Leigh’s Diary episode 10


“Leigh! I am making pasta, come to the kitchen and assist!” mummy yelled, and before I could get my lazy a*s off the bed,
Ovie banged my door. “Get your lazy a*s off the bed and go and learn how to cook!”
“Asshole! Get out of my territory!” I yelled back at him, angry for making me feel like I was lazy. I am actually lazy, I didn’t want to join mummy in the kitchen, but I had to, else, mummy could come and drag me off the comfort of my bed.

I rushed to the kitchen and on my way, I bumped into Chima.
“Hello, Leigh” he said, smiling at me so innocently
“he-hello! I didn’t know you were around”
“I just cane in a few minutes ago, your dad is in his study room right?”
I nodded as I shy fully went away. Oh, jeez! Why did he have to come so unexpectedly? I was putting on something too casual, I had no make-ups on. I hope he wouldn’t consider me unfit now. Anyways, he looked so good and happy.
‘I am almost done with the food, and you are cat walking in” Mummy scolded me.
“I am sorry mummy, what can I help with?”

“Just get that snacks to your daddy’s study, he and Chima would be needing it to work”
I was happy to do that. I immediately took the snacks and went off to Daddy’s study. I knocked.
“Come in” Daddy said.
I entered and greeted daddy, else he would send me out of his room. “Good afternoon, Daddy”
“My princess, how are you this afternoon?”
“I am fine, mummy asked me to drop these snacks” I said, smiling at Chima who was delighted to see me with the snacks. I knew Chima loved food, that’s why I will try as much as I can to learn how to cook well, so I can satisfy his taste buds and his bed too. I dropped the snacks on the table, and he leaned forward to take one of the buns, I deliberately touched his hand but made it seem like a coincidence. He looked at me and smiled, I didn’t even know when I winked at him but at that moment, he started smiling frowning, wondering what I was trying to do.

I decided to leave him to his thoughts as I returned to the kitchen overjoyed.
I woke up, but before I opened my eyes, I prayed to God that all that had just happened was not just a dream but reality. I opened my eyes and the sight of the ceiling annoyed me. I sat up angrily as I looked around Greahm’s bedroom.
“Good morning, my queen”
Greahm was behind me, and he startled me with that ‘good morning, my queen’ yes, I am now his queen. The marriage rites had been done. Akeme got married to Grace and Greahm married me. That was why I spent the night at his place. I glared at Greahm for startling me that way and also just because I was angry that it was all a dream with my family and Chima.
“Why the grumpy face this morning, my queen?”

“stop please, it’s upsetting”
“Hm, someone woke up at the wrong side of the bed”
There was a long beat as I tried to calm my nerves.
“I have good news for you” Greahm said as he sat beside me and smiled at me.
“What is it?”
“I have gotten someone who can break the spell out of Grace”
Okay, that was a spirit lifter. I literally leaped out of the bed. “Are you serious?”
“yes, we just need to get Grace to him, but we must be cautious because remember she is the queen, and she could sentence us to death if we are caught”
“us, including you?”
“yes, she is the King’s ward after all. I never knew my brother could ever fall in love. It seems so much that he loves that Grace”
“isn’t that supposed to be good news?”
“We are not sure yet. But can we get Grace unconscious and get her into this room?”
“What’s the plan?” I was curious because my head was blank and how can we possibly do that.
“We would drug her.”

“Oh, nice plan but HOW?” I was getting angry because, of course, it was not going to be easy to drug her.
“Chill, Leigh, chill. I will sort it out. All you need to do is lure her here before she blacks out. We wouldn’t want to be caught dragging an unconscious Queen”
I sighed and tried to catch my breath. I was overly nervous that I felt like pooing so badly. I rushed into the toilet, but then again, the poo just wouldn’t come out! Fucked up thing!
I came out and Greahm was just there, waiting for me, I felt so embarrassed.
“Are you good?” he asked.
“Just nervous. I will be fine.”
The plan to get Grace into the room started. Greahm found his way and drugged her food. We ensured she ate it, and she did. I went to visit her in her chambers when she was starting to get weak.
“How can I help you, Leigh” she asked, dizzy eyes.
“My Queen, there’s something I have been meaning to tell you”
“Okay, I am listening”
“I can’t say it here, It is very confidential”
“No one is here, you can say it”
“No my Queen, I need you to come with me, it also requires seeing something.”
“What is it with you, lady? I am tired and need some rest right now, come back later”

