Clara the state governor’s daughter episode 29

*** #CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter) ***
Episode 29

Val’s side of the story continues at the same time Charles knelt down to propose to Clara

I suddenly woke up from a seemingly terrible nightmare, springing up with great energy as if I was being pursued by a vampire while agent Jenifer who was surprisingly sitting by my side held me back strongly. I stared at her with surprise before taking a calm look round me. I instantly noticed that I was in a hospital.

‘’what happened?’’ I stammered as I felt a sharp pain in my head.

‘’thank God you are awake. I will have to inform the nurses on duty. You have been out since Monday and today is Saturday’’ she said with a smile, stood up and left the room.
I fell back on my bed as everything that happened on Monday slowly flashed back in my head. I couldn’t believe I survived Charles’s brutal attack. It was a miracle. I had a lot to tell Jenifer, I had a lot to learn from her concerning Vivian. But unfortunately as my memory returned, so did the pain I felt all over me increase. It soon became too much to bear.
I strongly fought it back as I waited for Jenifer to return, equally wondering at the same time if Vivian actually survived the onslaught or not. I couldn’t help but play back in my head how she was brutally stabbed while I did nothing to save her. .

Agent Jennifer and two nurses soon came in.

‘’how are you feeling Mr. Val?’’ one of the nurses asked.

‘’I feel pains all over me’’ I answered as the second nurse arranged a needle and syringe which she expertly used on me.

‘’how is Vivian?’’ I managed to ask Jennifer.

‘’she’s fine’’ she replied with a faint smile.

‘’that b.astard tried to kill us. Charles attacked Vivian and I in my house. I need to kill that b.astard’’ I muttered drowsily as the drugs injected on me took over my body. I was soon asleep once again and I really had no time to neither see the expression on Jenifer nor know if she believed me or not. Of course I knew the more time wasted to get Charles could make him bolder and more dangerous.


Clara’s side of the story continues

‘’will you marry me Clara?’’ Charles asked again as sweat instantly drenched his entire body. I never noticed I already spent enough time to give my response. The whole hall was just dead quiet. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through everyone’s mind. I hated Charles for what he was doing to me. There was supposed to be an agreement between us before pulling such stunt. No matter how surprising a lady might look when being prosped to, it’s never entirely surprising to her the way she makes it to appear to be because one way or the other she must have made plans with her man but in my own case there was no such plans hence my pure surprise and confusion. We weren’t even dating for Christ sake and I knew turning him down would turn a whole lot of friends against me. He just used the perfect opportunity to try pinning me down. I understood what he was doing. I understood the desperation and fear in him. I saw no clear way out of it all. Accepting him would make everyone happy but how about me?.

‘’please will you marry me?’’ he asked once again, this time around it looked as if he was almost close to tears. The fear in his eyes was so revealing. I knew he wouldn’t be able to live with the embarrassment if I turned him down in such a place. I pitied him. My heart kind of melted. I didn’t want him to be the victim of a public disgrace. I had to save his pride even if it was going to cost me a whole lot. I forced out a smile and was surprised to see tears form in my eyes. I knew it wasn’t tears of joy. I believe it was tears of confusion or something else. I was under pressure to accept him and I did.

‘’’yes yes I will marry you’’ I finally breathed while claps and shouts filled the air as Charles heaved a sigh of relief, drew close, softly entered the ring on my finger, kissed and hugged me.

‘’thank you Clara for making me a man, thank you for not disgracing me’’ he breathed.

‘’we need to talk’’ I whispered back. Of course we had a lot to talk. We had a lot to sort out.

‘’Is Charles really for real or am I actually following a path that would turn to misery and pain?’’ I asked myself. Yes as a lady I had this double feeling I couldn’t explain.

To be continued

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