Deception episode 13


Episode Thirteen

© Kemiliz Aiyemo Omotayo

Esther moved to her, lifted her short nightie and began to caress her bare butt.

“What are you doing sister?” Rachel asked as she turned her head and saw the lust on her sister’s face.

As if being possessed by the devil himself, Esther wasn’t moved by the questioning look on her sister’s face. She just needed to do something with her body, just to understand everything she’s been feeling.

” Nothing, I just want to be sure if your bumbum is soft as well. But it’s not” she lied.
” Ok. Now that you know, can you get your hands off me and stop looking like that” Rachel said and moved away.
” Stop that. Why are you making it seems I’m doing something bad? Your mind needs cleansing” Esther defended.
She wasn’t happy with how Rachel was acting. She had a boyfriend already, so why was she acting like she doesn’t want it?
” You are doing something wrong, and you know it. Stop justifying nonsense” Rachel shunned
“No I’m not” Esther said
“Yes you are” Rachel replied.

This is going badly for Esther. Why would Rachel be rigid when she’s been sexually active for God knows when. She really needed to get this done with tonight, that’s all she needs to heal the pains Ben had caused her.

” Can you please sit down let’s talk.” Esther said when Rachel was about to leave her room.
” Why should I? So you can s*x me right?” Rachel said angrily.
“Haba! How can you think less of me. I am your sister, your big sister and all I want to do is explain my self to you.” Esther convinced.
” Alright” Rachel said and jumped on the bed making her b****t to dangle.

Esther loved the view. Although she had nothing really to say, but it would be very stupid of her to let Rachel leave with her secret. She sat opposite her, ensuring she could get a very good view of her, her body.

Esther started by explaining how she recently couldn’t get hold of her body and that was the reason she couldn’t control herself with Ben the other time. She explained how the feelings was getting worst maybe because she was still a virgin.
” I’m going insane, I just can’t control it anymore” Esther said in tears.
Rachel became sorry for her, she moved closer to her and wipe off her face with the back of her palm.
Esther felt a slight touch of her hardened n*****s.

“Why was Rachel’s n*****s just getting hard like that?” She thought
Esther consciously made the tears roll more. She was glad to be getting her sister’s empathy and she was surely going to use it.
“It’s ok sister, just stop crying” Rachel comforted


Esther thought she heard Rachel asked her to come, but she was reluctant because she wasn’t sure.
“Come” Rachel said again as she pulled Esther’s hand to her fresh thigh.
She was so elated within but did well in concealing it. She didn’t want to do anything that would make her sister change her mind.

They were close enough but still Esther moved closer. She began to rub her sister’s thigh gently moving it upper and upper.
She thought for some seconds before placing her second hand on her b****t.
Damnit! It was so inviting.
Rachel didn’t object. She wasn’t really feeling it, but then she just wanted to help her big sister in her own little way.

Esther made her finger brushed pass her virginal and she let out a soft m**n.
It was obvious that Rachel was responding as Esther felt some fluid on her finger on continuous stroking.

“Touch me!” Esther pleaded and Rachel did obediently.
Esther began to m**n greatly with great ecstasy with every touch of her sister.

The fire was burning really hard in between her uppermost thigh and she longed for more touch. Esther let her take the lead as it was glaring she’s an expert in that field.
The pleasure was consuming as she longed for more.

She was dripping wet!

Just then, she felt Rachel’s fingers touching her vulva. She loved it at first, but then she heard herself saying stop.
Rachel didn’t stop and was kind of trying to look for a way into her.

” I said stop” Esther finally said with determination
” What? Why?” Rachel asked confused.
” I’m still a virgin and I’m going to be till my wedding night” Esther explained as she now taking the wheel from the devil who had control of her life until some seconds ago.

” You can’t stop now. I need to make you a woman then you can decide however you want your life to be” Rachel said disappointed but still touching her.
“I have stopped already, so get your hands off me and leave for your room, I won’t make you lead me into sin” Esther said with regret.

Rachel let out a loud laugh. She really didn’t understand the game her sister was playing.
” Who led who into sin?” She challenged

” I’m sorry I lead you on, I’m truly sorry. I didn’t know what came over me, but thank God I was able to free myself” Esther said.
” Stop saying sorry! Sorry doesn’t solve anything, you’re lost and you should just admit it” Rachel said angrily.
” I am not, i am still a child of God, that’s why He’s always giving me the grace to overcome the lust of the flesh” Esther defended.
” It’s too late sister, it’s too late for us. It’s because you’re having it with me, a girl that made you to stop. I wasn’t doing it the way you had really wanted. If it had been a man, I’m sure you would have been asking for more” she said.
” Stop that nonsense talk, you’re infuriating me already” Esther replied
” Really, let’s get this done with then” she said touching her thighs.

