Clara the state governor’s daughter episode 27

*** #CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter) ***
Episode 27

Clara’s side of the story continues

Agent Jenifer soon left me all alone to myself. I spent all day crying and thinking over my life. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t do anything. I felt bad and betrayed. I really didn’t know whether to pray for my cousin and Val to survive or to wish them death.

Around 3:30pm, Charles surprisingly sneaked into my room with flowers. I stared at him with disbelief, wondering how he was able to make it to my room. For some seconds I was at lost on how to react because he was the last person I expected to see. He calmly drew forward and knelt beside me.

‘’my love, my princess I guess you must have heard what happened to your cousin?’’ he asked softly. I couldn’t say anything to him, instead I looked away. I couldn’t believe he was actually in my room to talk about Vivian after what he did to me. Yes a part of me felt he came to mock me over Val but then he dropped the flowers on my bed and reached for my hand, making me stare at him one more time. I instantly noticed he had a grave look and his hand shook as our eyes met.
He looked genuinely worried for me but then the events of the past few days were too heavy to ignore and they came flashing back into my head in full force.

‘’I came to apologize over using the wrong approach on you my dear. I was only desperate and acted out of desperation and frustration. There wasn’t any other way to get you to be with me, to get you to see the truth. I knew all along that Val wasn’t real. You have been away from the country too long to know how things happen over here. I found out very late that he was taking advantage of you and Vivian at the same time and I knew you would never believe me considering our relationship. I had to find a way to get you away from him. Yes I knew I took the wrong approach and I’m here to apologize and atone for the pains I caused you and your family. I will do anything to have your trust back. Our families have come a long way. I believe It’s better you trust the devil you know than the devil you don’t. My only mistake was kidnapping you instead of fighting like a man. Please forget all the silly words I said back then. I didn’t know what got over me. I was plain silly. Yes I’m ready to go to jail over it but please I beg of you, forgive me’’ he begged solemnly, leaving me extremely indecisive as he sobbed before me. I had never seen that part of him before.
Of course I was touched.

‘’’ My head is very much filled up right now. I can’t think properly but please stop kneeling for me’’ I stammered.

‘’will you then accept my flowers?’’ he begged seriously. I breathed deeply and took them.

‘’we are cool with each other Charles but I’m not promising anything yet. Moreover you wounded and humiliated me. You almost raped me. I need to come to terms with everything. I need to confront Val and Vivian as well. I need to tell them how I feel about their betrayal’’ I breathed with great energy.

‘’my dear, I really don’t think that will be possible. According to what I heard, your Val isn’t going to make it. He lost quite a lot of blood and he has been unconscious since the previous evening. And as for Vivian, arrangements are being made to get her out of the country for treatment. I think India or so’’ he revealed while I breathed deeply and shrugged.

‘’how much do you know about Val?, were you aware all along that he’s a federal agent?’’ I asked curiously, watching his reaction but unfortunately he gave out nothing. He appeared so cool, not revealing his feelings.

‘’let’s stop talking about that i.diot. I beg of you. I’m happy God has vindicated me” he softly muttered, holding my hands while I closed my eyes.

7:38pm, The governor’s lodge,
Scene : Dining room,
: Clara’s side of the story continues

I went over to the dining room to have dinner with my family. It really was the first time in weeks I was having dinner together with mum and dad. It equally was an opportunity to discuss some family issues. Of course Charles left me a bit confused and indecisive with his apology and all he told me earlier in the day.
He finally left, promising to show up around 7pm to talk to my parents and apologize to them as well.
I was just so vulnerable like a young girl experiencing heartbreak for the first time. The news of my cousin’s romance with Val totally shattered me. I needed someone to lean on and it was as if Charles was just making good use of the opportunity to show a new part of him to me.

On getting to the dining room, dad instantly stood up and hugged me.

‘’my dear, you can’t believe how happy I’m to have you right here. Charles went too far with his games and I’m really sorry for not doing anything about it. I’m so ashamed of myself’’ he breathed with a painful voice.

‘’its okay dad, what matters the most is that I’m right here with you’’ I replied while mum nodded with a smile. Charles walked in on us that moment as if he had been around, hiding in a corner all along. He approached us and knelt before everyone..

‘’I’m so sorry for taking advantage of your goodwill. I’m so sorry for destroying my family’s reputation. My father is no longer talking to me and he already threatened to disinherit me unless I make up with you sir. Please take me back like a prodigal son returning home to his family. I only did what I did out of love and desperation. I promise never to bother Clara ever again’’. He begged with eyes filled with tears. He looked so genuine, so real and so convincing. I never knew when I drew forward and got him to his feet, not minding that he was addressing my father.

‘’dad, mum, you guys should forgive him. Sometimes we do silly things out of love and what he did isn’t an exception. Yes I now know love is never enough to make a relationship work, what matters most is understanding’’ I breathed, shocking my parents with my words. Even Charles was so surprised with all I said. He couldn’t believe himself.

‘’are you saying that you now understand Charles and he also understands you?’’ mum asked with great curiously, unable to hide the excitement in her head. I couldn’t reply her question but deep down I answered her in my heart.

Yes all that matter is ‘understanding’, Real unpolluted love only happens in movies.


Meanwhile Val is seen helplessly lying unconscious in the emergency unit of a government hospital. A middle aged doctor, a team of student doctors and four nurses are seen working tirelessly on him as the clock hanging above them ticks away. Val’s mother can be heard crying so painful at the waiting room.

To be continued

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