Clara the state governor’s daughter episode 45

*** #CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter) ***
Episode 45

Clara’s side of the story continues
10am, next day

I was busy going through a fashion magazine I got from mum’s room when I heard someone knock and enter my room. I turned to see Charles smiling like an angel. As usual he was well dressed in a well fitting black suit like he always does. He equally was holding a small customized bag. I seized my breath for some seconds as I tried to compose myself.

‘’my love I missed you. It’s been quite a while. Oh you look so pale gracious me’’ he breathed, sat on my bed, dropped the bag, kissed my hand and equally pecked me. I couldn’t help but shiver as I wondered the king of guy he really was. He was such a good actor, so perfect and convincing. I also couldn’t help but notice that he polished his approach towards me a little more.

‘’of course why shouldn’t I look pale?. My parents want me to stay a whole year here doing nothing while I’m dying to go back to the U.S. I can’t take it anymore’’ I softly replied. He smiled and brought up the bag he came with.

‘’there are many places I could have taken you to but you have been very uptight towards me. I had plans to make your stay very comfortable here but you kind of preferred being with other people than being with me. Anyway I got these stones for you direct from The House of Tiffany’’ he muttered with a smile, fetching out a pave diamond bangle bracelet from the bag. I stared at him not exactly knowing what to say. The gift was really super enticing with its flawless dimensional designs. He smiled as he noticed the interest in my eyes, reached into the bag once again and brought out a small box which he quickly opened, revealing a shiny basket weave bracelet and a heart pendant with my name embedded fancily. Of course I knew they cost him a fortune to get and I had a tough time contemplating whether to accept them or not.

‘’they are all for you my dear, and yes I have a whole lot more surprises’’ he added while I dropped my eyes.

‘’thank you Charles but you shouldn’t have gotten all these for me because I don’t need them. What if I refuse to accept?’’ I asked softly.

‘’hmmmm no you got to accept my dear, it will be unladylike of you to reject such splendid gifts’’ he pushed on.

‘’thanks’’ I forced out a smile. He heaved a sigh of relief, drew close and kissed my hair.

‘’I have talked to your dad about the traditional marriage rites. You have nothing to worry about. You don’t even need to be present. It’s just between your family and mine’’ he added while I drew back with a frown.

‘’what again my dear?’’ he asked, looking surprised.

‘’nothing, nothing I’m okay’’ I stammered and got out of the bed, backing him.

‘’I heard Vivian is back?. I also heard that she’s still not a hundred percent okay?’’ he asked while I closed my eyes, breathed deeply, turned and faced him.

‘’yes I think someone is trying to frame her up or kill her’’ I replied, studying his reaction but he gave out nothing away. He just only appeared surprised.

‘’seriously someone is trying to frame her?’’ he asked. I shrugged.

‘’’let’s go see her please after seeing her we will go check out the new house I bought’’ he added. I shrugged once again and led him to Vivian’s room where the poor girl had a hard time acting cool.

Charles acted as if he knew nothing about the whole issue, and asked lots of prying questions like a detective. He even offered to call the state police commissioner. I couldn’t help but imagine what was going through his head. I also couldn’t help but imagine how he would have acted supposing we confronted him with my mother. Of course I knew he was well prepared for any scenario and probably played along with us. Moreover with Vivian’s tape he could get Val in jail any time he wanted and Vivian’s creditability and sanity could be questioned if she tries to speak out. Just like Val, she was really in a very big mess without realizing it. Yes she played into his hand very easily if all she told me was really the truth.

After talking with Vivian, Charles virtually dragged me to his new house, a very spacious mansion I knew cost him a fortune.

‘’yes I paid for this house with my own money’’ he boasted as he took me round the house.

‘’you know I still can’t point out exactly what you do for a living other than running errands for your father. So are you telling me you bought this house from the salary you earned from working with him?’’ I asked while for the first time I got him a bit uncomfortable. He kind of frowned before forcing out a smile as he led me to the spacious master bedroom where he instantly grabbed me, kissing my neck. At first I thought it was just a harmless play but unfortunately he wouldn’t let me go, instead he reached for my bosoms while I struggled to be free.

‘’come on you are my wife already, why the struggle’’ he breathed as he strongly tried to go on with his sexual play but I fought back.

‘’why are you this way my love?, I have done everything possible to make you happy. What else do you want from me?, why can’t you give me your body, heart and soul?. I beg of you my love, tell me what else you need?’’ he breathed as he tried holding me to his chest. Luckily for me, his phone rang that moment; he cursed, drew away from me and picked up his call.

‘’oh dear please wait for me, I will be back shortly’’ he instantly begged and hurriedly left the room while I heaved a sigh of relief, arranged my hair and headed to the door to leave. But as soon as I opened the door I came face to face with a six foot plus lady who kind of surprised me with her presence.

‘’good day madam Clara , my name is Celine and I’m Mr. Charles personal secretary and assistant. He sent me to get his briefcase’’ the tall lady breathed politely while I left my eyes on her face as I tried to remember where I once saw the face.
Slowly it flashed into my head. She was the tall lady I saw at the gate of All Seasons hotel the evening Vivian was drugged. Yes I easily noticed her that fateful evening because of her extraordinary height.

To be continued

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