Clara the state governor’s daughter episode 41

*** #CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter) ***
Episode 41

Vivian’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode

‘’I guess I will have to leave you two alone. Let me go get something downstairs’’ I softly muttered after watching the two adults struggle for a while on the bed like kids. None of them said a word to me. I smiled, fetched my phone which was under the pillow and headed downstairs to the bar. On getting to the bar, I checked my phone and was surprised to see ten missed calls from Charles. My heart instantly froze as great fear struck me.

I couldn’t help but call him back after regaining a little composure but unfortunately he failed to pick my calls and after the tenth attempt I dropped my phone and ordered for drinks. I wanted to get drunk and forget my fears. Up to that moment I still couldn’t tell if I made the right decision or not by telling Clara truth.
By the look of things she was very much interested in making up with Val than caring for my well being and safety. I knew what Charles was capable of and I couldn’t help but fear the worst.

Clara’s side of the story continues from Vivian’s room

Yes I really was very surprised to see Val with Vivian when I walked into her hotel room that fateful evening. I thought she had invited me for a private chat, hence my great surprise in seeing Val there with her. However the explanation she gave and things that followed afterwards kind of changed my feelings, my mood and everything. I wasn’t expecting something like that to happen and somehow I found myself blaming Val for my own mistakes.

Of course we ended up fighting or should I say struggling on Vivian’s bed, leaving the poor girl with no choice than to leave the room for us.

‘’what’s your problem Val’’ I finally managed to ask Val as I broke free from him. My body was really on fire. My ni.pples stood erect and my heart p******g furiously like a virgin who just got her first kiss. My body was just on the verge of expulsion. Of course I missed his touch, kiss, se.x and breathe. I missed everything about him but as a woman I perfectly hid my feelings and reacted as if he was trying to take advantage of me.

‘’I don’t get you. You made the first move. You slapped me. I don’t understand you’’ he stammered, breathing heavily. I scoffed, eyed him and stood up.

‘’I’m sorry for hitting you. I guess I now have to face Charles on my own. He’s now my problem’’ I muttered, not exactly knowing what else to say.

‘’what do you plan doing?’’ he quickly asked.

‘’I really don’t know yet. But I guess the right thing is to act as if I heard nothing till I get enough evidence to use on him. I can’t cancel our wedding just like that. That will put Vivian in grave danger’’ I answered and shrugged.

‘’no you can’t do that. You can’t go back to him. He’s a monster’’ Val instantly screamed.

‘’and why is that a problem to you. You told me you don’t care anymore’’ I fired at him. He breathed deeply, stood up and drew close to me.

‘’even if I don’t care anymore, that isn’t enough for you to risk everything by still being with him. What if he rapes and gets you pregnant. He’s a master schemer’’ he pushed on, holding my hands. I trembled before his touch. My legs shook. I just didn’t understand my body that period. His touch, his presence, everything from him was just crazily turning me on.

‘’I can’t break up with him like that. You know Charles, I can’t just end everything without a very good reason and evidence. Just go on with your life and let me be. It’s my life and happiness we are talking about and not yours’’ I painfully muttered, snatched my hand from his grasp and headed to the door.

‘’let’s do this together. I can’t let you do this alone. I still care. I want you back’’ I finally heard him say, stopping me with his words. I turned to face him with eyes filled with tears of relief. I needed nothing but a deep passionate love making from him that moment. I needed his breathe, his arms, his manhood inside me. My heart froze as he drew closer, kissed and grabbed me by the waist.

‘’oh Val stop’’ I weakly pretended to fight him off, but just like I expected my pleas only encouraged him. The next second we were back on Vivian’s bed, shamelessly making love. The heat of passion between us was so strong that we cared for nothing. We never cared that we were in Vivian’s room; we never even cared to use protection on the quickie that followed.

Val’s side of the story continues

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I really wasn’t expecting to see Clara that fateful day, talk more of playing romance with her. I equally was very much surprised with myself for going back to her. Perhaps my feelings for her were stronger than I thought. I just fell for her by the slightest touch.
I really don’t know whether to be ashamed or proud of the situation I found myself. Yes sometimes matters of the heart can’t just be explained.

Meanwhile at the hotel bar, Vivian is seen busy gulping down alcohol like someone whose world just crashed. There wasn’t any doubt she was ready for the worst.

30 minutes later, she is seen inside one of the hotel toilets ( close to the bar), Surprisingly kneeling on the floor and muttering incoherent words like someone more under the influence of hard drugs than alcohol …
How she got to the toilet, no one could tell
what could be wrong??

To be continued

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