Esther slapped her hands off and she let out a low cry of pain.
” I will beat the hell out of you if you touch me again” Esther threatened and Rachel withdrew.

Just as Rachel was about to step out of her room, she said ” we are condemned already. The only difference is that I know and I accept it while you know but not wanting to.
she left and shut the door loudly behind her.

Rachel’s last statement kept ringing in her head. It was as if a force was trying to make her believe and accept it as well. While she was still thinking, her mother arrived which brought an abrupt stop to her thought.
She lied to her mother on why she couldn’t return to the shop and her mother believed her as always.
She helped her mother in the kitchen preparing the dinner for the family.
She left the kitchen when she heard her phone ring. Although she wished it was Ben. Just an apology from him will make her forgive him instantly.
She discovered it was one of her coursemates and they spoke at length.

Through out the cooking process, Rachel didn’t leave her room. She was tempted to go check up on her but decided to let her be.
She came out during the dinner and pretended to be asleep all through. She didn’t really eat her food before retiring to her room, shutting her self out again.

Esther read some scriptures in the Bible and prayed before she finally slept off.
The next day, she followed her mother to shop and was really helpful while Rachel went to school. Things went normal for three days, at least she was getting used to the fact that Ben is gradually becoming a history in her life.

On the fourth day, she had forgotten her phone in the house and had to return home to get it. She discovered that the door wasn’t locked indicating someone was in the house. She became scared thinking a burglar was there. She tiptoed to the back of the house and got a plank which was to be used on the intruder.

She opened the door gently ready for whoever had the guts to break into their home. She looked around and didn’t see nor hear anything strange.
She checked her parents room and then her room but nothing seems odd.
She walked past Rachel’s room to her brothers’ room, still found nothing.

She didn’t want to enter her sister’s room. They have been so disconnected ever since that incident.
She dropped the plank and then walked back to her room.

She thought she heard some mumbling from Rachel’s room and stopped to listen. She couldn’t pick anything up, but was sure something was definitely wrong.

She opened the door and saw Rachel in tears, quickly hiding something which she later learnt to be phone.

What could make Rachel to be crying at home in her school uniform? She even left for school before she and her mother left for the shop.
” What’s the problem” Esther managed to ask after standing for what looked like hours.
” Nothing” Rachel sniffed.
” You can’t tell me nothing. You’re here crying while you’re supposed to be in school, and you expect to believe your nothing? Please say something, I’m hear for you” Esther said trying to act calm.
” I will sort myself out” she replied
” I didn’t ask if you will sort yourself out or not, I just want to know what you want to sort out. I promise I won’t judge or condemn you” Esther said crossing her heart.
Rachel looked up to her sister and saw an assuring look on her face.
She looked down and almost silently she said, ” I am pregnant”

” What did you just say?” Esther asked. Even though she heard what her sister just said, she just coolvalstories hoped she would change her statement.

“You said you won’t judge me” Rachel said downcasted
” Why should I judge you for what i didn’t hear?” Esther asked in pretence.
” I said I’m pregnant” Rachel said a bit louder.

Esther really didn’t know what to say or do. She hasn’t found herself in this kind of situation before. But she can’t let her sister down, she’s the big sister and should act like one.
As she have nothing to say at the moment, she hugged Rachel who soon became uncomfortable with her long hug.

” Who’s responsible?” Esther asked after.
“I can’t tell. There’s no point in telling you since I’m going for abortion” Rachel replied with less care.

Esther coughed out in shock. Rachel is just 16 and hearing all this from her is unbelievable.
” You can’t terminate the baby, I won’t let you” Esther said.
” Really! What are you going to do to stop me?” Rachel asked
“As soon as I leave this place, I will tell mummy and who ever cares to listen of your intentions” Esther said
” I really thought I could count on you, now I know how wrong I am. I’m doing this and not even you can stop me” Rachel said on a final note.

Esther knew she had taken it the wrong way. She shouldn’t have spoken like that.

She calmed Rachel, who was now furious with her soft talk. She explained the dangers of abortion and promised her she won’t let out her secret until she’s able to come out with a definite solution.

Rachel agreed reluctantly but still wouldn’t tell on who impregnated her or how she became sexually active even at a tender age despite how Esther pestered her for the information.

” It’s now our secret, remember. If you tell on me, I won’t hesitate to tell the world what a bisexual being you are and also how you’ve been molesting me, your sister” Rachel threatened just as Esther was about to leave her room.

To be continued…

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