Leigh’s Diary episode 2


We had settled in the lodge and Daddy took us out to get BBQ. Daddy and Mummy were busy teasing each other while we waited for our order. Ovie had just finished a video call with Onyi and had been smiling sheepishly. At that moment, I realized that I was lonely. Nobody to tease me, nobody to make video calls with to make me smile sheepishly. I was idle and there was a man as idle as I was, looking at me like he had never seen a beautiful woman before. I’m not surprised, though, I get a lot of this. Ovie suddenly distracted me.

“I know you have a crush on Daddy’s assistant, Chima and I know your password is Chima.”
I was startled, how did he know? “What do you mean?” I tried to pretend.
“I will make sure to gather my evidence and snitch on you like you did to me”
“To hell with you, Ovie! I don’t even know what you are talking about, but you’re still pained. I am a pain in your little a$s” I turned away from Ovie and fixed my gaze back on where he distracted me and yes, you guessed right. That man is still stealing glances, but this time around, it seemed more than mere admiration. His looks creep me out.
Our dessert came in, and I devoured every bit of my share. I was trying to make sure this vacation was worth it.

Yay! Finally, the best part of the vacation! Beach outing! I was in my bikinis, looking as sexy as ever and trying to stay away from toxic Ovie so he wouldn’t ruin my mood. Daddy and Mummy were in their world playing lovey-dovey, so I decided to look around the beach and take beautiful nature pictures which include me, your very own natural beauty.

The cool breeze penetrated my skin and I felt alive. Goosebumps all over me. I exhaled the fresh air and was fascinated by doing this with Chima when I turned 18, Chima and I would be together, go on a beach outing, feel the breeze inside our skin, get cold enough to seek warmth from each other and get warmth from each other in our beach hut doing something extraordinary. Aww! What a fantasy!
“Hey beautiful” someone called behind and, of course, it was me, I looked back and saw this young dude of about my brother’s age. He looked good but, not my type.

“Hey,” I responded and continued enjoying the cool breeze and sea view. He came towards me and stood beside me.
“I am Austin, what’s your name?”
I sighed, I was not interested in a conversation with him, so I needed to strike and get him off my shoulders, “Hi Austin, nice to meet you, but I am not interested.” I smiled and continued staring at the sea. Right there, if I’m not mistaken, the sea suddenly started to turn green, then yellow, then red, and I saw something growl out in the middle of the sea.

“Oh my gosh!” I screamed and blinked, and it was all a product of my imagination. What weird uncontrolled thoughts.
“Is that your bed tone?” Austin asked, I had forgotten of his existence that second.
“Excuse me?”
He gave that same sinister smile Ovie gives me whenever he wants to ridicule me, “Is that how you moan when you are being banged?” he laughed as I tried to decipher what he was trying to do, “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.” he mimicked me and this time around almost like he was moaning.
Then, I understood what he was trying to do, “Are you stupid?” I was almost yelling and glared at him.
“Say that to me, one more time, and I’ll …”

“What the hell is going on here?” Ovie approached us.
“Oh, is he the one that drills you and makes you moan, oh my gosh, oh my gosh?”
I was disgusted and Ovie was far more disgusted. “You are stupid,” I said to get his attention since that got him the first time.
He turned to me, about to attack me but Ovie was fast, pounced on him and they both started fighting. I screamed and drew the attention needed. Mommy and Daddy hurried over and some other vacationers. They separated them, but they had already both bruised each other.
“What the hell happened?” Mummy cried.
“This fool here assaulted my sister”
“Language please,” A woman said, “Austin, is that true?”

Austin hissed and walked out of us all. The woman chuckled wryly, “I am sorry” she said, looking at Ovie and me. Then she turned to Mummy, “You know how children can be…”
“Please” Daddy cut her short and took Ovie’s hand, “Let’s go”

I sat a few meters away from our beach house alone, reminiscing all that had happened earlier, I realized I love my brother and my brother loves me too. He’s in his room and I think he would want to be alone currently but when tomorrow comes, I’ll ensure I go and try making it up to him.
I exhaled in the fresh sea breeze and suddenly, someone behind me tried suffocating me with a handkerchief. I tried to struggle, but the hold was strong. Is this it? My last day on earth? I thought before I blacked out.


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