Clara the state governor’s daughter episode 2

*** #CLARA (The State Governor’s daughter) ***
Episode 2

An hour later,

Agent mike and I arrived at the governor’s lodge. I was super excited and nervous at the same time. I knew my new assignment had lots of benefits and risks as well. I really didn’t know what the future had for me but yes I was so ready for my new assignment.

‘’please don’t screw this up. It’s my job and yours that are on the line here. This assignment is a very difficult one I know but make sure you are focused and make use of the training you got. Be focused and never lose guard’’ Agent mike advised as we got out of his car while I nodded quickly like a new student.

I was led straight to the governor’s sitting room where the governor’s wife was anxiously waiting for us. The smile on her face clearly showed how happy she was to see me. We barely had settled down before the governor joined us.
(We all stood up to greet the governor who surprisingly offered his hand for a handshake).

‘’here is agent Val sir. He is the best agent for the job’’ agent mike addressed the governor who left his eyes on me for few seconds.

‘’you look very familiar young man. Have we met before?’’ he asked curiously. I nervously nodded.

‘’yes sir, before the governorship election, I was among the agents that cleared you when you showed up at our office’’ I answered.

‘’ah no wonder, I guess you have been briefed on the nature of your new assignment?. My daughter Clara isn’t an easy person to deal with. You need to be enduring and very smart to deal with her. She may not want you by her side but always find a way to be at her side. I can’t allow her to move around on her own like she does in U.S. Please protect her for me’’ he pleaded, smiled and left us without another word while his wife who had been silent all along cleared her throat.

‘’you will have everything you need provided for. Just make sure you keep my daughter safe. You will pick her up at the airport by 4pm’’ she said softly as young beautiful girl walked in on us, smiling pleasantly.

‘’yes meet Vivian. She’s the daughter of my husband’s brother and she’s equally very close to my daughter Clara. She will assist you in getting close to my daughter. She knows everything about your assignment. She will also go with you to the airport this evening. Consider her your partner’’ she calmly introduced the young lady who quietly sat beside her.


Minutes later, I returned to my apartment in town to pick up few things and equally prepare myself for the new assignment. I really didn’t have enough time to mentally prepare for the job but deep down I felt it was going to be dangerously fun and a great experience. Vivian looked like a nice and understanding lady and I couldn’t help but wish that the governor’s daughter could be at least half understanding as her.

I nervously prepared, got my stuffs ready and headed back to the governor’s lodge where Vivian was dutifully waiting for me. The smile on her face as our eyes met was enough to put silly ideas into my head but I quickly shut it out of my mind because I knew perfectly well the risks involved in having silly ideas.

By 3:30pm, we headed to the airport. I did the driving while Vivian sat beside me asking lots of curious questions which I answered calmly. There wasn’t any doubt she was a very friendly person and the way she related to me made me very much relaxed.

‘’so is there anything else I need to know about Clara?’’ I kind of asked as we approached the airport.

‘’hmmmm well, she’s a very difficult person to be with but believe me she can equally be very friendly and jovial whenever she feels like. She takes time in choosing her friends and I pray she accepts you, if not her dad won’t have any other choice than to look for your replacement. She also has tons of admirers which doubled since her dad became the state governor. You know she’s a very good catch’’ she answered freely while I smiled.

‘’so how long have you been an agent?’’ she asked.

‘’just a year and few months’’ I answered.

‘’I never knew the department has young fine guys like you’’ she complemented while I blushed.



After waiting for almost an hour, the plane we were expecting finally landed, bringing our nervous wait to an end. I couldn’t help but make the sign of the cross as we waited to Clara to show up.

‘’are you nervous?’’ Vivian asked with a smile.

‘’not really ‘’ I lied. She offered her hand which I took.

‘’just relax’’ she breathed with concern before pointing at the girl we came to pick up.

‘’here she is’’ she added excitedly.


We soon met up with Clara who hugged Vivian happily before nodding at me as she probably wondered who I was.

‘’I hope he isn’t security?’’ she asked Vivian with a smile.

‘’no, he’s a family friend. Does he look like a security guy?’’ Vivian answered while Clara laughed.

‘’he doesn’t look like security but I haven’t seen him before. Have we met before?’’ she asked me.

‘’oh my name is Val, a family friend. The last time we met was years ago when we were still very little. I think we were still in primary school back then’’ I lied like Vivian earlier advised and of course Clara bought it.

‘’oh val. Hmmmm nice name. hope you will be as sweet as your name?’’ she joked, making me a bit relaxed with her playful nature as we exchanged glances while Vivian rolled her eyes as she listened.

‘’I hope you are not hitting on him because he is mine?’’ Vivian finally added, while Clara laughed.

‘’of course not my dear, I’m not’’ she playfully answered as I helped her carry her big travel bag.

Deep down I couldn’t help but wonder if Vivian meant her words or was just playing around. Yes as a young guy, silly ideas always tend to get into my head.

Only time will tell.

To be continued

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