Clara the state governor’s daughter episode 24

*** #CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter) ***
Episode 24

Val’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode

‘’let the girl go mister. Just take this rare chance we are giving you. You are totally outgunned and outnumbered’’ the young man demanded again while my heart furiously pounded as I wondered what next to do. Of course I knew I was in a tight fix. I equally knew they weren’t going to let me get away once I let them have Clara. Letting go of Clara or my weapon was never an option for me.

‘’you have just two seconds left to make up your mind’’ he demanded as he took a step towards me. I breathed deeply and aimed at him, I wasn’t going to let them take Clara again without a fight. I knew once I take the shot that the rest of the gang was going to fire at me but then I really saw no other option left than to die fighting. I saw death staring and beckoning at me once again. I never knew I was going to die so young. Sweat appeared all over me as I got ready to fire my last shot.
But fortunately for me before I could press the trigger I spotted agent Jenifer and three other agents closing on them from behind. The bad guys all stood facing me without watching their back, an opportunity Jenifer and the other agents used in getting close within range. I heaved a sigh of relief. Yes it was a perfect timing. They came at the right time to save my sorry

‘’drop your weapons right now. You are totally surrounded’’ Jenifer instantly barked, shocking the hoodlums who all turned to see that they were all sitting ducks. They instantly dropped their guns without hesitation while four other agents jumped into the compound from the back fence I earlier tried using to escape with Clara. I was very much surprised and relieved at the same time. I never knew the house was already surrounded by my colleagues during the show off. Clara instantly got on her feet and hugged me tightly while agent Jenifer drew close and smiled at me.

‘’thanks for saving my as.s’’ I breathed gratefully.

‘’we heard the gunshot and that helped lead us to this corner’’ she replied with a smile.

‘’yes I was shot at when trying to escape with Clara, luckily the bullet missed its target. How did you find the location?’’ I asked curiously.

‘’the prints found on the bullets we got from the first crime scene came out yesterday. We ran it through the police database with us and discovered that it matched two officers working with the state police headquarters. We tried reaching you but couldn’t. After picking up the officers, they confessed that they gave out weapons to Mr. Charles but never participated in the kidnap. They gave us more than enough details to help. But when we still failed to reach you today, we had to track your phone signal which eventually gave the same location the police officers gave us during questioning. We had to get as many teams as we can to come over here because we didn’t know what to expect’’ she explained quickly while I breathed deeply.
Another agent soon showed up with a frown.

‘’we only saw one huge guy inside the house. Mr. Charles isn’t in the house’’ he informed us.


Clara returned to her relieved parents that same evening while I was asked to go home. According to my director, I still have to face disciplinary action, something I really wasn’t comfortable with. I felt after all the risks I took that everything was going to be fine.
‘’we still have some decisions to make concerning your conduct. So go home and wait for our call’’ was all I was told. Of course I felt bad. It really was painful to know that my efforts weren’t really appreciated. I almost lost my life for the job but no one took notice of it.

I returned to my apartment later that evening, so tired and hungry. I had a long shower before dozing off in my sitting room. I barely had slept for few minutes when a soft knock on my door brought me to my feet. I opened the door to see Vivian smiling at me. She looked so sexy in a cleavage revealing green gown which showed off all her curves. I swallowed hard as I stared at her.

‘’I came to thank you and equally apologize over all I said to you the last time. I made you a great meal. I know you will be very tired and hungry. I also heard rumors that you might be suspended from your job over all that happened. I’m here to keep you company. I’m here to be with you through the night. That’s my small way of appreciating you’’ she breathed softly, taking a step towards me and planting a kiss on my cheek that sent sweet sensations down my spine.


(Unknown to anyone, Mr. Charles was quietly seated in his car which was parked right in front of Val’s compound as he waited for nightfall. You can’t imagine the surprise on his face as he saw Vivian walk into the compound. Nevertheless nothing was going to stop him from finishing what he started).

To be continued

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