Leigh’s Diary episode 13


After Joon gave me some sort of bitter-sweet drink, I regained myself. Grace made me rest in her chambers, which is also Akeme’s. I was still shocked at why Akeme did that, in fact, I couldn’t think of it, it gave me chills whenever thoughts of it came across my mind.

“She is better now” I heard Grace talking to someone outside as they approached the chambers. Grace and Greahm walked in. The worried look Greahm gave me was kind of hilarious. I never expected him to be this worried about me.

“I am fine now, no need to worry”
“I am not worried about you,”
“It’s written all over your face”
“What happened to you? Where did you go to?” Grace interrupted.
“I uhm…” I thought of the lie to give because I couldn’t afford to tell Grace that I was with her husband in her husband’s tree house and her husband kissed me.

Grace is so loyal to him, that I can’t tell how she would react if she got to know that. “I just choked on an apple that a vendor gave to me. I guess gluttony got me”
“Apple? Hmm. Okay.” Grace said, still wondering.
“Let’s go” Greahm stretched forth his hand and I took it, he pulled me up from the chair I sat in and took me outside. There, Lisa was waiting patiently.
“Oh, my lady! You hurt me badly” she was almost crying, “You should have let me come with you”
“I told you already, Lisa. I don’t need your help. I can survive on my own”
“You require a maid always everywhere you go. You are royalty.” Greahm said.
“No, I don’t. I can take good care of myself.”
“Says a woman who almost died because of an apple”
We both laughed, and I saw Akeme approaching us.

“Let’s go, let’s go” I hurried Greahm to move, but he wouldn’t. He held me back and Akeme got to us.
“I heard you weren’t feeling too well,” Akeme said to me, I tried to avoid his eyes. I couldn’t stand locking eyes with him, but he was seriously looking at me.
“I’m fine now”
“Do you require anything? I could send some vegetables and medicines to you”
“Hmm,” Greahm reacted. It was very much unusual for Akeme to act that way towards me. “She would be fine, I will take care of her. Thank you, my King” Greahm pulled me with him as we left their vicinity.

We got into our chambers, Greahm opened up the window and looked through it, he was able to see Akeme who was still standing there, acting worried.

“What has gotten over him?” Greahm asked himself. I peeked, and I saw how Akeme was pacing his vicinity worriedly.

“He must have been drinking,” I said, trying to contribute to the conversation.
Greahm looked at me immediately, frowning.
“What?” I asked innocently.
“You must never say that outside, ever!”
“Say what? That he has been drinking?”
“Do you want to be beheaded? You must never be heard talking about the King being drunk with wine.”
“Why? He actually was drunk”
“Jeez, Leigh! How did you know that? It wasn’t obvious! How did you manage to get that detail? Did you perceive it in his mouth?”

Am I shooting myself in the ankle? Holy molly! How can defend myself now? “I just guessed, he was acting strange”
“You have also been acting strange.” He headed for the door, “I will be back”
He went off and I continued watching Akeme. I saw Akeme watch Greahm leave our chamber, he immediately went inside.

I went back and sank onto the bed, trying to reiterate all that happened. Did he kiss me because he was drunk, or did he really mean everything he said? Why did I choke? Yes, it was my first kiss, but am I supposed to choke on a first kiss? Why is everything just getting more and more complicated? Maybe The captain should have just wiped my memory and tamed me, I wouldn’t be going through this heartache right now.

Maybe Grace is right, this place would have been like home.

Hold on! No! Why am I having this stupid thought? I must return home. I must return home to Mummy, Daddy, Ovie, and Chima. I must survive for them. I wonder if they have given up on finding me. I remember what happened between me and Ovie that night at the beach before I was abducted. I hope they don’t think I went off on my own. Yes, I can be overly dramatic, but not to that extent. Is Ovie still with his girlfriend? I hope Chima hasn’t found another love. As the day goes by, my feelings for him keep wearing off, and I don’t want that. I want to keep loving him and be a committed girlfriend. This palace is getting the best part of me.

What have I been doing? Why am I getting comfortable? I am getting so comfortable around Greahm that I can say he is my husband with ease. It used to be a problem for me to admit that. I am a married sixteen-year-old virgin. Haha. What an irony!

I need to stop being comfortable and find a way to get Akeme killed and leave this forsaken place with Grace. It’s almost a month now. Just a little over another month and it will be time to take that bold step of escaping and returning home. I will make sure the Handsome Devil pays for this catastrophe he is making me go through. Speaking of him, as the Captain said, he must be training more girls right now to sell them off again. That son of a bitch!

Greahm opened the door suddenly, and I was startled. He glared at me. “What were you doing in the tree house with Akeme?”
I almost peed my panties at that moment. How did he find out? What does he know?
“I…” I tried stammering to take out time to think of a lie.
“Don’t tell me lies, Leigh. I have my source of getting information when I need it. Have you forgotten who I am? Why did you lie to me? What were you doing in there with him alone? How do you want me to trust you enough with this plan, with all of this? Are you trying to betray me? Oh, you want to gain favor in his eyes and betray me?”
I didn’t know where to start in responding to all of these questions.

“ANSWER ME, LEIGHTON!” He yelled and I jittered. Immediately, I burst into tears. Where did that tear come from? No, no no, boss-lady doesn’t cry. How did those tears escape my eyes? How can I turn back the hands of time? As much as I wanted to defend myself with Greahm, so much more did I feel humiliated for crying.

His eyes immediately lowered. “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to yell” he came close to me and tried consoling me.
This made me cry more, I struggled to fight these tears but the more I struggled, the more I cried. Almost like all the tears since I got abducted until now which were accumulated are coming off presently. This is not the time to cry, Leigh! Get yourself together! I tried to comport myself and get myself off Greahm’s grip, but he held on tightly to me, apologizing.
“I am so sorry, Leigh”
In the twinkle of an eye, I felt his lips against mine. Hell no! I am not going to go through this with two brothers. I immediately pushed him off and ran out of the chambers.




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