Clara the state governor’s daughter episode 52

*** #CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter) ***
Episode 52

Val’s side of the story continues from the previous episode

‘’ I don’t know where he is. You don’t find the devil, the devil finds you’’ Charles breathed, spitting out blood as he struggled to stand on his feet. His reply got me angry, yes very angry. Of course I knew he was trying to play smart.

‘’how many men were there? What did you see?’’ I asked.

‘’ I saw nothing. When my car took the hit I was knocked out and when I regained consciousness you showed up. I saw nothing and you have to let me go check out myself. You can see my men and I are in bad shape’’ he muttered quickly, looking around nervously. More police patrol units showed up that moment to take over the scene.

‘’you are coming with us to our office. You have a lot to answer my friend and you are going nowhere’’ I replied with a smile as I nodded to my two colleagues who quickly bundled him into our waiting truck while he struggled to free himself.

‘’this is not the end Val. You are abusing my rights and you will pay. Trust me’’ he protested.

I breathed deeply as I listened to his ranting. I sure knew there was a big battle ahead. I felt finding Clara would never be easy and could bring up a lot of hidden secrets or even more bloodshed.


Clara’s side of the story continues

I opened my eyes to find myself in a moving vehicle; I instantly tried to sit up but discovered that I was tightly tied up. Just that moment one of my captors drew close, smiled and placed a wet piece of cloth over my nose. I lost consciousness once again.

*New scene*

I slowly opened my eyes once more to find myself in a neatly furnished room. I wasn’t tied up this time and I couldn’t really tell how long I was out. I slowly sat up, feeling slight headache as the events of the day played back in my head bringing up tears in my eyes. Deep down I hoped that it was Charles that kidnapped me again but then I knew he had no hand in it this time.

‘’dear lord what is happening?, why are all these bad things happening to me? What have I done?’’ I sobbed as I wondered what my fate would be in the hands of my captors. I couldn’t think straight. I just didn’t know what to expect. Of course I was terribly terrified.

Minutes later, an old man with white beards walked into the room with a middle aged lady who was dressed like a nurse. The old man limped in one leg and carried a walking stick to aid his movement. He looked about sixty five years old or so.

I drew back with fear as I saw the two adults approached me.

‘’what do you want from me?’’ I screamed with all the energy I had left. The old man smiled

‘’finally I meet the adopted daughter of Imo state governor’’ he chuckled while my heart pounded furiously as I wondered the meaning of his words.

‘’I could be your biological father you know?’’ he added, licking his lips as he studied me.

‘’oh forgive my manners, you can call me Mr. Patrick but everyone calls me Donpatric, the most ruthless business man in the east’’ he introduced himself while I eyed him.

‘’dinner comes up at 7pm which is just few minutes away. Roselyn will check you out and help you to prepare’’ he added, nodded politely and headed out, leaving the nurse alone with me.

‘’please what’s happening? Why am I here?’’ I nervously cried, Roselyn drew close and sat on my bed.

‘’Madam I advice you stop crying and accept your fate here. Be nice to Donpatric so that your stay here will be okay. There is nowhere you are leaving this fortress without his approval. I advice you calm down madam’’ she advised seriously.


Few minutes later, I was led to the sitting room where I reluctantly joined Donpatric at the table.

‘’why am I here?’’ I bravely asked, as the housekeeper served my food.

‘’relax my dear; you know my castle has been very lonely and uneventful for quite some time now and it’s really a privilege having you around. These days I hardly go out. I’m confined in this house and that’s life. I have evaded the authorities for thirty five years and yes that’s quite a feat. Tomorrow morning we can go horse riding, hope you like horses?’’ he replied and asked, avoiding my question.

‘’please why am I here?’’ I asked once again

‘’when your fiancée came running to me, wanting to be a man, wanting to prove himself to his rich fat father, I took him in. I nurtured him. I made him a man. I made him very rich but one thing I asked him not to do in order not to implicate everyone in the family, he refused and went against the rules. Yes you are here my dear because of Charles and you are going to be here a long, long time. Your boyfriend is very ambitious. So brace yourself my dear’’ he finally answered with a smile while my heart froze as his words played over and over in my head.

‘’I know you have questions. I know you need answers to everything your parents has been hiding from you?. Just act like a good girl and I will act like your father okay?. Now eat your food’’ he commanded while I nervously stared at the food before me. Yes I wasn’t happy leaving for Paris with Charles but then I would have preferred being in Paris than being held captive by a strange man who claimed to know all.

To be continued.

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