Leigh’s Diary episode 9



I woke up this morning, tensed. I was supposed to fight a soldier today to prove my capability of becoming Prince Greahm’s lady. I needed Grace back so badly. How can I get her off that spell? I went to her chambers to look for her.

Everyone was busy that morning, running helter-skelter.
“Lady Leigh” Lisa called me as I went in search for Grace, it is unclear to me why this Lisa keeps following me everywhere. I don’t need her for anything, she will only cause me trouble because she may find out about me with all of this monitoring. I increased my pace, but she chased after me.
“Hold on for me please, Lady Leigh” she kept chasing. I would rather not run, so I won’t seem as if I had done anything wrong, but I required a break from her. She got to me, breathing heavily from running to get to me.

“How may I help you?” I asked.
“Oh, my Lady, I am not supposed to allow you to go around on your own.”
“Why not? I can protect myself”
“It is an instruction from King akeme”
I guess she is a spy then. I can’t trust Akeme and if she is working for Akeme, I can’t trust her.
“I am going to see Grace, do you need to follow me there too?”

“Of course, my lady”
I was so mad at her insists but, what can I do?
We got to the Royal building, I saw Grace sitting on a wooden chair outside. With a book covering her face.
When she sighted me, she smiled so widely. Her dress was made with crystals, petals, and rich buttons. She had a gold sparkling necklace on her neck. I could smell riches all over her. What was I expecting? When Akeme marries her, she would be a Queen. She deserves it, but not with this clown attitude.

“Grace, we need to talk”
She looked at me sternly, “What’s your name again”
“Leigh, I am like a sister to you”
“That doesn’t give you the right to call me b my name. I am the Queen”
I was shocked, I gave a wry laugh, and she looked at me, surprised. I just don’t get it, why is she being like this? She is yet to marry Akeme, but she has already taken the title? Does being a clown involve being too forward too? I didn’t even know she could talk. Look at the rubbish that is spewing out of her mouth.
“I am sorry, QUEEN” I stressed the queen so much, and it pleased her “Leave us, Lisa. I need to have a word with the Queen”

Lisa hesitated at first, but she went away, I sat beside Grace and looked at her head to toe, she was still focused on her book. Where do I start from in getting her to come back to her senses right now?
“You really can’t remember anything?” I asked, displeased.
“What am I supposed to remember?”

“The kidnapping, our struggle for survival and at least your family”
She paused, turned to me, and she gave me this death glare, what did I say wrong exactly.
“Guards!” she yelled, and the guards came out. “Lock her up”
Wait a minute, did Grace just ask them to lock me up?

“I don’t understand, Grace” the guards took me by the arm.
“Grace? I have told you not to call me by my name, only the King is entitled to do that. Take her away!” Grace was so mad at me and I still can’t get what I said wrong.

“That wouldn’t be necessary” Greahm came to my rescue out of nowhere. I was so glad to see him. Never thought I will be this glad to see such an arrogant man. “Leave her alone”
The guards let me go immediately. They had pulled me so hard that my arms hurt.

“Are you okay?” Greahm asked. Why is he being so nice?
“Yes, I am fine”
He turned to Grace, “I wouldn’t have you disrespect me in my territory. Why would want to get the woman I am about to get married to arrested?
“I am sorry, my Lord. She mentioned something treacherous to me”
“And what would that be if I may ask?”

“She wanted me to remember my family,”
Greahm looked at me surprised and shook his head. What in the world did I do wrong.
“I apologize on her behalf, my lady. I hope this stays between us”
Grace nodded, he looked at her and gestured at me to follow him. I followed him like a puppy following his master till we got into his chambers.

“I asked you to prepare for a fight, and you went about trying to ruin our plan before it even started?”
‘I am confused. What did I say wrong?”
“Are you that dumb? One of the most treacherous things to talk about to a tamed person is family. Part of the curse is that they forget and disregard anything that talks about their family. They are to stay faithful to the new family they are sold too. You need to act more like a tamed person, Leigh, and you have no idea of what it is like to be tamed. I will enlighten you as soon as you are done with the fight. Are you ready?”

“I am hungry”
“You can consider food when you are about to go on a field fight?”
“At least, I need energy to fight properly”

He shook his head and went out, obviously to get me food. It gave me sometime to go around his chamber and see what he is like beyond the looks and attitude. His chamber is a boring one, filled with books about philosophy and humanity. There was nothing interesting in here.

It was time, I was in the field and the soldier I am supposed to fight with looked like a tiger. Can I do this? I looked up at Greahm’s worried face and Akeme smiling face, all other royalty were anticipating the fight and the soldier suddenly attacked. I really don’t want to tell you how much he beat me, but he beat me to stupor, it was a bite in his ear and a kick in his penis that saved me. Not only that, but I won after trying to destroy his manhood, and Greahm was so excited. He smiled. I have never seen him smile, like does arrogant people like him smile? It was awkward and I couldn’t get over that scene. It kept playing in my head. I was praised and even Akeme came to give me a handshake.

Didn’t seem sincere but all I care about right now is bringing him down, rescuing Grace and leaving this place back to our homes where we belong.

I went to Greahm’s chamber as planned and I saw him smoking.
“What are you doing?”
“What does it look like I am doing? Leigh, we need to start acting now. Tomorrow, will be the day we get married. Akeme and Grace too will be getting married too at the same time. I can’t afford to allow them to rule my kingdom for too long, we need to act fast.”

“What is your definition of too long?”
“Two weeks”
I gasped. “You want us to get rid of Akeme in two weeks?”
“That is what I said”
“easier said than done. I can’t make any attempt to leave here until after two months as instructed by the Captain who let me retain my senses during the taming rituals.”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“It means, we need to take things slow. Why don’t you help me get Grace to recover her memories, she will be the best fit to kill Akeme.”
“Grace’s condition is an irreversible one”
“No way”

“yes way… else, I will have to talk to him”
“An old friend, maybe he could find us a solution, but two months is a little too long to stay married, don’t you think so?”

“Don’t worry, you wouldn’t even know I exist”
“How is that possible? We can’t stay in different bedrooms after tomorrow.”
“What? Why?”
“It is just normal, married people sleep together”
“I am not sleeping with you!” I almost yelled.
“Chill, I would rather not sleep with you either, but in two months, who knows what’s going to happen” He said seductively and smiled.

I shook my head, no, no… I can’t ever try this! I am just 16, he is an arrogant fool, I would be betraying my love, Chima.
“No, we will have to find a solution to this”
“That would be making it two weeks instead, at least we won’t get to spend that much time together”
“I have to wait two months”
“Then you will have to perform your marital duties to me”
He said and walked out of the chambers.
I didn’t know if I am to laugh or cry. I just sat on the floor there, screaming, laughing and crying. Likewise, I have mixed feelings!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you think Greahm and Leigh would become an item if they stayed together for that period of two months?

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