“It has to do with the king”
Now, that drew her attention. “What about the king?”
“Like I said, you’ll need to see for yourself”
“Are you playing games with me?”
“When you see what I am talking about, you will know that I am not a game player”
“I am going to call the guards if you don’t tell me what I need to know right now”
“Jeez! Grace! Your life is in danger!”
“I am sorry, my Queen, but just trust me please, this is time-sensitive!”
Grace stood up and staggered, she was getting weaker. She gestured at me to lead the way. “If this isn’t worth my time, I could have you punished”
“I promise there wouldn’t be any need for that, my queen”
I led her to Greahm’s chamber, while we were almost there, her help, Joon called out. “My queen!”
Her voice was so loud, I felt like choking her.
“You must dismiss her, she is too lowly to see this” I tried to convince Grace.
“I will be back Joon” Grace weakly continued for the chambers and Joon started following us. How could I get rid of this girl? I thought, and immediately, Grace broke down. Joon immediately hurried towards us.
“My Queen!” she screamed again. I was worried she will draw some attention, so as she approached us, I gave her a smack down and she went unconscious. Grace was too weak to utter a word, she tried to fight me off, but too weak to. Greahm immediately rushed out and helped me lift her up to the room. I pulled Joon also into the room and blindfolded her just in case she decided to wake up.
The spiritual man responsible for breaking the spell was already in the room, he had prepared some fetish stuff and asked us to lay Grace on the bare floor. He started making some incantation.

It took over an hour before he was done.
“I believe that when she wakes up, she would recover herself and her memory.” The man left our room.
I was nervous. Chewing my fingers and waiting for Grace to wake up. Joon woke up, but I hit her unconscious again.
Finally, after about another hour, Grace started grunting. Meanwhile, we started hearing some noises outside, they were looking for the queen. Greahm hurried and started jerking grace, so she could wake up. She did, and when she saw him, she screamed. This drew attention to our chambers and the guards started knocking on our door.
Greahm held Grace’s mouth and I approached, when Grace saw me, she frowned. She started struggling for Greahm to let go for her mouth.
“Grace?” I wanted to be certain she recognized me.
‘Leigh…” She said softly. “What happened? What am I doing here? Who is this?”
The knock came in again, heavier this time around. Grace was startled.
“Grace, I need you to be as smart as possible. I will give you a brief of all that happened, and you will need to go out there and let those men know that you are okay.”
Grace nodded hastily and started sobbing.

“So, you were tamed and sold to the king of this land. You are married to him and now a queen. I practically kidnapped you here just so I could free you of the spell, and so we could find a way to escape. Those men are out there looking for their queen. You are their queen, I need you to assure them that you are okay, and you are just getting along with me.
Grace nodded again, I wasn’t certain at that point if she understood all that I was saying, but she didn’t waste anytime, she went to open the door.
“My queen!” one of the guards bowed.
“Why are you disturbing us here, I am fine. I will be back to my chambers soon”
“The king seeks you”
“I will join him soon” Grace shuts the door and hurried back to us. She gave me a very tight hug. I am sure I won’t recover from that comfort and love I felt. She started sobbing again.
“you need to get yourself together” Greahm said. “Akeme is not patient”
“Grace, you need to go back now and act as normal as possible” I tried persuading her.
“I am actually very conscious of everything that has happened and how we ended up here, I just knew that there was a part of me missing, I was programmed to be Akeme-centered.” She explained.

“You still have to act that way, so we can escape.” While I spoke, Joon woke up again, “That is your help, Joon. You will have to help us in keeping her mouth shut.”
Greahm freed Joon. “My queen, are you alright?” Joon asked worriedly.
“I told you to hold on, that I will be back, why are you so stubborn?”
“I am sorry, my queen. I was only worried”
“Worried about what?”
Joon looked at me and Greahm,
“They are my family, can’t I at least visit them?”
“I am sorry, my queen”
“Let’s go” she turned to me, “I will be back Leigh” she hugged me one more time and gave Greahm a glare. Then, she went off with Joon.
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