Leigh’s Diary episode 14



I walked along the streets of the villagers as I thought through everything that had happened. Why is all this happening to me? Mummy! Where are you? Put me in your prayers, your daughter is in a mess.

“Young miss” An elderly woman distracted me. I looked at her trying to find out if she was referring to me, “Yes, you. What’s your name?”
“The moment I saw you, I sensed something, you are a very lucky woman.”

Lucky? What is she saying? So, being messy makes one lucky? Who is she anyway? A prophet? Must be a fake one looking for money to eat.
“You reek of royalty, it’s dangerous, but you are powerful enough to rule over every circumstance.” She paused for a while, I was getting interested now. She suddenly turned cold, “You have blood in your hands, why?”
“I have never killed anyone,” I defended.
“But you plan to. If you do, you will forever be in torment, you won’t find rest and all your efforts will go in vain”
“Fake prophet,” I said angrily as I went off.
“I see two royal men!” She called back. “They will wage warfare for you, do not let that happen”

I hissed and went on, as I went on, I started to think over what she just said, and it started to make sense. Wait a minute, two royal men? Isn’t that Greahm and Akeme? Wage a warfare? They were entitled to it anyway, so how does that have to do with me?
Hold on, both of them kissed me! They are both developing feelings for me, which will result in a war. Haha! I watched too many movies, it can’t be.

But who was she talking about me killing? I would never kill… oh my goodness! I am supposed to join forces with Greahm to kill Akeme. Why shouldn’t I do it? I have to do it, that is my only ticket out of this bondage.

“Leigh!” Someone called behind. I looked back and didn’t recognize who it was, the person had a mask on. I waited as the person approached me. “Where are you going to? It is dangerous to be here alone!” He said, he certainly sounded very familiar. Akeme!

“Leave me alone, please” I attempted to continue walking, but he held my hand.
“I am sorry, Leigh, but I can’t leave you alone. You are mine, you belong to me. I bought you myself”
There was a moment of silence and he continued. “You are just very strange. You are tamed but still have a will of your own, I really admire that. I love it with you; I want you to be my queen, rule with me”

I burst into laughter. “You already have a queen, My King. I am your brother’s wife, and I am certain this is an abomination that you are proposing.”
“I am the king, I can do whatever I want, I am above the law. Come, let’s go somewhere safe.” He pulled me and I hesitated.

“I don’t want to go anywhere with you, my King. You are my friend’s husband, and I am your brother’s wife, what fellowship has you and me? Let’s recognize what is wrong and keep off it.
“I can make you be mine”
“I am not an object to be owned. I have Greahm”
“I am going to make him disappear, and I will take back what’s rightfully mine.”
What is this fool saying right now? “You have what is yours already, the throne. Could you focus on it?”
“The throne is originally mine. I want to rule with you beside me.”

“Firstly, I am loyal to my husband and I would not leave him for anything. Please look somewhere else”
“If you choose to be this stubborn, I will have to take you back to Muttin.”
That sentence caught me off guard.
“I will take you back there and ensure they retrain you and re-tame you so that you would loyally be mine.”
That is definitely a threat. “My King”

“The choice is yours to make, Leigh. I like you and you have to be mine. I am the King and I get what I want. Forget about Greahm, as I said, he never liked you, he only married you because he wants to compete with me to get the throne”
“Okay, how would this happen? How would you tell Grace and Greahm.”
“I am above the law, they have to accept what I want. Come, let us go”
“Please wait, could you please give me some time to think about it? You know this would affect my relationship with Grace and I would want to prepare for the outcome”
“How long”
“a week”
“Too much, I miss those lips of yours already. 4 days”
“Let me drop you off in my chariot.”
“NO!” I screamed, unintentionally but no! I don’t want that.
I couldn’t see his reaction behind the mask, but I knew he was mad. He took off the mask, pulled me close to him, and kissed me. I struggled, but he held on tight and this lasted for about ten seconds.
He smiled at me, put his mask back on, and went off. “See you in the palace, beautiful”

I started choking again. I couldn’t breathe, this time it was worse, I thought I was going to die. I dropped to the floor and lost consciousness.


I woke up in my chambers, perplexed, I sat up and saw Greahm, with a mug, sipping something and looking at me.
“A prophetess brought you here,” he said as he sipped again. “She wouldn’t say what happened to you, but she asked me to ask you. So, Leigh, what happened to you?”

I wanted to lie again, but I would only be stupid if I did that. Greahm deserves to know everything that happened. I should trust him enough. Akeme is becoming a threat in my life and I need help.
“It was Akeme”
Greahm threw the mug against the wall, its content spilled, and the mug broke, “I knew it.”

I was startled again, but I comported myself. “I was taking a walk earlier today, and I saw a tree house, I innocently went to check it out not knowing it was his, he met me there and we had some conversations. He told me a lot, that you don’t like me, and he likes me.”
If you were in this room, you would feel the heat from Greahm’s anger. He was so angry.

“He kissed me, I ran off and that’s why I choked the first time. After I left you here after you kissed me, I went deep into the villages, he followed me there and threatened to take me back to Muttin and have them re-tame me if I don’t become his Queen. He kissed me again, and I choked, I guess that prophet helped when I was unconscious, Greahm, I am scared”.

“Do you also think I don’t like you?” he asked.
“I don’t know what to think, I am only in shock.”
“I like you, Leigh. As much as I want to become King, I want you to be happy, get back to your family, and still be my wife despite that. I planned to make that happen. Akeme has declared war”

I was too weak, I stood up, but my legs were too weak, so I sat back in the bed, “We have 4 days before he takes me back to Muttin”
“Then we need to kill him as soon as possible” Greahm immediately drew a sword out of an amour rack and bounced out of the room.
I was scared he was going without properly planning, and I couldn’t do anything presently because of how drowsy and feeble I felt.


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