Clara the state governor’s daughter episode 53

*** #CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter) ***
Episode 53

*new scene* opens showing Charles seated across a table facing senior special agent Bola at the DSS office. Agent Val is seen standing behind the senior agent.

Val’s side of the story continues
‘’you know I really thought I was brought in here for questioning over the attempt on my life and my fiancée’s disappearance but I’m very surprised that all you guys care about right now is the huge amount of money found in my house. This is ridiculous. This is the height of irresponsibility. I don’t think keeping my hard earned money in my house is a crime. I’m not a government employee. I’m not a public office holder and you are not the EFCC for Christ sake. I don’t owe you guys any explanation and if you don’t find my fiancée before the next hour I will be the one to sue you guys’’ Charles threatened confidently as senior agent Bola brought up the money laundering charge. There wasn’t any doubt he was having a hard time with Charles. Yes the department already knew holding him over the huge amount of money found stashed in his house wasn’t going to hold ground unless we could get the required evidence to link the money with drugs. We merely used the money laundering charge to detain him for questioning but by the look of things he was way smarter and intelligent than we thought.

‘’you know this man?’’ agent Bola softly asked, pushing forward the sketch of Donpatric to him. He stared at the drawing for some seconds while we anxiously waited for his reply because we knew we could hold him on it, either way his reply went.

‘’hmmmm I’m not saying anything anymore till my lawyer gets in here’’ he finally answered, folding his hands and dashing our hopes.

‘’your fiancée’s life could be in danger Mr. Charles and you are here trying to play mind games with us. You better cooperate; nothing is going to stop you from going down. So do the honorable thing by talking to us and possibly saving the life of your woman. I hope you know she’s the governor’s daughter; moreover we already have very strong confession from one of your people and we have strong reason to believe that you know how to find your attackers. Everything is all linked up to the money, the man on this drawing and your shady dealings’’ agent bola pushed on while he scoffed.

‘’the more you are wasting my time asking irrelevant questions, you are putting my fiancée in harm’s way. If you really have everything you need against me, why questioning me then. Simply take me to court and charge me’’ he replied scornfully, leaving agent Bola with no choice than to bang his fist on the table in frustration. Out of anger he got up and left the room. I quickly followed him.

Just outside the room, the state director was waiting with a frown on his face.

‘’I just got a call from headquarters. I’m afraid we will have to let him go. We have his travel documents and money. He won’t be going anywhere’’ he said to agent Bola who breathed deeply and shrugged.

‘’you can handle that Val’’ he ordered and walked away while I headed back to the room to meet Charles who was all smiles.

‘’I guess the senior agent won’t be coming back. Am I free to go now?’’ he asked

‘’yes you can leave but we will keep your money and travel documents. Mind you we are watching your every move’’ I replied with a fake smile.

‘’okay I guess I will have to come back for my money. Seriously you guys don’t know that some things are bigger than your payroll. As for you Val, be careful with how you interfere in my business’’ he threatened and stood up.


Vivian’s side of the story continues
The news of Clara’s kidnap blew in like the harmattan wind late that fateful morning. At first I couldn’t believe it but after dialing Clara’s number which failed to connect I just didn’t know what to make of it. A part of me felt it was one of Charles’s tricks.
I nervously waited for more news like a patient rat waiting for nightfall.

Few hours later, Charles’s walked into the house and headed straight to the sitting room where Clara’s mother has been all morning with some of her friends. I sighed as I watched him from my room window, wondering whether to confront him or not. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long before the first lady and Charles climbed the stairs and headed to the sitting room upstairs which was a bit close to my room. I quickly left my room and headed out to eavesdrop. Fortunately the sitting room door was very much open, giving me the opportunity to even peep on the two adults who were seriously discussing.

‘’don’t worry mum, I will get your daughter back. I promise you that. I’m sure Donpatric has her and I just pray the old man doesn’t open his dirty mouth to tell her everything. The man is really a pain in the neck and we will have to get rid of him or else he could end up blowing out a lot of things and smearing our dear governor’s image’’ he assured the first lady.

‘’what exactly does he want?. We haven’t heard from him for ages. My husband broke up ties with him long before joining politics. Charles are you really sure this has nothing to do with you or your business with him?’’ she asked him seriously while I listened and watched.
Charles poured himself a shot of whiskey, breathed deeply and faced the worried woman.

‘’I will get your daughter back her Excellency. I will get rid of Donpatric once and for all before he destroys everyone of us’’ he assured her while my heart froze with great fear.

‘’what exactly is going on????’’ I pondered over and over.

To be continued

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