Leigh’s Diary episode 6


We never knew we hadn’t started suffering until the next day after the conversation with the handsome devil. The real suffering began, I can’t utter the words of how we were tortured and almost left for dead. We were taught how to focus, throw punches, defend, fire a gun, and so many more skills within one month. One month felt like one year because we spent each day training with a few hours of break. It was the day before the last day of training. The day we were supposed to be tamed.

We were all scared of the thought of being ‘tamed’ because it was said that we would lose our memories and become loyal dogs. I wished that day never come but it did, and we had to face it. We all laid flat on our backs in a line and the Captain lowered himself towards us making some kind of incantation. He did this twice and the third time, when he got to me, he lowered his head and spoke in a language I understood. I was startled at first, but he assured me to remain still.

“I have watched you for the past month and I know you can do this, I want to do you a favor.”
He went off to next person and this triggered my mind, I waited again for him to come around the next time, waiting curiously, and he came once more,
“I can’t tell you all at once because I would be suspected, so I will break it bit by bit to you, Just cooperate please.”
I nodded in assurance. I never thought the Captain was on our side, or is this part of the taming? I watched him go through the others beside me, tried reading his lips, but it didn’t seem like he spoke English to them. He got back to me again.
“This is the 5th time, I am supposed to go around 10 times, and you all should be asleep by then. I urge you to pretend to be asleep when I go around the 8th time.”

I nodded slightly again, and he went round and back to me again,
“I wouldn’t tame you, I would leave you to your memories, I need you to come up with a plan to report this to the government in whichever country you were sold to after you have settled in for two months.”
He went round again, this is the 7th time, he came back to me. “You must ensure you are settled and trusted within those two months, so you can easily get this done. So that you can save yourself and the others and also the next set of girls”
While going around the 8th time, I noticed the girls were becoming weary and falling asleep. He got to me, “You should pretend to be asleep now. To act like you have been successfully tamed, you need to act like a fool tomorrow, you will see how the others act, and you act as they do. Do not blow this up, Leigh”

I had never heard the captain call my name, it felt good and comforting. I felt the urge to shed tears but, I ought to sleep off now. I acted weary like the others and pretended to be asleep.
He came back to me, “I know you are smart and should know what to do, Report your master in his country and your master would report Muttin, then they will find you all and restore you to your families”
The 10th time, he said, “This is the last time you will see or hear from me, my job here is done. Tomorrow, your masters will come and choose you, and you will go with them after that. Remember, do not act until after two months. Goodbye, Leigh, I hope you will be the savior for these girls.”

I felt like opening my eyes at that moment, but I would rather not blow my cover, tears escaped my eyes. After some minutes, I heard handsome devil voice.
“Are you done, Captain?”
“Yes sir. They will be awake by tomorrow.”
“Thank you, I will credit your account” I heard the Captain walk away.
It was quiet for a while. Handsome devil suddenly rejoiced, “Yes! My investment is fruitful!”
He went away, and it was so quiet, that it took me about 20 minutes to be certain that no one was watching, I opened my eyes and the girls were fast asleep.
I have never felt so responsible as I do now. I am responsible for the liberation of these lives. I need to ensure I do not fail. I shut my eyes because I would rather not take any chances by blowing my cover.

Morning came, and I heard men chattering as they approached the field where we were, the girls were still fast asleep.
“This is beautiful Muttin, this is spectacular!” a man with a foreign accent said. I can’t decipher what accent that is, but it seemed Asian. I was so curious, squinted my eyes slightly, and I saw handsome devil leading some men as they looked at the girls, like they were trying to select their choice, I saw one of them squeezing Grace’s b****t. This provoked me but, I can’t blow my cover.
“This one is full Michael, she is endowed”
“Oh my, this one is beautiful, good for my bedroom”
“I think I like this one, she looks innocent”
I heard the footstep approaching me, and he stood above me, “She is magnificent. I am going for this one”
“Uh, uh, that one is one of the special ones I told you about Akeme, she costs more”
“Why are you biased, Muttin” he lowered and touched my cheeks and lips softly. “How much”
“She is double the price.”
“You know I want two, you wouldn’t give me a discount?”
“Akeme, you don’t need two. One is enough for you”
“You don’t tell me what I want. I require two! These two!”
“You really have good eyes because these two are the most skilled we have”
“Nah, Akeme you are lucky, Why don’t you spare me one?” another voice said.
“I am not sparing anything. You know what, I am going to send you the money in an hour, I don’t need your discount anymore. I just need my girls in the hanger as soon as they wake up”.

“My king!” Handsome devil hailed. “You know, I will transport them to the hanger”
“I will send you the money Akeme, You love money too much.”
They all chuckled.
“Everyone chosen what they want?” Handsome devil asked.
“I am not quite pleased with this one, but I chose late I guess”
“I will ensure you get what you like next time, Lord August”
“Okay I trust you”
“Alright, let us go and celebrate!”
They celebrated as they left the field.
I bet you don’t know how I feel right now. I am so numb.


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