Deception episode 16


Episode Sixteen

© Kemiliz Aiyemo Omotayo

She went to bed imagining when she’d finally become Ben’s wife and make love for the first time on her wedding night and thereafter.
Not until then, nothing will make her indulge in it.

True to her words, Esther stayed undefiled through out her days in school. Although the temptations were much and at times seemed insurmountable but she scaled through.
Many guys kept asking her out which included her fellowship leader but she turned them all down. She occupied herself more with the things of the Lord, and Ben ofcourse.

As soon as she was done with her ND program, she went to Abundance of grace Bible school to learn the in-depth of God’s word.
She became deeply rooted in the Lord and Ben was glad that his wife to be is everything he desired in a woman.
There relationship worked out well regardless of the distance between them.

They would study and pray together even during their late night phone conversation.
Ben seldomly come home and when he did, they both meet still in open places or in the presence of their parents.

Everything was going smoothly between them even better than she had ever thought. Since Ben’s parents were aware of their relationship, she began to go there once in a while and help out with some chores.

Ben’s mom loved her not just because she was an hardworking lady, but a true believer whose role in the things of the Lord was great.
All through their period of dating, Esther didn’t go to Ben’s place in Lagos for the reason of staying pure.
She had gained a whole lot of space in Ben’s heart and Ben would do everything possible to make her happy even at his inconvenience.

The very first time they quarrelled was when he was unable to pickup his call as he was busy with work.
Esther made mountain out of molehill as she refused to pick nor return his call and messages as well.
Ben who became worried thinking something bad had happened to his beloved called her mother who in turn demanded she spoke with him.
Displeased Esther warned him never to speak about their relationship with anyone if he truly wanted it to work.
” I promise that never will I speak about us to anyone. We would always work out things ourselves” Ben promised and stayed true to it.

Ben finally proposed and Esther accepted with gladness and they soon pick a date for their wedding ceremony.
Ben who was financially capable took the whole responsibility up. He gave his fiancee more than she required as he was the one that asked her not to work until she joined him in the city.

Esther and her family was rest assured that she was going into wealth as Ben made them lacked nothing.

Two weeks before their wedding, there was an issue in Ben’s place of work which made his appointment to be terminated. He would have been arrested and probably jailed if not that his boss had trusted him and believed he had nothing to do with the missing money.

Ben at first thought it had something to do with God not wanting his union with Esther but concluded it was the devil’s effort in poisoning his mind.
He wished he could speak about it to someone, but he had chosen to be a man of his word by not disclosing his relationship life with anybody.

He prayed about it and he interpreted every revelation he had carnally as the devil’s plan work.
He didn’t tell Esther about it as he believed he will get a better job soon as he was making efforts towards it already.

He returned home a week to their wedding and pretended to be fine even when his parents and Esther wouldn’t stop asking the reason for his downcasted look and his weight loss.

Their wedding was a success as it was attended by all and sundry. It was a glorious day and Esther wouldn’t have wished for a better one. Everything favored them including the weather.

After the wedding was over, Esther and her husband stayed over at his parents place as it was too late and also they were too tired to return to Lagos.

At night, when Esther was convinced that every other persons in the building were asleep, she began to touch Ben, her husband.
Ben, who thought he was in a dreamland was trying to rebuke the devil by pushing off her hands weakly. He hadn’t really come to understand the term that he’s now a married man, maybe because he had lots on his mind.

Esther who was becoming irritated with Ben’s action tried to maintain her cool and continued working on his body.
She had longed for this day with great expectation and was kind of disappointed watching Ben sleep like a log of wood while letting out annoying low snoring sounds.

She tapped him and he unwillingly opened his eyes to meet Esther sitted.
” What is it darling? Why are you not sleeping?” He asked with concern even though he was feeling very sleepy.
” What is it?” Esther repeated the question wanting to be sure he had really asked that ridiculous question.
“Yes, what is it? Why are you not sleeping?” Ben asked again with a clearer eyes.
” Did you just ask why I am not sleeping? Are we supposed to be really sleeping on our wedding night?”she threw back at him.
” Baby listen, I understand you but it’s not right we do it right here and now” Ben replied.
” I don’t think you do understand me because if you do, we would already be having our marital rights by now and not having this conversation” Esther said.

” I get it darling, but we are in my parent’s house for Christ sake. And also, we have families and friends around. Just reason with me” Ben begged.
” They are all asleep, no one will hear us” Esther said as she tried to touch him again. Ben removed her hand gently saying ” you never can be that sure dear. We just can’t be too careful, can we?” Ben said
” You should have thought about this and arrange for an hotel” she said as tears dropped.
” I’m sorry darling, I’m so sorry” Ben comforted her.

They both lay down each pretending to be asleep.
Ben would have really booked an hotel where they would have been together undisturbed but he had spent a lot of money for the wedding. He had no job at the moment so he was just a little careful on spending the little he had saved.

