Clara the state governor’s daughter episode 26

*** #CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter) ***
Episode 26

Clara’s side of the story continues

I was so happy to be free, so happy to breathe in fresh air again. I couldn’t believe the events of the past few days were actually real. It was just like an action movie or should I say an action dream  . I couldn’t believe Charles actually kidnapped me just to force me into loving him. Yes talking about Charles, the desperation I saw in his eyes and the way he forcefully wanted my love looked more of an ambition and not real love. I knew our families had a lot to gain from our union but I felt he and his family had a whole lot more to gain from it. It was all about power, wealth and politics. Yes he even hinted on it when he was ranting like a mad man.

But then it equally was so sad and disappointing to know that my father drew back his interest and anger when he learned that it was Charles who kidnapped me. He instantly stopped talking tough and only assured me that he was going to talk to Charles’s father. He never said anything about throwing the boy in jail or taking a more decisive action. It was just as if dad was more interested in saving his political career than caring for my feelings. Nevertheless I slept peacefully, so happy to be home and so happy that Val and I were now in the same page. It was so wonderful seeing him break into the room to free me and it equally was so amazing running with him as we fled the scene.
Even though we failed to make it out of the house without outside help all that mattered to me was how he stood by my side against all odds. He put his life on the line for me. He was just the man. I dreamt about it over and over with a smile on my face.

I woke up the next day, yearning to see my val. We never really had the opportunity to talk much the previous day because I was instantly whisked away and brought home while he headed to his workplace to sort things out with his colleagues. I nervously dialed his number but he failed to answer. I tried his line two more times before a lady answered his call.

‘’hello I’m agent Jenifer. You are Clara the governor’s daughter right?’’ she introduced herself and asked while a thousand and one thoughts instantly filled my head.

‘’yes I’m, how about Val?’’ I asked.

‘’I’m sorry he won’t be able to talk to you at the moment. I’m coming over to the mansion to talk to you. Just wait for me’’ she replied and hung up, leaving me a bit worried.

Precisely an hour later, agent Jenifer walked into my room with a smile.

‘’how was your night?’’ she asked.

‘’I’m fine but I guess Charles hasn’t been arrested yet?’’ I asked. She breathed deeply and nodded.

‘’yes he hasn’t been arrested yet but I’m also sorry to tell you that your dad wants us to drop the case. I don’t know the reason for his decision and I don’t just know what to say about it’’ she informed me while I dropped my eyes. Of course the news never came as a surprise to me.

‘’anyway you have nothing to worry about. A female police officer plus a team of armed policemen will be assigned to guard you every minute of the day. So don’t be scared’’ she added with a smile.

‘’I’m not scared of Charles but how about Val?’’ I asked breathlessly. She kept quiet for few seconds.

‘’Val won’t be working here anymore’’ she muttered.

‘’but why?, I want him. He’s a good agent. I need no one else but him’’ I protested.

‘’how close are you with him?’’ she suddenly asked.

‘’we are very close. So close for him to risk his life for me’’ I fired quickly.

‘’there is nothing spectacular in what he did my dear. Every other agent would have done the same for you. By the way how close is he with your cousin miss Vivian?’’ she asked. I stared at her suspiciously.
I couldn’t help but wonder where the question was heading to.

‘’they are friends. She actually met him before me. She equally was the person that revealed to me that Val wasn’t an agent when she discovered something about us’’ I breathed, stopping the instant I noticed that I said much more than I was asked.

‘’what did she discover?’’ she asked curiously.

‘’it’s something private. Why should I tell you?’’ I answered weakly.

‘’because it could help in an ongoing investigation’’ she answered while I stared at her in disbelief.

‘’you see your cousin Vivian was found badly stabbed in Val’s apartment yesterday evening. Val was equally found stabbed. There wasn’t any sign of break in or forced entry in the apartment and we are about coming to the conclusion that perhaps Vivian went over to his house to spend the night or something similar and they ended up fighting and stabbing each other. It’s just a mere speculation for now though ‘’ she softly informed me as I gasped for breath. Many thoughts flowed into my head.

Of course the previous day, I barely had returned home when Vivian who was supposed to keep me company came in to tell me that she was going to a friend’s birthday party. I never bothered to ask her much because I was dead tired.
But with Jenifer’s revelation, It all started flowing back to my head. No wonder Vivian bluntly told me everything about Val that led us into quarreling. She never revealed Val’s identity to save me; rather she did it for us to break up. She did it for herself. She was trying to save her relationship with him.
I instantly felt used.

‘’oh my god’’ I breathed with great pain.

‘’so what exactly did she discover that made her reveal Val’s true identity to you?’’ Jenifer softly demanded, breaking into my thoughts.

‘’she told me everything about Val after I told her we were having an affair’’ I confessed with tears which filled my eyes. Jenifer drew back and shrugged.

‘’with the look of things its obvious agent Val was having an affair with both of you. I’m afraid to say that he is in a very big trouble right now, that is if he makes it out alive because his wounds are very deep and serious’’ she added with a frown while I took my pillow and covered my face with shame as I wept bitterly.
I regretted ever coming back to Nigeria.

To be continued

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    1. Wait all the assault, your being an agent doesn’t show in your moves, every attack on you, you have advantage of surprise, but too careless to use it, being familiar with with Arms,yet you have no struggle for survival,the first time they captured you upon you had every advantage to bring them down, and they captured you without passing the knowledge to your agency, you can’t even protect yourself upon you were with Arms, you yourself need protection if ordinary civilian can come to your house and take your life, that’s too bad

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