Clara the state governor’s daughter episode 4

*** #CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter)
Episode 4

Val’s side of the story continues

‘’I hope you are not in need of anything?’’ Vivian asked as we exchanged glances.

‘’oh not at all. Thanks for your care’’ I breathed politely while she shrugged, leaving her eyes on me. We silently stared at each other for a while without saying anything. I couldn’t think out any topic to discuss with her and she on her own part looked as if she was hoping for me to start a conversation.

‘’tomorrow we will be moving down to the governor’s family house downtown. Clara will be receiving her friends and guests there. You know it’s against protocol for her friends to be coming here as they wish. So that’s why she decided it was better moving down to the other house to have the space and freedom she needs’’ Vivian finally informed me after noticing that I wasn’t ready to start up any conversation with her.

‘’very well. I’m ready for anything’’ I replied with a smile.

‘’good night then. We will be leaving by 12noon’’ she added, stood up, smiled at me and left the room while I fell back on my bed and breathed deeply.

9am, Sunday morning

I was busy checking out the car we were to make use of that day when a female “civil defense” officer walked up to me.

‘’someone wants to see you. He is waiting at the gate’’ she informed. I couldn’t help but stare at her curiously. It was with great effort that I refrained myself from telling her that she was mistaken because I clearly wasn’t expecting anyone.
Curiously I walked up to the gate to see one of the governor’s aides waiting for me. I was surprised and confused at the same time.

‘’hey my name is Joe, I’m not really sure if you know me?. I’m sorry for disturbing you this early but it’s a matter of urgency’’ the young man breathed as he led me to a quiet corner while I wondered the reason for all that. Of course I knew him well even though we had never spoken to each other prior to that moment.
He was no other person than the governor’s special assistant on youth matters. A young man of about thirty three years, very friendly and eloquent.

‘’I really need your help brother and I know this may come to you as a surprise but I can’t help it. You see I’m in love with Clara’’ he nervously breathed, shocking me with his words. I couldn’t even figure out how to react or what to say to him.

‘’I heard you guys are very close and that you will be with her at all times. Please I know this sounds weird but I will like you to be my eyes and ears. I simply want you to represent my interest. I really love this girl and you know what I mean’’ he added nervously.

‘’I understand you bro but what you are asking of me is a bit difficult and confusing. Clara is an adult and I don’t have much influence over her. Vivian her cousin should be the person to meet’’ I finally said to him.

‘’no you are a man just like me. Just keep it in mind, in due time you will see your role in this’’ he muttered with a smile while I shrugged.

‘’here take this small change. It’s just ten thousand naira. keep it’’ he said, fetching out a wad of currency notes from his pocket. I laughed deep inside. His gesture looked a bit desperate and stupid. Moreover I was an agent who was perhaps earning much more than him. But he didn’t know about that though.

‘’you shouldn’t bother about that. I will help you as long as your request isn’t a dangerous one. Just keep your money bro’’ I breathed politely, smiled and walked away.
I couldn’t help but wonder how many men were desperate to have the governor’s daughter. She was a hot catch quite alright.


later in the evening @the governor’s family residence.
Time: 9:30pm

Vivian and I sat on a small field at the back of the big mansion enjoying a very rich alcoholic wine together. It really wasn’t my idea to sit down there at the back of the house drinking and catching fun. It was all Vivian’s idea and I kind of obliged her since it was already dark and I had no other work to do that evening.

But the more she drank, the more I noticed the drink taking over her senses. She talked very freely while I behaved like a gentleman.

‘’so tell me, do you have a girlfriend?’’ she finally asked while I drew back a bit.
Yea that was a very sensitive question that always pinched me whenever someone asked me about it. I was well employed and good looking but unfortunately I wasn’t successful with women. I had to run away from the few female friends I had when I noticed that they were all interested in ripping me off than giving me the love I needed. I had to resign myself to the fate of being a bachelor with no girlfriend.

Perhaps because of the drink, perhaps because I felt free with her, I opened up. I told her I had no girlfriend not because I didn’t want one but because I was yet to find the person who would give me the love I needed without weighing me down problems and issues.
Vivian silently listened to all I said and when I was done, she said nothing which kind of made me feel that she was asleep or something. I had to lean forward to check out her face only to be held tightly by her as she gave me an unexpected kiss that shocked and left me trembling.

‘’Val’’ she breathed.

‘’noooo’’ I cautiously stammered, softly pushing her away. I was scared of hurting her but I just couldn’t help it.

To be continued

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