” But come to think of it, why is Esther this troubled all because of s*x? Should I be worried? Is she truly a virgin in body and mind?” Many of these thoughts ran through Ben’s mind before he finally slept with his hands wrapped around his wife.

” I hope I have not been deceived? Is Ben really a man? Why have I kept my body for this night only to be disappointed?
Is this really happening? Is this how my much awaited wedding night will turn sour? Oh God, help your daughter cause I’m going nuts.” Esther thought

She looked at her husband and believed he was already sleeping. She became mad again but then controlled herself. She slept much later after which she had prayed for God to help her not to fall into temptation as a wife.

The couple woke up late, with Ben being the first. He quickly said his prayer and watched for a while how pretty his wife looked and planted a mild kiss on her lips. She opened her eyes to Ben’s wide smile but she returned it weakly. Ben apologized once again for the night and she confirmed it was alright.
Ben gave her a tight hug and she felt her n*****s hardened immediately. She also felt his protruded manhood pressed on her which gave a tingling feeling within her. Ben disengaged and went to the shower.
” Can we bath together?” Esther asked without thinking.
“You should say your prayers first” Ben replied from the bathroom disappointing Esther once again.

She remembered she hadn’t prayed so she began to do just that.
As she was praying, Ben returned from the bathroom with his towel wounded around his waist down. Esther lost focus and began to stir at her husband’s beautiful physique.
She looked from his hairy chest and stopped right at his pelvis. Part of her wished the towel would just fall off and she would be availed the opportunity to see the real Ben for the first time.
” In Jesus name you pray” Ben said bringing her to reality.
“Amen” she replied and they both laughed it off, although with some hidden thought about each other.

It was Esther’s turn to use the shower. She was almost touching herself as the sexual urge was almost impossible to control for her. She had never touched herself while single so what would be her reason even now that she is married. Impatience! God forbid!
She hurriedly wash her body and left the bathroom before she would do the unimaginable to herself.

With her almost too short towel barely covering her upper thighs, she began to cream her body slowly. She bent over to rub her leg revealing her lower bumbum to Ben who was behind her half dressed.
Ben couldn’t take her eyes off this beautiful body and imagined how succulent it will feel when touched.
” She’s my wife!”Ben thought as if unsure and moved close to her.
He touched her fresh and smooth thighs and confirmed it was truly pleasurable soft.
He continued touching her this time feeling all her butt.
Esther who was enjoying this greatly refused to stand up as she thought Ben might stop what he was doing to her body.
She soon began to wish Ben would take things faster and to the next level.
“Damnit! You’re just too slow” she almost blurted out as her back and legs now ache.
Still, the inexperienced Ben was just there rubbing her butt.
She wouldn’t blame him because he had no prior experience but then she didn’t have as well, or did she?

Esther thought she might fall off if not faint from this position and decided to take the bull by the horns.

She stood up slowly and let her towel fall off intentionally. She turned around to meet Ben’s jaw practically on the floor as he starred at her stunning body in unbelief.

Maybe because he had never seen a naked lady before or so, but Esther’s body was like the most beautiful sculpture he had ever seen.
Esther having made sure he allowed her take in a better view of her, she placed his arms around her and made them settled on her starked buttocks.
She pressed hard on him that she felt his already hardened manhood.

She began to run her hands on his body while stroking his n*****s at interval. This made him moaned softly and she continued. She made him bend over and began to kiss him, while she took his palms on her b****t.

Although, Esther wished he had taken charge but still she enjoyed what she was feeling especially the hotness in her vagina.
Ben began to man up and was pressing Esther’s n*****s hardly which left a bitter sweet feelings on her.

Just as their perfect moment was getting hotter, Ben’s mom knocked on the door.
“Latest couple, have you not had enough sleep? Get up now as your friends are waiting.” She said.
When she didn’t hear from the couple whose sexual ecstasy was disrupted, she continued knocking until Ben answered pretending sleepy.

” We can’t stop now” Esther said when she was sure his mother had left.
” We have to. I told you we can’t do it here, but you wouldn’t understand” Ben said as he now began dressing once again.
” Of course I understood, but we just got carried away” she defended.
” You got us carried away. And please, let’s stop talking about this as I have a journey to prepare for” Ben said flatly.

Esther was pissed at the way he sounded, blaming her for what they were both enjoying which wasn’t even sinful as they were both eligible for it.
Esther didn’t say a word but began to wear her dress and put out her bags together as they were all packed up already.

” I’m all set, when you are” Esther said the moment she was done and sat on the bed feeling and acting angry.
“Set?” Ben asked without looking at her angry face.
” Yes, set. Set for our journey to Lagos” she answered.

Ben looked at his wife and saw her angry face. He walked up to the bed and sat beside her with his hands across her shoulder.
Esther felt good as she was sure her husband had come to apologise.
She pouted her mouth like a baby waiting for her husband’s words of apology.

” I’m sorry darling, but you will have to stay back here with my parents as I have some stuffs to personally settle in Lagos” Ben uttered

To be continued…

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