Leigh’s Diary episode 5


Grace planned to run away in the middle of the night. Hell, it was a difficult and scary task, but we did it anyway. When two stubborn girls decide to work together, they rule the world. I was on the course of my part of the plan, in the middle of the thick forest, running as fast as I could.

“There she is! Get her!” One of those evil men yelled behind me.
This is actually going as planned. Initially, Grace and I planned to distract them. I am the distraction, while Grace is the one actually trying to run away. I had left a tip for them to know I was on the run and now, I have drawn their attention towards me. I just hope everything is going fine with Grace. She is our only hope of getting out of here.
I had to pick up my pace and ensure they didn’t get to me because I couldn’t go back to that hell and also to ensure to waste enough time, so they wouldn’t notice Grace was missing but too bad, I tripped.

I got caught again, bundled on the shoulders of one of the men and back to the camp, thrown on the punishment table, and poured cold water. It’s tough to admit that I felt the coldness of the water down to my bones. This is definitely not a nightmare!
It still hurts, but I am already used to being whipped with koboko, I don’t know how many strokes I got today, but it exceeded ten. What annoys me the most is their ugly and rough-looking faces, how loud they are with the scolding and tantrums about me trying to escape all the time. Their voices and accents are ridiculous, and they all have bad breath! Do they have garlic for breakfast? Well, I don’t know, and I don’t want to know. I just want to leave!

All of a sudden, it was quiet, and I could audibly hear someone approaching the punishment table. With the pain in my butt, I struggled to see who the hell made these disgusting creatures quiet.
A man, one I’ve never met before since I came here. If my memories have me right, I have been here for 15 days and I haven’t seen such beauty in a man since I was born not to talk of in this wild forsaken place. He approached me, and I was delighted that my angel had found me and was here to save me. I smiled as he approached me and as I tried to speak, my angel gave me the worst slap of my life.
“This is the last time you try to escape, understood?” he was so calm with this fine accent.
I was still attempting to recover from the siren blowing in my ears from the slap when he asked for a handkerchief to clean up his hand. Am I that dirty?
“If you keep setting out to escape, you leave me no choice but to kill you,” he said as he scrubbed his hands with the handkerchief? “I am sure you saw what happened to the other girl.”

Yeah, they had killed that girl right in front of us, It was a hell of a night that day because we have all been trying to escape, but that girl was used as a scapegoat. I have had enough of this place, and now I don’t mind being the next scapegoat.
“This place is worse than death. Please make me die!” I yelled and it cost a lot of energy. Of course, I would rather not die this badly but, I am stubborn, and I have some intentional bossy traits I got from my mother.
He gave me a smirk. “I’ll make sure your wish is not granted” he signaled one of the men to get me off the table and as he tried to, I kept screaming and throwing tantrums. Oh yes, I love attention and I need them to give me one, I desperately need to know how I got captured and find a way to escape. I wonder where Grace is.

I was yanked off the table and thrown to the ground before I could gain back my stamina, they suffocated me with a handkerchief.
I woke up with a serious body and headaches. I struggled before I sat up and Eva rushed to me.
“Hey, are you okay? Eva asked worriedly.
“Yes, I am fine. Any news from Grace?” I asked, eager to know if our plan had worked.
“They noticed she was missing when they came to drop you here.
Suddenly, some guards came in, that handsome devil was behind them. He was holding on to something, but the men were obstructing. He came forward and behold, he had Grace by her collar, she was whimpering, obviously been dealt with. I dropped immediately in disappointment. The plan failed.
“You girls think you are smart? Well, I had the plan to allow you to prove your intelligence, you were just too fast.” He pushed Grace towards us and Eva caught her. Grace was so weak, she couldn’t hold her body up properly.
“I am curious,” I said innocently because I was curious. “What exactly do you want from us?”

“I want money! You are my investments!”
“How do we produce money for you?”
“I thought your Mistress should have enlightened you. Slavery! I know we are way beyond the era of slavery but, this is advanced slavery. We train you, tame you, and sell you off to your masters.”
“Have you never thought of working hard enough to get money?”
“This is difficult enough. You all are difficult, and I’m going to have to fasten this whole process because I need money as soon as possible.” He exhales. “Captain!” he called and immediately, the captain came in. “Hasten up the training and taming. One month and I am sending them to their buyers”
“Okay, sir!” The captain said and immediately went off.
“Don’t worry, after the whole training, you won’t remember a single thing. You’ll be a very loyal dog” he smiled and walked away along with the other men.


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