Leigh’s Diary episode 12


As we hurried after Grace, who was also running, Akeme was coming towards us. Grace stopped and walked to him, he was glaring back at us while he talked to her.
“Do you think she is telling him everything?”
I don’t think she hates you that much to do that. She should know it will put you at risk.”
Akeme and Grace started coming towards us.
“You both are really getting along faster than I imagined” Akeme said as he shook Greahm.
“Isn’t it a good thing?” Greahm asked jokingly.
Akeme smiled, looking at me sternly. “Yes, of course it is a good thing. But how is she acting? She seems very free and conscious to me” he was still looking at me weirdly. I knew I had to act tamed, so I was ready to be that loyal dog.
“There’s nothing strange about her. I guess it is because you are not usually with her like I am with her. I also consider Grace a bit strange. It happens like that.”
‘She is not Grace, Greahm. She is your queen”
There was a brief awkward silence and Greahm comported himself immediately.
“My apologies, my Queen”
Grace gave a forceful smile and took Akeme’s hand. She whispered something to him, and they made to leave.
“I hope you enjoy your marriage and honeymoon, Greahm”
“Yes, my King”

They left, and I couldn’t help but read Greahm’s countenance. He looked and most certainly felt humiliated and abused. He sighed in and out and looked at me.
“She didn’t tell him anything. Not yet. So we still have her on her side. We just need to assure her that she needs to kill him. We have 2 months, right? I will plan this very well. See you later” he said all this without looking at my face and went off to God knows where. He was angry and embarrassed. I was left alone in the passage and suddenly, Lisa came around.
‘I figured you were alone, and I want to serve you, my lady”
“I would rather not be served!” I yelled at her and headed for the exit. I decided to take a walk around the palace and the city. It was a beautiful place with absolutely happy people. They are just so many fruits and vegetables everywhere which seem to be cheap or cost nothing at all. As I walked around, I was looking at an apple that enticed me and the vendor asked me to take one without paying, I took one, thanked her and took another extra. I got to a tree house behind the palace. It looked abandoned, so I decided to take a look. I went in and realized someone had been coming in often. It felt so relaxing to be in there, I laid on the mattress down there and fell fast asleep.
I was awoken when someone cleared their throat. I looked up and it was Akeme. I sat up immediately and attempted to stand up, but he was accommodating.
“You don’t need to stand up, I actually have no issue with you here. This place is relaxing, and I understand why you fell asleep here.”

I still felt a bit uncomfortable and stood up. “I’m sorry I came in here without permission.”
“Like I said, it is okay? How did you find here? People barely do, but if they do, they find no interest in it and it baffles me. This is my best place to be, most, especially when I am down and need to think.”
Am I really having a conversation with the King?
“How long have you been coming here?” I asked curiously.
“Since I was five. It has been a great companion.”
“Oh…” I didn’t know what to say, I wasn’t actually comfortable in there with him. “I should get going”
“No, I am enjoying the company. No one has ever entered this treehouse as far as I can remember, you are the first. Why leave so soon?”
“My husband will be looking for me”
“He isn’t. He went to the training field. You should know that.”
I was quiet because I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t want to say anything that would be a contradiction.
“Do you think he likes you?”
“My husband? Why not? He said it himself. That’s why he married me.”
“Sorry to break it to you, but he doesn’t like you. I am telling you this because I know you’re tamed and won’t pick offense, but he married you because he thought he would be a step closer to the throne.”
“That’s not true”

“Yes, it is true. I know Greahm always wanted the throne and would do anything to get it. One of which includes marrying you. Okay, has he kissed you?”
I gave him an awkward silence.
“Oh, maybe I am going too far. Has he hugged you?”
I didn’t know that the king also had so much hatred for his brother? I am just realizing. No wonder Greahm wants him dead. “I will keep being his wife and faithful”
“Yes, that is what a tamed bitch should do.” He comes closer to me. “You know you are also my property, right?”
I didn’t quite understand him.
“I bought you before buying Grace. I wanted you first, but…” then he took a bottle of alcohol off the table and gulped it. He had been drinking. “I really wanted you, but, I can’t have you. You would distract my throne. I loved you at first sight and wanted to keep staring at you from a distance, knowing that I couldn’t have you because I can’t afford to be distracted. Muttin warned me how strong your spirit was, it wouldn’t be a good one if I started tor rule the throne with such a strong spirit. So, I decided to give you to my brother. Now here you are, in my arms again. He pulled me close to him and brushed his lips against mine. I pushed him impulsively and ran off the tree house. .

I couldn’t breathe properly as I got out, I gasped for air, but it was almost like what he did was choking me. I ran back to the palace as I gasped for air and I met Grace and her maid, Joon, taking a walk, she saw me and hurried to help me.

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