Deception episode 21


Episode Twenty One

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Esther bent quickly and hurriedly packed up her bag but not before Ben who had turned to apologise for hitting her saw the brassiere and pant.
They appeared beautiful and red in colour.

” Are you going to work in those bikini?” Ben asked Esther who never thought she had been caught.

She felt like the earth should just open and swallow her up as she heard Ben’s word. She had been such a fool for letting him see the undies. What on earth was she going to say to convince him of what he saw with his n***d eyes? She would rather not talk as that had been working for her lately. Meeting Charles was the most important thing for now and not even the effect of what this moment might have on her marriage would stop her.
Once she was done putting her things together again, she left the room without a word to her husband.

Ben knew for sure now that he had lost his crown as the head. He had no control over Esther anymore and this broke him down.

He cried like a baby for the first time in his adult life. He cried for over an hour with no one to console him. He knew what he was going to was affecting him badly and would become worse if he didn’t open up to someone about it.
He called Ifemi, his cousin a good number of times but all went to voicemail. He really didn’t want to speak about his family to just anyone but someone close like his cousin. When he thought for long on who to speak with, he reluctantly decided to call her mother.

She picked her call at the first ring with a whole lot of greetings. This was not why he had called but he had to respectfully give the elderly woman this moment. When she was satisfied with the greetings, Ben narrated all he had been going through in the hands of her daughter skipping the cheating aspect on purpose.

Although Ben didn’t agree initially, but Esther’s mother insisted on coming to Lagos immediately to talk some senses into her daughter who had obviously lost it.

Esther’s mother called her father and informed him that she was going to Lagos and he agreed after much explanation.
She locked up her shop and set out for Lagos immediately.

Esther on the other hand waited for over 30 minutes before Mr Charles finally arrived to pick her. He didn’t even apologise for keeping her waiting and Esther hated this. Ben would have been almost out of saliva pleading for keeping her waiting but Charles didn’t even blink an eye. She greeted him in the car and he responded only to keep silence nodding to the music he was playing. She had so many questions to ask him, but decided to wait till she gets what she wanted.

They got to their venue and as they stepped in, Mr Charles squeezed her b****t from behind. Although she liked it because her body responded at once, but she hated how he was toying with her head.

One minute he’s acting as if he’s done with her and the next one, as if it would be impossible for him to breathe without her.
She wanted to stop him, to make him beg for it but she ended up responding to every of his touch making them have s*x from behind right at the door post.

Mr Charles would give her space to regain her energy and start over again with her. He made her feel dirty in a way which she kind of liked.
She didn’t even bother to check her phone for calls or messages.
She ate alone when she was feeling hungry while Charles worked on his system.

There was something odd about Ben. He doesn’t treat her like a queen that she used to believe she is and also he spoke less with her. He was always on the system whenever they were not sexing. Esther was becoming irritated with all of this but the s*x part would not make her make her decide to leave him.
Esther was alone in the room of thinking of the mess she is into with Charles. It seemed she’s gradually falling for him as he had almost everything she wanted in a man apart from being caring.
As she was there thinking of how to get rid of whatever she had started to feel for Charles, he came in and laid beside her. She was lying n***d under the duvet and Charles had easy assess to her body.

It took a great effort from Esther to make his hands stop the effects they had on her. She didn’t respond and Charles noticed it.
” What’s wrong baby?” He asked.
” You are” she said with a frown.
” How do you mean” he asked.
” I have been trying to understand you but you are making it impossible for me. I want you to define what this is” she said.
” I really like you a lot and I must confess that the s*x we’ve been having is the best. I want this to continue for as long as you can keep being sweet for me” he said with a smile.
She liked what she heard although she wanted more, but this was okay. They had multiple s*x before they finally called it a day right after he had sent her 100k again.

In the bus home, she opened her bag and saw missed calls from her mother. She was hoping he would have called a thousand and one times but was surprised he didn’t. Not even a missed call from him.

She had thought well about how she was going to solve Ben’s issue and composed a very beautiful life which she was sure the gullible Ben will take in every sip she offered him

She called her mother and told her she would call her back as soon as she gets home.

