Leigh’s Diary episode 8



I followed Grace immediately. Outside there was like an artistic work, I had never seen such beauty in nature before, flowers everywhere, well trimmed, the sky was not blue, it looked like a rainbow. Now, I wasn’t even sure if we were on Earth because this place didn’t look like our world.

How and where can I find the police force in this sort of environment? They were bodyguards everywhere, looking almost impossible to run away. But I still have two months anyway, perhaps by then I would have come up with a solution.

Grace and her help, Joon headed for a field. There, some men were sitting amid Akeme, supposed to be spectators, what in the world was happening? I watched as Grace went towards Akeme and genuflected to greet him. He smiled at her. He must really like her, I felt strange about it, but didn’t want to admit it was jealousy.

There was already a soldier standing in the middle of the field, Grace went towards him, and they were both about to fight. Why would Akeme do this?

“Kingdom Tacfes!” Akeme screamed, and the spectators responded,
“United we stand!”
I shook my head and wished I could slap them all one by one.

“This is Lady Grace, She is my supposed Lady, and I am here trying to prove to my brothers and external family that she is the right woman for me. If she wins the fight, I will marry her but if she doesn’t, she must have died I guess”

Did I just hear correctly? I wanted to scream at that moment, but something held me back. Akeme had 3 other boys sitting directly behind him. I needed answers to what was going on, and then I remembered Lisa was still behind me.
“Lisa, what is happening?”
“Uhm, King Akeme needs to get married to secure the throne.”
“They are trying to check if Lady Grace is the best fit for him”
“By trying to make her fight someone looking 3 times bigger than she is?”
“I know King Akeme wouldn’t give her what he knows she isn’t capable of doing.”

While I attempted to understand, the bell rang and Grace and the soldier started attacking each other.

“There is Prince Greahm,” Lisa said, pointing at one of the men sitting close to Akeme. “He is your Lord and the crown prince. If anything happens to King Akeme and there is no son yet, Prince Greahm will take over.

‘Ohhhh…’ I said, looking at Greahm, he wasn’t looking bad, he was actually looking perfect but his face was stern, it seemed like someone provoked him.

Before I knew it, Grace had beaten that gentleman down. They all hailed, I felt a little relief anyway. At least, Grace is safe.
“I am perplexed’ I said to Lisa.
“What are you confused about, my lady?”
“I will explain as much as I can. Just ask your questions. About a year ago, the king and queen died. Akeme took over because he was the first son, but Greahm and the other two brothers didn’t deem him worthy enough to rule Tacfes, a reason best known to them.

Akeme now needs to act more like a king, get married, have children, and rule together with his wife. Only then, will the other brothers give up.”
“Why did Akeme bring me to Greahm?” I asked curiously.

“For compensation, perhaps.”
“How old are you?” someone called behind us, we both looked back and were shocked. How did he get up here? He was down there a few minutes ago! Greahm!
“My lord, I would excuse you both” Lisa bowed and excused us.
“How old are you?”
“You are a minor. What am I going to do with you? You’re useless. Find your way home, please!”
This was supposed to be an opportunity for me to go home, but I felt insulted. Am I useless?
This fool!

“How old are you?”
He was shocked at my question, then he replied, “22”
I laughed, “You’re not my type! My man is 28, he is working really hard to earn money, he isn’t living off the properties of his parents like you are, he is a leader on his own. So you are more useless to me than I am to you.”

I could see the shock on his face, he didn’t expect that, and I probably shouldn’t have said that. Jeez! Is that how tamed women behave? No! Jeez! I can’t get caught. I wanted to walk out on him, but he pulled me back and pushed me to the wall.

“What is your name?”
“I smell your breath strong in my nose, could you please give me breathing space at least?”
He moved away from me a bit, still glaring at me. I sighed, out and in. “My name is Leigh, and I am supposed to be your Lady. If you don’t think I am fit, I don’t mind, I will just find my way like I was about to do before you pulled me back.

“You insulted me. You insulted the crown prince” he was almost raising his voice and I didn’t want that, No one should know that I have no manners and since he already does, he should keep it to himself.
“Why are you screaming? You can talk quietly, I can hear you.”
He rusted into laughter, it was a sinister laugh and damn, this gentleman is hot.

“I guess I underestimated you, then” he smiles. “I will marry you.”
“Excuse me?”
“You heard me right. Get prepared to win a fight with one of our best soldiers and be my wife”
“I would rather not be your wife”
‘You’re not my type and I have someone I love.”
“What is his name?”
“What does he do?”
“He works as a personal assistant for my dad.”
Greahm burst into laughter, “Okay, here is the thing, as far as I know, Muttin sold you to my brother, and Muttin kidnaps their girls, and they tame them before selling them off. You are not tamed. How did you manage to get away with that?”

At that moment, I realized I was screwed. Damn, why am I so stupid. “Uhmm…”
“Look, I know you would want to escape at the end of the day, right? Your secret is safe with me, Leigh.” He smiled, this time around I could depict that smile, that is undoubtedly the smile Ovie gives to me when he is about to ridicule me, I wanted to shut him up. How can I do this? Is he skilled in martial arts? Should I just kill him here and run off? He continued, “I thought you were going to be like one of those useless robots that Muttin creates, that is why I considered you useless, but you don’t seem useless to me anymore. Let’s help each other. As much as you are desperate to leave here and get back to your family is how much I want to get rid of my brother and get the throne”

I wasn’t surprised he wanted the throne so badly, but I was surprised that he could say that to me. “Why are you saying this to me?”
“Because I know we can help each other. Get me the throne and I will get you to your family.”
I didn’t know if this was luck on my side or just a setup, I didn’t know what to say or how to react.

The offer seemed amazing, but what if…
“I don’t lie or deceive. I am always as blunt as ever. So in case you think I am trying to set you up, I am not.”
I sighed. I just needed to trust someone after all. “So, how is this supposed to go?”
“We got off on the wrong foot. Let’s properly introduce ourselves, and we will discuss that in my chambers” he charmingly took my fingers and kissed them.

“I see you both are getting along” Akeme distracted.
I bowed before him and he smiled at me, what a beautiful man. Grace was behind him, her face was bruised, but she still smiled like a clown. I wished there was a way I could free her from the spell that Captain put her on. She really looks ridiculous for a girl I thought was a bigger version of me. She is more of a bigger version of a dog right now.
“I never thought I would like her, but I seem to” Greahm replied Akeme.
“That is good news because yesterday you didn’t want her”
“Common brother, don’t say that in front of her”
“She doesn’t mind, remember she is your loyal dog. As tamed as ever”

I smiled very widely but deep down in my heart I wanted to kill him with my word.
“You’re right brothers. I think they are the best to get married to, not some rude and exceeding dramatic princess”
“I will marry her”
“Really?” Akeme was surprised at Greahm’s sudden interest in me.
“Yes, spent some time with her, and I like her already. Tomorrow, I will organize the battle”

“Oh, okay” Akeme didn’t seem okay with it. He glared at me and I smiled foolishly at him like I ought to. He turned away and left, along with Grace.
I sighed in relief, “What is your plan?” I asked Greahm because right now, I really need this to work. I am always lucky to find someone willing to help me. Perhaps, mummy’s prayer over me is working.
“Meet me in my chambers tomorrow after the fight.” He turned to leave and said again, “Ensure you win that fight, else I won’t be able to marry you and our plan will fail”

As soon as he left, I started thinking things through. Is all this happening for the better, or am I about to meet my doom?


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