Clara the state governor’s daughter episode 44

*** #CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter) ***
Episode 44

Clara’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode

‘’you know what, just forget about questioning Charles. I will deal with it my own way please’’ I suddenly begged surprising my mother who stared at me suspiciously.

‘’what do you mean by that?, what do you plan doing?’’ she asked quickly while I smiled to calm her down.

‘’nothing mother, just don’t ask him anything, moreover you don’t expect him to own up, do you?’’ I replied breathlessly.

‘’you can’t expect me to keep quiet after all I just heard. Since you are sure that Charles isn’t what he claims to be, allow me to confront him’’ she pushed on while I shook my head in disagreement. Luckily her personal assistant walked into the room before our argument could heat up and informed her that the director of state services and his wife were waiting for her in the living room. I instantly stood up as if I was the person they came to see while my mother gave me another suspicious look.

‘’what’s the matter?’’ she asked.

‘’nothing mum, just leave Charles for me’’ I breathed and ran to the living room.

It really was as if God touched the director’s heart, making him show up at the house by that crucial hour. Of course his presence saved me the stress of going to his office. Yes I badly needed to see him just like Val advised. I was told he was a good man.
I had no difficulty dragging the surprised man to Vivian’s room where he listened to all Vivian had to say.

‘’are you really sure Mr. Charles did all these?. How can one man be so ruthless and still appear like a gentleman at the same time?’’ the old man queried with an excited tone.

‘’we dropped the file we had on him when he kidnapped you months back miss Clara because your father wasn’t willing to push on with the case but with the story I just heard, I guess we have to do something fast’’ he added thoughtfully

‘’anyway I think the police should be better in handling this present case. Have you guys informed the state police commissioner yet?’’ he asked

‘’no and that’s the problem. Charles’ has very big connections in the police department. They are his buddies and there isn’t anyone we can trust than you. Agent Val specifically told us to meet you’’ I pushed in.

‘’hmmm agent Val, why is that guy always coming up in everything concerning this family?. Assuming every other agent assigned to the governor is behaving like him I doubt if the department will still be inexistence’’ he muttered to himself while I seized my breath as I watched him.

‘’anyway I will invite Val to my office to talk to him’’ he promised, smiled and left.

‘’do you really think he will help us?’’ Vivian softly asked. I turned to face her with a smile even though I really wasn’t sure myself because he didn’t promise anything.

‘’I fear for my family, I fear for my boyfriend. I shouldn’t have talked to you’’ She sulked like a terrified child. I softly sat on her bed and smiled deeply.

‘’I promise you nothing will happen to them’’ I assured her.

Val’s side of the story continues (4:35pm same evening)

I was busy with my laptop going through the CCTV record I got from the hotel when my phone rang. I cursed as I stared at the ringing phone. Of course I wasn’t in my best mood because I was yet to find what I was looking for at the footage. The video record of the bar was very accurate but gave out nothing incriminating. There wasn’t sign of anyone approaching Vivian’s table or tampering with her drinks. The only suspicious move I could get my hands on was when she left the bar, probably to the toilet, a middle aged man had quickly followed her but unfortunately there wasn’t any CCTV coverage of the toilet or the hallway leading to the toilet which kind of left me with only a guess.

My phone rang again for the second time breaking the silence in the room, I lazily picked it up and was surprised when the caller introduced herself.

‘’hello, I’m Miss Chima, the first lady’s special assistant’’ she introduced herself.

‘’hope I’m speaking with agent Val?’’ she asked

‘’yes of course you are’’ I answered softly.

‘’my boss wants to see you at her office right away. It’s very urgent and I advice you leave whatever you are doing and head over to her office right away’’ she muttered and hung up while I drew back with serious doubts. I had no current dealings with the governor’s wife I could remember and so the invitation was very suspicious. Nevertheless I left all I was doing and headed to the state first lady’s office with a fast p******g heart.

On getting to her office I met her assistant waiting for me at the door. She instantly led me into the office where the old lady was waiting for me. I couldn’t help but wonder the reason behind the urgency and the reason for asking me to show up in her office instead of her house.

‘’agent Val, kindly sit down I want to talk to you’’ she said softly. I silently obeyed, sat down and faced her.

‘’what is it you have with my daughter?’’ she curiously asked, leaving me totally confused and speechless. Of course I couldn’t get myself to say anything because I really didn’t know how much she knew about Clara and i.

‘’anyway I invited you here to beg you to leave my daughter alone. The poor girl is not used to how things work here in Nigeria. Ever since you came into our lives it has been one problem to another. Assuming other agents we have with us are behaving like you, we would have all been dead. I don’t care what you have with Charles or my daughter but I’m warning you now to stay away from my family. It’s not your business if my daughter marries Charles or any other man. You have a good job, you are young, and full of life. I beg of you stay away from my family or I will be forced to act like an angry mother’’ she seriously appealed while I nodded like a lazy student unable to say a word to defend neither myself nor my actions. What was there to even say? She gave me no room for explanation.
Deep down I kind of felt that it was silly of me to have involved myself with Clara again but it was all the fault of love.

‘’Hmmmm love until you finally lose your job or life’’ a second voice mused in my head.

To be continued

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  1. That’s highest level of stupidity, you have no love for your family, you are a lost child,if you lose your life,Clara will continue with Charles

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