Leigh’s Diary episode 11


I practically paced about the chambers wondering how Grace was acting and if Akeme had noticed anything strange.
“Calm down” Greahm said as he watched me pace around, “like she said, she knew all that has been happening to her, so I believe she should know how to react. By the way, she seems very intelligent”
I glared at Greahm because he has never complimented me intelligent despite all I have done for him. Ungrateful fellow.
“What’s with the glare?”

“Nothing.” I stood and watched the window if there was anything to worry about.
“I am going to sleep. It is late” he said while he undressed, left with only shorts. He jumped on the bed, “Good night”
I was scared. This is a man almost naked, and I am supposed to share the same bed with him. No, I won’t stay in that bed. I went to sit on the couch as I watched him fall asleep. I was scared, never been this close to a man before. But he is now my husband, why can’t I sleep in the same bed with him, it is quite uncomfortable sitting on this one-seated couch. Sleeping with him will be betraying Chima. He is my one and only, I can’t betray him. I tried filling my heads with imaginations of being with Chima on this bed, married to him and doing some marital things. I smiled sheepishly at myself. On opening my eyes, I saw Greahm; he was standing right in front of me, looking at me like I’m crazy.

“Why are you sleeping on the couch?”
“I’m not sleeping”
“You obviously are”
“Leave me alone”
“Why? Why should I leave you alone? I understand you are not used to me and not comfortable around me, but I promise I won’t make you do what you don’t want to do.”
“How reassuring. Coming from a half naked man”
“Jeez! Was I supposed to dress fully to sleep?”
“I don’t care. I am just not sleeping on that bed with you”
“You know what? I will sacrifice the bed for you, go sleep on the bed, I will take the couch”
“Stop trying to be a gentleman”
“I won’t ask again if you refuse now”
I rushed to the bed. I can’t afford to lose this opportunity. I haven’t slept well in days because of my discomfort in this palace. Today, I am not sure that I would be able to cheat nature. It didn’t take me less than 5 minutes to fall asleep.

I woke up hearing Grace call my name.
“Leigh” Grace whispered, trying to wake me up. I woke up. I would admit that I was super glad to see her.
She hugged me again tightly. “I am sorry about how I treated you, I couldn’t help it”
“Jeez Grace, I didn’t take it personally”
“Good. So what happened to you? How come you weren’t tamed?”
I told her the whole story of how the Captain helped me, and she was delighted. “So, what’s the plan? Are you sure Greahm is on our side?”
“Yes, at least so far, he has proven so. He helped to get your memories back, and he wants the throne, so I made a deal with him”
“I don’t understand”
“He promised to help us escape and shame Muttin if I helped him get the throne”
“how are you going to get the throne? You are just…”
“You are the queen, you are going to kill the king”

“The only way to get the throne from Akeme is to kill him. We have passed the stage of being sentimental Grace, what needs to be done needs to be done”
“No, Leigh, that is murder. I can’t do it”
“You can do it, don’t worry, you wouldn’t do it alone. I am going to help you. I just need you to properly grant me access to Akeme”
“Jeez, Leigh”
“Don’t you want to go back home and see your family?”
“I want to, but…”
“But what? These people have taken so much from us, what is so difficult in taking one thing from them just so we could have our lives back?” I was almost yelling.
Grace started crying. I was surprised.
“Hey, Grace, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry, I just…”
“I don’t know but, I can’t do it Leigh, Akeme is my husband.”
“Husband” I couldn’t help but laugh. “Did I just hear you say that, Grace?”
“He has been nice to me, despite me being tamed. I don’t intend to hurt him”
“Did he sleep with you?”
“Leigh, he is my husband. Yes.”
“He is not your husband, Grace. You are only 16, you are yet to go into the university. You were kidnapped and sold to this man, and you call him your husband?”
“I know all of this, but…”
“But what, Grace! But what! That man is a monster into slavery!”
“Don’t say that, Leigh”
I laughed wryly again, I just can’t believe Grace is saying all of this, but something is wrong somewhere. “What is it, Grace, tell me. There is something you are not telling me”
“I am just being human. Yes, all of those things you said about him are true but, we shouldn’t pay evil for evil. We are comfortable here, Leigh”
“Hmm, it is barely a week since we came here. It’s too early to fall in love with him”
“Leigh, we have a good life here.”
“Do you love your family?”
“Of course, I do. I really do and want to see them again. I know I would after I establish myself here”
“Shut up, Grace! Shut up!”

Greahm walked in immediately. “Is everything okay?”
“yes!” Grace said immediately.
I looked at Greahm and shook my head. I bet he understood that everything was not okay.
“I should get going. Akeme will be looking for me”
We watched Grace leave the chamber and Akeme looked back at me.
“What’s the matter?”
“I can’t point at what exactly the matter is, but she would rather not do it. She is trying to protect Akeme”
“I guess the ritual didn’t work perfectly well. A part of her is still loyal to him”
“what if she tells him everything?”
“we can’t let that happen” Greahm hurried out to get Grace and I followed.


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