Leigh’s Diary episode 15



Grace came into my chambers in less than a few minutes after Greahm left. Her face was expressionless.
“Akeme told me he is going to marry you”
“My God, Grace I don’t know …”

“It’s fine. A part of me is okay with it and another part of me is very bitter right now. Do you still want to get him killed?”
I was surprised Grace asked, is the loyalty wearing off? “Very much, yes. He threatened to take me back to Muttin and re-tame me if I didn’t yield to his requests.”

“I can’t bring myself to do some kinds of things to him, that’s because I am still about thirty percent answerable to him. I can’t help you kill him but if there’s anything you would like me to do for you about that, I would” She held my hands tightly.
“We need to find Greahm before he does something stupid”

As Grace tried to help me up, Greahm pushed the door and staggered in with his sword. His sword was covered in blood. “I killed him”
“What?” I and Grace chorused.
“I am King. You both can now go home.”

“I can’t believe this!” Grace burst into tears.
Immediately, the door creaked open again, I could barely recognize who that was but I realized it was Akeme, he was all disfigured, he was very weak, bleeding all over.

“I.. am… not … dead… yet” he charged at Greahm and Greahm stabbed him one last time with his sword and Akeme fell flat on the floor lifeless.

Grace screamed. I joined her. We both screamed.
Suddenly, I felt a very chilled cold water on my body.

“Wake up, sleepy head! Don’t you think I at least deserve some apology?”
That voice was very familiar. It was Ovie’s voice. I tried to regain my consciousness and opened my eyes.
I screamed when I saw Ovie. He looked at me weirdly, “What? Is there a ghost behind me” he looked behind himself to confirm.

I screamed again and Mommy and Daddy rushed in.
“What happened? What happened?” Mommy panicked.

I screamed one last time and Daddy rushed to me and held me tightly. “It was just a dream, it was just a dream”
“No…” I burst into tears. “Am I dead?”
“Dead? What is she saying?” Ovie asked.
I withdrew myself from Dad’s arm and went to touch Mommy who was in awe at my reaction. “Mommy”
“Yes, baby”
“Did I die?”
Mommy looked at Daddy and then back at me, “No, we are still in the beach house and about to leave. You should dress up”
I exhaled. Sat on my bed and started thinking, they watched me confusedly.
I started looking for the marks that I got from Muttin to be sure I was not under some kind of hallucination and that all that happened wasn’t a dream.

I screamed again when I saw no marks.
“What is wrong with her?” Ovie asked.
I looked up at them, “I don’t know if I should be happy or sad about this.” I sighed.

They were still staring at me weirdly.
“I was kidnapped, for months! Tortured, trained, ridiculed, starved, I can’t believe it all was a dream.”
“It was all a dream, Leigh. Trust me” Daddy said.

“Daddy, you would not understand, it wasn’t just a dream! It wasn’t!” I burst into tears again, I lost my vision from my teary eyes.
“We should give her some privacy,” Daddy said and they left the room quietly.

I laid back on the bed and forced myself to sleep. I struggled for minutes, but the sleep won’t come. Neither would Greahm or Grace. Did Akeme’s death bring me back? What happened?

I stayed in the room, Mommy, Daddy, and Ovie came severally at different intervals to urge me to get over it so we could leave the beach and go back home but I didn’t agree to it. I overheard Daddy paying extra time at the beach house.

I was so devastated. I waited and waited for hours but nothing happened. So it was actually all a dream. I cried into my pillow because I had to convince myself that it was just a dream. How could it have seemed so real? It was real! I know it was real but what exactly is going on?
So it was all a dream?

The Handsome Devil?
The Captain?
Muttin and every other girl?

I slept off again in my thoughts and I woke up in the car, on our way back to Lagos.
I was in mommy’s arms. Daddy was driving and Ovie was sitting in the passenger’s seat.

“You are awake,” Mommy said apologetically. “I am sorry we couldn’t bathe or dress you properly but we had to leave, your daddy resumes work tomorrow and…”
“It’s fine mommy”
“Would you tell me all about this dream?”
“I will write about it, it will help me put down every detail of it. Then you can read it”

“That’ll be awesome!”
“Yes, I would make it a book and publish it, I want to share it with everyone. It wasn’t a dream, mommy. I don’t know what it was but, it couldn’t have just been a dream.”

Daddy looked at us from the rear-view and when I caught his eyes, he looked away.
“Who was this dream about?” Daddy asked, still avoiding eye contact, his gaze focused on the windscreen.

“I got married to a prince”
Ovie burst into laughter.
I gave him a stern look and he apologized.
“You know what baby, just write the story and we will read it. What will you title it?”
“Leigh’s Diary”
I said with a smile. That was my first smile since I regained consciousness in my family world. I looked through the window and imagined what was going on right now at the Palace.

Perhaps, Greahm is preparing for his coronation.
What about Grace? Maybe she is back with her family too.
When I write this book, If she actually exists, I hope she sees it and we reconnect.

This is my story.
Yours Sincerely,



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