Clara the state governor’s daughter episode 12

*** #CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter) ***
Episode 12

Val’s side of the story continues

The trip to Obudu was a very memorable one. The environment, weather and scenery were all too splendid. We spent almost a week in that vicinity and there was never a dull moment. I couldn’t help but realize that my life had been too dull over the years. Of course there is nothing like giving your life a little sparkle and fun every now and then.
To be sincere I never felt like leaving the place because it was just a wonderful experience.

Clara and I equally took our love making to the highest limit with the little opportunity the trip presented. We made love in orthodox places, just like carefree teenagers. It was so beautiful and magical. It was just like a dream. But then when it was eventually time to head home, all my fears returned and I couldn’t help but realize that I misused the opportunity I could have used in telling her the whole truth about my job and life.
Trust me I really wanted to tell her the truth but I just didn’t know how to get it out of me; moreover my job was equally on the line.

The only thing I managed to do was to beg her on Thursday night, to keep our affair secret which she promised to do, thus settling my mind.

We got back to Owerri late Friday, looking very exhausted. The joy in Clara’s eyes was very clear for all to see and I was a bit scared that Vivian could read out everything from her body language.
Just like I expected, Vivian was the first to welcome us. I avoided her eyes as she approached us and hurriedly headed to my room, leaving her with Clara who just couldn’t hide how happy she was.


Clara’s side of the side continues from scene above
Val was just so wonderful, he was my man, my guide, my companion and everything. He was so so romantic and he equally made sure I never had a dull moment in Obudu. We went horse riding together, we went sightseeing together, and we even did unimaginable things at the hills. Oh he just left me breathless and only ladies who have experienced total unconditional love will understand how I felt with him. I felt so full, so happy and so free with life. We were just like twins, he understood me and I understood him. The little trip to Obudu was all we needed to solidify our feelings. I enjoyed every moment.
However I also couldn’t help but notice that sometimes Val appeared a bit withdrawn as if something serious was disturbing him and I knew it was all because of his status. I made a promise to myself to force my dad into getting him a good job or if it failed to work out, would use my allowance to sponsor him out of the country where we could stay and make plans for our future. I was very ready to settle down with him, I was very ready to bear his children. Oh I just couldn’t wait.

Before we left Obudu, Val begged me to keep our relationship secret which I agreed upon because I clearly understood his position but then I knew I couldn’t keep such pleasant news away from my dear cousin Vivian. She was just like a blood sister to me and she had every right to know my good secrets.


‘’so tell me how was the trip to Abuja and Obudu ?, I was surprised when you called to tell me that you guys were in Obudu. Your Charles has been disturbing my life’’ Vivian breathed with a smile as soon as we settled in my room, very eager to hear my gist.

‘’seriously my dear. It was fun, but I have a secret I wish to share with you. I don’t want you to call me a s.lut or something similar but listen to this’’ I giggled while Vivian’s face instantly colored up.

‘’I’m in love with Val and we went to Obudu so that we could be alone. Please just keep this secret with you. You know he is still unemployed and it could dent the family’s image if the news gets out. I have to find a way to make dad get him a good job as soon as possible but my problem is that I really don’t understand dad anymore. I already told him about the job issue but his response is so discouraging’’ I poured out seriously while Vivian’s eyes reddened as she looked down.

‘’I told you to stay away from Val, didn’t i?’’ she suddenly asked, shocking me the seriousness on her face. I instantly drew back with fear.

‘’I thought you were just playing?, moreover Val swore he has nothing to do with you and you never seriously said anything about him to me’’ I stammered defensively.

‘’it’s not about me Clara. It’s about you, about your heart, about your feelings. Val isn’t who you think he is and I’m so shocked and surprised that you easily slept with a guy you hardly know under few weeks of meeting him’’ she fired, hurting my pride with her words.

‘’you won’t like what I have to tell you about Val. I merely kept quiet all these while because I thought it was the right thing but now I fear it isn’t’’ she added, shutting down my heart with those simple but suspense filled words. I couldn’t imagine what she had to tell me about Val.

I was almost gasping for breath as I waited for the revelation.

To be continued

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