Clara the state governor’s daughter episode 9

*** #CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter)
Episode 9

Clara’s side of the story from the previous episode

There was no denying I liked val. I felt at peace whenever I was with him and he kind of had this innocent smile that always melted my heart anytime we were together. Charles was just the exact opposite of him and I couldn’t help but wish Val was in his position.
Perhaps because of his wealthy background Charles had this proud nature I resented. He believed he was better than everyone and I merely tolerated him because of his family. But then seeing him confront Val at his own birthday party really made me snap, I lost all control as I attacked him like a wounded lion. Yes of course I was equally surprised with myself. I never knew where the courage or spirit came from. Of course in the end I regretted reacting so harshly but then there was nothing I could do to reverse it, moreover it was a good opportunity I used in putting Charles in his place.

Early Friday morning
I was preparing hot tea in the kitchen when I heard Charles’s voice calling me out from the gate. At first I felt like ignoring him but later changed my mind and headed to the gate to meet him. I was a bit nervous as I headed to the gate because I really didn’t know how to face him after what happened the previous evening.
Charles on his own part smiled as soon as his eyes fell on me while I kept a straight face.

‘’come on my queen, I never believed you would act the way you did yesterday but I’m sorry for everything. I agree, I’m a j**k and I promise I won’t misbehave again. Please’’ he apologized quickly, surprising me with his action. Yes he was a guy that hardly apologized over anything and I really was taken aback with his apology.

‘’I’m also sorry for how I acted yesterday. I overdid it. I’m sorry’’ I softly apologized. His eyes lit up with hope, he quickly hugged me.

‘’but we have to set one thing straight’’ I added, breaking free from him.

‘’what’s it?’’ he asked curiously.

‘’I don’t know what gave you the impression that we are dating. We are very close friends and that’s it. Please you are not my boyfriend’’ I softly said, taking a step backwards as I noticed his mood quickly change.

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‘’what do you mean by that?, we have gone out many times, we have shared secrets and been together for years now. Oh or is it because I respected you and never forced myself into getting intimate with you?. Dam.n I’m now the fool right?’’ he barked, frightening me with the look on his face.

‘’you have to learn how to control your temper or maybe you should take anger management classes. You easily flare up and that’s a big turn off to me. I’m heading back to my state tomorrow. Please don’t disturb me again’’ I managed to say before heading back into the compound and shutting the gate on him.
He banged on the gate for few minutes while I ran to my room to calm down.

Just like I said earlier, supposing he was a little bit calm and quiet like Val, perhaps we could have been planning our future together. I wouldn’t have hesitated in getting serious with him because it was something that would benefit our families but he looked too strong for me and he was just like the type of guy who would end up killing me in his house. Yes he was a great friend but I was scared of him at the same time. The only difference this time around was that I now had the courage to shout back at him.
As I settled on my bed, I couldn’t help but play back all the words he said to me, more especially the comment he made about holding himself from taking advantage of me. Yes I was lucky I escaped that and it was probably because I wasn’t very much around due to my studies in the states.

‘’are you okay?’’ I soon heard Val ask as he peeped into my room.

‘’yes come sit with me’’ I invited him with a smile.


Val’s side of the story continues from the last scene above

‘’I watched from my room as you went out to talk with Charles’’ I said softly as I sat beside her. She rolled her eyes and laughed.

‘’It didn’t end well right?’’ I asked curiously.

‘’no it didn’t. I’m tired of that guy seriously’’ she breathed.

‘’you said he isn’t your boyfriend but I’m very curious, have you ever been in any other relationship?’’ I asked.

‘’mmmm yes, I have been in two relationships actually. The first was when I was still a teenager; you know how we get all fired up at that age. It didn’t end well and the second one was even more devastating. I lost my virginity for nothing. Afterwards I decided to forget everything about relationships and ever since then the only male friend I had was Charles because he was more of a family friend’’ she explained softly.

‘’so tell me, how do you feel about me. I noticed how you always stare at me, you hardly let me out of your sight?’’ she suddenly asked, taking me by surprise with the question.

‘’to be sincere, I have a very big crush on you but I know that’s all I can ever get. We are not of the same level. A gateman can only dream of marrying his master’s daughter. I’m too broke’’ I answered with a smile.

‘’what gave you the impression that relationships only work when wealth is involved?. Money is needed though but it’s just like salt needed to sweeten a relationship. You have to have all the other ingredients ready before the salt’’ she muttered as she drew closer to me. I swallowed hard as I fought back the urge, passion and desire in me. I badly wanted her. I badly wanted to hold her face and make promises but I just couldn’t. I knew I could lose it all in the end. I remembered my poor mother at home, my family. I swallowed hard and looked down.

‘’I like you Val, you shouldn’t look down on yourself. You shouldn’t be scared of anything’’ she suddenly whispered in my ear. I brought up my eyes to meet her gaze and this time around, a force greater than the fear in my heart pushed me into kissing her.

To be continued

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