Clara the state governor’s daughter episode 25

*** #CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter) ***
Episode 25

Val’s side of the story continues

After enjoying the delicious meal Vivian brought me, I regained enough strength to joke and play with her. But as soon as the clock stuck 8:15pm, I knew it was time to ask her to leave. Of course I was still reasoning with my head instead of my and no matter how tempting her offer of spending the night at my apartment looked. I knew it was something I would end up regretting the next day.

‘’Thanks so much for the meal, you are really a life saver but please don’t bother spending the night here with me. I’m very fine on my own moreover I need to be alone to think over my life and the way forward’’ I finally managed to say to her with a smile. She slowly frowned and tried to insist.

‘’I offered to stay here with you from my heart. You don’t have to ask me to leave. I’m a big girl. You have nothing to worry about’’ she pushed on, trying to sound innocent and cool but I knew deep down things really weren’t as she said. And seriously I wanted to be alone to think over my life just like I earlier told her.

I stood up, drew close to her and rested my hands on her shoulders, caressing them softly.

‘’my dear I really wish to be alone tonight. I have some things to figure out and you being here won’t give me the space I need. I appreciate everything you did today but please I want to be alone’’ I begged. She reluctantly shrugged and stood up.

‘’very well then, let me pack up my things’’ she finally accepted with a smile while I heaved a sigh of relief.


At exactly 8:45pm, I led her to the door but on opening it we both saw Charles smiling devilishly. It was just as if he had been standing there for long. You can’t imagine the shock I felt. It was just as if I was facing a ghost. It looked so unbelievable and unreal. It was as if my eyes were playing games with me. I couldn’t believe a guy every security agent was looking for was standing right in front of my apartment as if everything was fine with him.

Before I could react, Vivian fell back on me, holding her stomach and gasping while Charles grinned as he stepped closer. I never realized he was holding a knife. I never saw it coming. I didn’t realize on time that Vivian fell back on me because she was stabbed. It really happened so fast moreover the doorway was a bit dark for one to notice much and before I could process everything, toss Vivian to a corner and defend myself, I felt a sharp pain on my stomach.
Charles wasted no time in stabbing me. He grabbed the opportunity without the slightest hesitation. He was just a man on mission.

I tried to hold myself and fight back but he was very much ready. He stabbed me over and over in the abdomen, forcing me down on my knees as I slowly hit the floor.

I gasped for breathe as I tried to sit up while he focused his attention on Vivian who was struggling to get on her feet. He reached for her, stabbing her multiple times on the back before throwing her body on me.

‘’you shouldn’t have come between Clara and i. you tried to destroy my hopes, my investment, my life. You turned me into this. I’m not proud of this dirty game but I have to do this to save my own And to you Vivian, you shouldn’t have been here tonight. I never knew the b—–d was f– you and your cousin at the same time’’ he breathed as I fought with great energy to keep my eyes from shutting down.

‘’now please hold this knife for me’’ he added with an evil smile as he forced the weapon to my right hand. I was too weak to do anything.

‘’when the police eventually find your bodies tomorrow, They will quickly come to the conclusion that you Val came home very depressed and took it out on your girl who came to be with you. After stabbing her, you realized what you did and stabbed yourself. With the news Clara will confirm that you were never what she thought you were and it will give me the opportunity to reclaim my love. She will realize that I kidnapped her just to save her from you and not to harm her. good night Mr. Val’’ he added with an evil grin, pulled off the hand gloves he was wearing, tossed them into his jacket and left the room without another word.

I saw death before me once again. It was as if I was destined to die young. However the mistake Charles made was not making sure I was dead before leaving the house. Perhaps he wanted me to slowly bleed to death. The other thing I was equally yet to figure out was if he now knew that I was a federal agent.
Anyway I managed to crawl to the table where I left my phone and quickly dialed Jenifer’s number with my last strength.

‘’help’’ I breathed and collapsed.

To be continued

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