Leigh’s Diary episode 3


I am starving, and what is this annoying sob I hear? I opened my eyes and the ceiling seemed quite strange from my beach house ceiling, or did we leave the beach house? I looked by my side and almost screamed, seeing some girls squeezed together, sobbing.

I sat up and tried to fathom what I was doing in this ridiculous-looking place. We were in a wooden hut, a smelly one at that. It reeks of urine. I shook my head at the memory of last night, someone suffocated and kidnapped me. Wow! I have been kidnapped. A thought came to my head to ask these girls for clarity’s sake but, look at them, very pathetic, they wouldn’t know a thing. I stood up and headed for the door. It was opened, and a man dressed in a deep blue uniform with a gun was standing by it. He glared at me, and I glared back at him.

“Where am I?” I managed to say after the minutes of glaring competition we had. He gave me one last very stern look and looked away. I didn’t know what to do at that moment, try to run past him? He’s going to shoot me dead but wait, they kidnapped me for a reason, right? If they wanted me dead, they’d have killed me even before I woke up.

Kidnappers kidnap people to get ransom, isn’t it? If they need money from Dad, they would need me alive. I am just going to try to run away and see what next. I picked up my pace and ran as fast as I could, pushing the butt of that man obstructing my way. Still running, nothing is happening. I looked back at him, and he stood still in his position. Why? Why isn’t he chasing after me or at least shooting me in the leg? Hold on, Leigh, you need to put on your thinking cap. I reduced my pace as I observed the surroundings, it was just like an island, or a mountain, or … It was just too lonely, and a few meters ahead were thick trees surrounding it. I stood still to catch my breath. Looked back and no one chased me, everything seemed to be working out fine, or wait?

Could I be dreaming?

Suddenly, I heard a gunshot. I froze. Looked around me again, and then I saw two men approaching me, dressed in the same uniform as that first man. I attempted to run again.
But then, they shot in the air. It was so loud in my heart that I had to impulsively cover my ears.
“Move one more step and I go kill you” One of them yelled, still approaching me.

This is it, my life is in danger. They got to me and pulled me by my arm. That stench! Garlic! But that didn’t matter at the moment. What matters is, that I need to go home! I was pulled back to that wooden house, I looked at the man expecting him to look at me but no, he was focused on staring at pace. I was thrown back into the wooden house. My body aches.

“There’s no point trying to run away,” one of the girls said to me.
I looked at her, and it dawned on me that, I was in trouble, I felt this big lump in my throat, I wanted to cry, I had to fight it because I would rather not seem weak. I blinked it in and exhaled.

“We’ve been here for 3 days now, you are the last one to come in. I’m Eva, what’s your name?”
“I’m Leighton, call me Leigh”

“Nice to meet you, Leigh”

I looked around at the girls, they all looked my age and were looking worn out, they’ve obviously suffered been here for a while. I counted 11 of them, so I made us 12.

“This is not a nice meeting, Eva. What is this place?”
Eva smiled and lowered her head. “I don’t know either, we have just been here, all day. I don’t know what they want to do with us. We receive food twice daily”

I scoffed and it drew their attention. They probably thought that was a chuckle. “So, this is like kidnapping?”
“We’re still not certain because we have not been asked for details of our parents to get ransom”

“Then what is this place!” I was almost yelling, I was frustrated.

“Don’t yell, we’re all in the same situation, and you can’t escape, they’ll find you and bring you back” another girl said.

I glared at her, like is she happy about this, she is so comfortable. “You are very comfortable with this place, aren’t you?”

Suddenly, those two men who had pulled me back came inside along with a woman. A beautiful-looking woman.

“Good morning beautiful girls!” she said, smiling widely. “I’m sorry we haven’t properly addressed you all these while, we have been waiting for the 12th girl” she smiled at me. “I do not like to be addressed by my name, You can simply call me Mistress, I will be educating you on proper etiquette”

“My name na Frank, you fitcall me Captain!” the man who pulled me by my arm said. “I go dey train una how to fight and defend unaself”

“My name na True, I go dey look am say you dey follow rules and una dey get peace, so you fit put am say, I dey responsible for the judiciary system for here.”

“This place is called, Muttin! Muttin is a training ground for women your age, to grow up to become best women of royalties across the world.” Mistress said with a grin

I laughed, “Concubines you mean… nice introduction and explanation but, I am not interested.”

“Your interest is not needed to get the job done, we never sought your permission to get you here in the first place, did we?” She gave me that sinister smile that Ovie gives when he wants to ridicule me, At that moment, I missed Ovie.

“You can’t do this to us! This is a crime, kidnapping” Eva cried. The other girls had started crying and speaking up.

“Quiet please, Call it whatever you want, but you’ll love it here eventually.”

I noticed one of the girls stood up, she looked petrified and like she had plans to do something really silly, At that point, I felt like going to calm her down because she was acting based on fear and nothing good came out of actions from fear.

Immediately, she ran towards the door, and before she could pass through the door, she was shot dead by the captain.

Mistress smiled, “This is what happens if any of you try to escape again. Chaw chaw!” She chuckled, waving to the dead body as the men dragged it away. “Now, are you ready to introduce yourselves?”




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