not picking her calls not this.
” I was scared, really scared. I thought something bad had happened to you, you remember the revelation right? Are you ok? Have you eaten?” He added many more questions that couldn’t be answered.

” I just need to take my bath cause I’m so tired” Esther said deciding to play along.
She left him and went to the bathroom. She cried as she pitied him. She was committing adultery while her husband was worried sick about her.

She laid on the bed and Ben came to join her. He narrated how he lost his job and how he needed her to console him but she wasn’t there.
She consoled him and promised to take care of him till he gets a better job.
She lied that she couldn’t pick her call because she wasn’t with it as they were not allowed to use phone while on duty.
Ben who was confused with her sayings asked which department she was employed in to and she had to brush it aside claiming she was hungry and needed to prepare something.

Ben asked her not to worry and prepared noodles and egg for her. She ate it all even with her guilt.
Ben reminded her of the rehearsal and she complained she was too tired to go as she needed rest.

The next day being Sunday, they prepared for church. She didn’t want to go at first but then remembered that church was for sinners like her.
As she got to church, the choir master informed her that she would have to lead the praise and worship session as the other lady who was to lead couldn’t come.

She told him she wasn’t prepared and ready as she didn’t even rehearse with them the day before.
The choir master insisted she leads as she was very good lead singer with or without rehearsal.

Esther alone, knelt down and prayed. She knew she wasn’t worthy to call down God’s presence but what could she do. She thought her sins were visible and people would see what she had done but then everything was hidden as no one ever thought about it, no one ever had the right to think so of the Beloved Sister Esther.
She eventually lead the session and it was superb. There and then, she concluded that the God wasn’t totally against what she had done as He understood and that was why her iniquities stayed hidden.
She went home with her husband after several meetings feeling justified.

The next day, she was awoken by her husband’s tap so early in the morning.
” Good morning darling. Let’s pray” he said.
Still feeling sleepy, she wondered why Ben had woken her up when he didn’t even have any job to rush to.

After their prayer, she went back to bed while Ben used the toilet.
He was surprised to meet his wife still sleeping and tapped her again, this time harder.

” Why are you disturbing me now?” Esther said
” Wake up lazy bone, you have a job to prepare for” he said smiling.
” Which job? Which job did you offer me nau?” Esther asked sleep talking.

To be continued…

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