She got home and met her mother seated watching TV. She had never expected her visit. She knelt down immediately and greeted her mother.
” You didn’t tell me you have started working” her mother said with a questioning look.
“I wanted to surprise you with my first salary but then you surprised me with this impromptu visit. How is father and my brothers? How’s everyone at home doing?” Esther asked with a smile which soon turned straight with her mother’s look.
” What has Ben done to you that you think this is the best way to treat him?” Her mother demanded.
” Mother!” She yelled
” Yes daughter, what is his offense? I want to know right now” she said.
” How can you start apportioning blame without hearing from me first?” Esther sobbed.
” Stop that. I have not even started blaming you yet. You know I can’t be fooled by those tears. I didn’t leave Ogbomosho for this game so you had better start talking now” her mother threatened.

” I didn’t do anything to Ben, he’s just feeling insecure because i am now gainfully employed while he is still without job. I have assured him as a good wife will, telling him everything will be alright soon but he is just not happy that I’m happy” she explained.

Ben came out of the room and starred at his wife who had turned into an actress. Esther had really become something else to him or is this who she really is but was so blinded by love?

The couple’s argued on and on, each trying to justify his or her actions but Esther’s mother was able to resolve it. Esther was asked to beg for forgiveness while Ben was asked to forgive and forget everything.
Ben wanted her to tell him where she had gone to with her bra and pant but thought it would be better they have the conversation alone. He forgave her because he really loved her and willing to start on blank slate just for peace and his sanity. She was happy so happy that her mother had been used to solve their issues without her breaking a sweat. This made her smile for real and Ben loved the look on her face. He had really missed it.
She had loved the way he went about this issue as it worked in her favor.
They hugged each other tightly and promised it was all over.
Ben felt better.

She prepared a better food for her mother and they all chatted in the sitting room like a happy family they should be.
Her mother couldn’t return home that day so she slept over in the bedroom with her while Ben slept in the sitting room.

Her mother woke up to the sound of the message that came in. She opened her daughter’s phone and the message read:

” I thought about it and felt I was kinda selfish. To make it up with you, you can reach me on this number whenever you’re horny and I will be available for you. Don’t think I can ever have enough of your sweet tight p***y. Charles”

Esther’s mother couldn’t believe she just read this from her daughter’s phone. There’s no doubt that she’s committing adultery if truly this message belongs to her. She didn’t want to believe that her daughter has departed from the way of the Lord. This will never turn out well if it’s eventually true.

She tapped her daughter gently and she turned facing the other side.
” Wake up Esther and tell me who Charles is.” She demanded.

Esther’s eyes became clear at once which made her mother believed she had really became adulterous.
” What have you done Esther? What have you become?” She asked angrily but trying to keep her voice down.
” I’m sorry mum, I really am. I don’t know how I got myself into this” she cried
” You have to stop it now. This is evil, a pure one.” Her mother said.
” Mummy I don’t think I can stop it now, not any time soon. I pray I don’t leave my marriage for Charles eventually.” She said truthfully.
” Have you gone nut? What do you mean by this rubbish you’re spitting out? Do you want to ruin your marriage? Do you want to make me a laughing stock back at home? What has really gotten into you?” Her mother asked furiously.
” Mummy, I really can’t explain it. I don’t know if I still love Ben because my heart is almost completely in for Charles. He is a real man and he’s been satisfying me sexually and financially. Mummy I just hope you understand me” she narrated, explaining her ordeal to someone for the first time.

” I’m really confused at your explanation but more confused as of what to do. We are true Christians and so divorce is never an option. I won’t let you bring disgrace to us” Esther’s mother said
“So what should I do? Tell me mummy, what’s the solution?” She asked.

” At this point, the only option you have is to continue with the so called Charles as you’re too attached to him already. But you must respect your husband to a fault. You must carry out all your duties as a responsible wife until I think of a lasting solution to this problem” her mother advised.

” Thank you so much ma for taking your time to help me out with my family issues. I really appreciate you ma” Ben said standing at the room’s door post.

To be continued…

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