Leigh’s Diary episode 4



I hadn’t seen a dead body in my entire life, not to talk of watching someone being killed. I couldn’t breathe properly at that moment, I actually couldn’t believe all that just happened, I still had this feeling that this might just be a dream because I couldn’t experience this; at least not now. I bet this is one of those dreams that feels so real.

The other girls were also as quiet as I was, we had screamed so loud when she was shot and now, we all feel numb.

“Girls, don’t be like this, we are sisters, family. We should love each other and be with each other. No reason to escape, you have all you need here” Mistress said with a cheap smile then suddenly, she switched back to that stern face, “Enough of this pity party, We need to finish up our introductions and start training you before the grand master comes. I will need your full cooperation, else…” she smiles “I would rather not threaten my girls, but if you would rather not end up like her, do as I say” she clears her throat. “Okay, you will start by telling your name, age, and what you know how to do best, ready? Alright, you start!” she pointed at Eva.

Eva, who was still trying to recover from the shock, stuttered as she spoke, “My name is Eva,” She burst into tears, “I am 16, and I love games.” One could barely hear what she said because it was accompanied by cries.

“Good, Eva. You next!” Mistress pointed at the other girl who, I thought, was comfortable here, she didn’t look like what she had been through. She was so calm, and I envied her at that moment.

“I am Grace, I am 16, and I am skilled at using computers”
“Ewww, that’s good” Mistress looked at me and gestured for me to introduce myself.

As much as I tried not to, I couldn’t help but stutter, I was scared. “My name is Leighton… I am … 16, and I am good at being me”
“What do you mean being you?”
“I… I can’t hide my characteristics”
“Hmm, still don’t understand, but next person”

We all got to introduce ourselves and by that time, the Captain came and made us match on a queue to a field. That field was equipped with lots of machinery, like a typical training ground.

“Okay! For this field, you go learn everything wey you need to know for martial arts, I no dey tolerate any mistake. Your first task na to run round this field till I say stop.”
We began running around the field, and it took over 2 hours before the Captain asked us to stop, Two of the girls fainted, were resuscitated, and asked to continue. This place is torture.

True, the one in charge of the laws came and addressed us while we sat to take a break.
“Remember I tell you to say my name na True, I talk True and I like person wey dey talk True and do True, I go read the rules of Muttin for una so listen very well” he took out a book from under his arm, flipped through the pages and starts reading. “No escaping, no singing, no assumption, no hesitations, do what you are expected to do, do not complain about your master ever! Na the rules be this, if una disobey, pooooh! You will be shot dead”

Trying to finish up with English sounded weird. We were escorted back into our huts and then food came in. They got us rice, supposed to be jollof rice, but it is white jollof rice. The food looked and tasted disgusting, I couldn’t eat it. I gave it out to one of the girls, who seemed to enjoy it. I was starving, but couldn’t bring myself to eat that. They were all eating it, rushing it into their mouths. I regretted giving out my food the instant they were done eating.

Now, I feel that lump in my throat again, so strong that I can’t fight it. I burst into tears but quietly because I didn’t want the girls to know I was crying, at least, I shouldn’t give them a reason to cry again, but I couldn’t help but cry, so I had to do it as quietly as possible.

I miss mummy and daddy, like what are they doing now? They must be looking for me, devastated, vacation gone wrong. What about Ovie? How would he feel knowing I went missing, and we haven’t reconciled, I feel worse than I know he feels. What about Chima? Oh my love, Chima. He must have heard from Daddy that I’ve gone missing. What will be on his mind right now? Would he be crying and wishing he had asked me out first before this abduction? He could be living in regrets thinking he could have done something to save me, Oh my love Chima. I can’t wait to see you and tell you all I have been through in this hell of a place. Maybe, when I am back, I will be 18. What? God forbid! How can I be here for 2 years? Not possible! I must leave. I must find a way to get back home, my parents are calling, my brother is calling, my love Chima is calling, I have to go.

“Snap out of it” Grace interrupted me from my deep thoughts and sobs. I looked at her and gave her that glare that she was not supposed to recover from, but, this girl was something else. I haven’t met a woman as tough as I am, who does she think she is? The bigger version of Leigh? “There’s no point crying right now, all we need to do is to find a way out, I have a plan”
Now, that is interesting, she is more of a bigger version of me. “What plan?”

She smiled at me and I felt hope.


QUESTION OF THE DAY: What do you think is the plan?

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