Clara the state governor’s daughter episode 31

*** #CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter) ***
Episode 31

one week later,
Clara’s side of the story continues

It’s now exactly one week after I got engaged to Charles yet I couldn’t stop thinking of Val. I had great need to confront him and hear his own side of the story but getting across to him was very impossible. No one was able to tell me anything about him, not even the security guys around. It was as if they had instructions not tell me anything about him. I also couldn’t understand how I lost his number I saved on my phone. When agent Jennifer returned my phone after the kidnap ordeal I discovered that his phone number wasn’t there anymore.

I was still busy with my thoughts when Charles walked in and squatted by my side. He observed me for some seconds before breathing deeply.

‘’you look worried my dear, what’s wrong?’’ he asked softly. I slowly returned his gaze.
It was the first time he was showing up after bringing me home the previous week. Yes we parted ways in an unfriendly manner and I had hoped he was going to stay away for sometime but he only stayed away for a week.
I breathed deeply.

‘’I’m thinking about val. I need to know how he is faring. I need to confront him. I need some kind of closure’’ I muttered strongly. He scoffed.

‘’why do you want to go through the pains of seeing him again huh?. That b.astard doesn’t deserve any consideration. I doubt if he is even still alive. I will investigate and get back to you’’ he promised while I stared at him with disbelief.

‘’are you serious?’’ I asked

‘’of course my dear, I will sacrifice anything for you to be happy. But promise me nothing is going to wound our relationship again’’ he replied quickly, grabbing my hand in an appealing gesture. I nodded in agreement. I just couldn’t make the promise with my mouth but I made it with my head and it seemed okay for him.

‘’I will try to find out the status of his health and get you to meet him if he’s still alive. But also promise me that after having the closer you desire with him that we are getting married by next month’’ he added, surprising me further. I instantly frowned and drew back while he quickly brought his lips forward and kissed me to prevent me from giving any reply to his last request. Unfortunately, his kiss only made me angrier.


Val’s side of the story continues
(Val , agent Jennifer and Val’s mum are seen settling down in his apartment. He looks very okay and healthy)


‘’I’m finally home’’ I breathed with great happiness as I looked around; of course I was so happy to be alive. I definitely was one hell of a lucky guy.

‘’yes you made a very quick recovery. You are such a lucky guy’’ Jennifer muttered excitedly.

‘’Thanks to you my daughter, I hope you will come over to the village in few days time so that I can prepare palm nut stew for you’’ my mother asked happily. It was so obvious that she and Jennifer were getting along very fine. The days they spent together at the hospital really made them bond very strongly.
Jenifer blushed, walked over to my mum and gave her a strong hug.

‘’I don’t know mum, with the look of things I might be returning to my base in Abuja very soon. My work in this town is almost over’’ she answered with a sad tone while my mum gave me a quick look as if she expected me to say or do something.

‘’should we go to my room and talk please?’’ I finally managed to ask Jennifer after a little hesitation. Of course there was really nothing special to say or discuss privately with her. I just made the invitation because I really didn’t know what else to say to her.

She simply nodded and came over to where I stood. I smiled, grabbed her hand and led her to my room.

As soon as we got to my room, I shut the door, turned and faced her. We said nothing to each other for some seconds as we stared at each other, and then suddenly we found ourselves kissing.
I really can’t say if I made the first move or not but then the kiss was so intense and passionate as if it was something we had been planning to do all along.
That moment, I couldn’t explain if it was love, lust or heat.


At that same time, Vivian is seen lying unconscious in a well equipped hospital room. An Indian nurse is seen sitting by her side and watching over her, suddenly she opens her eyes and coughs. The nurse springs up with great excitement and runs out to call the doctor on duty.

‘’ वह जाग रहा है (vah jaag raha hai) (she’s awake)’’ she screams in Hindi.

To be continued

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