Clara the state governor’s daughter episode 57

*** #CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter) ***
Episode 57

Clara’s side of the story continues from the previous episode

‘’I demand you apologize to your mother right now’’ dad ordered while i hesitantly stared at mum, not exactly knowing if to obey the order or not.

‘’apologize to your mum dear’’ Vivian begged, grabbing my hand and leading me close to my mother who still had her face buried in her palms. I knelt beside her and softly brought up her face to look into her eyes.

‘’I’m so sorry mother for making you feel bad’’ I softly apologized but she surprisingly shook her head while her eyes lit up.

‘’you need the truth? Of course I will give you the truth you need’’ she hotly breathed, throwing me off balance with her outburst..

‘’your biological father is a rapist, a murderer, a drug dealer. Yes Donpatric is your biological father but we never got to know till few years ago, before your father joined politics’’ she suddenly fired, pushing me back with her words.

‘’you appeared in my life when I was having problems with my marriage, when things were very tough for us. I found you in a small basket in front of our gate crying helplessly. We took you in with great joy, not minding the problems we were having and everything changed afterwards for us. Donpatric showed up that period and helped turn life around for us. But he never told us he was your father nor gave out any reason for us to suspect such a thing till few years ago when we learnt the whole story of how he raped and killed a poor salesgirl who gave birth to you. We kept the story from you for your best interest; for your happiness and I bet you would have done the same if you were in my shoes. My dear we gave you love, care and great attention. We gave you the best education. A mother isn’t one who gives birth to a child but one who cares and raises a child. If you feel that I’m no longer your mother. That’s fine by me, you can start calling me by my name’’ she poured out, breaking down in tears while my father nervously walked out of the room without saying a thing.

‘’mum, you are still my mother. I still very much love you. I love you mum. All I needed was just to know the truth and nothing more’’ I cried, hugging her softly.
Yes the story really hurt me. I couldn’t help imagining that I was never her blood. It was very painful and I really didn’t know how to relate with my siblings once the news gets to them. Luckily I was now an adult.
Vivian simply stood motionless, watching the drama.


7:30pm in my room

‘’come on you can’t leave the house on your own by this hour. It’s very dangerous’’ Vivian begged for the umpteenth time but my mind was really made up. I really needed to catch some fresh air. I really needed to be with Val all through the night to see if I could get over the feelings I was having. Moreover we equally had some making up and planning’s to do.

‘’I want to be with Val this evening. I want to surprise him with my presence. He’s the only one that can cure the terrible headache I’m having right now’’ I opened up to her, leaving a knowing smile on her pretty face.

‘’hmmmm I smell something’’ she mused.

‘’moreover I think I’m pregnant and he needs to know’’ I added while she rolled her eyes.

‘’huh?, okay but do you know how to get to his house on your own? Should I help out?’’ she asked curiously.


At exactly 8pm, I got to Val’s apartment and nervously knocked. My heart kind of pounded very hard and fast as if it was the first time I was meeting him. Yes we really had a lot to discuss and I could tell it was going to be a long and interesting night for us. Leaving the governor’s mansion wasn’t really easy for me and it was a miracle I finally left on my own, thanks to Vivian’s help.

Two minutes later, the apartment door opened but instead of seeing Val, I stood face to face with agent Jennifer who was overly shocked to see me. Her dressing really showed that she wasn’t just visiting because she was wearing a semi transparent singlet with no bra and a bum short. My heart felt like exploding. I was just so short of words.

‘’Clara!!!!!!!’’ she screamed with surprise, heightening the tension between us. I simply gave her a long look, turned and headed out of the house, straight to my car, of course with tears in my eyes, with a broken heart.
As I unlocked my car door, Val came running towards me.

‘’Clara my love, I beg of you stop’’ he begged, reaching to me before I could get into the car but it earned him nothing but two sharp slaps from me. I instantly jumped into my car and furiously drove home with tears that poured down from my eyes.


I made up my mind that very evening to leave Nigeria as soon as possible, away from everything. My baby could end up growing without a father.

To be continued

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