Leigh’s Diary episode 7


I stayed laying there like a fool until the girls started waking up but were still weak and unconscious, in a short while, they started looking more conscious. I went to Grace.

“Hey,” Grace replied, smiling at me and staring so strangely at me. It was creepy because Grace barely gave that smile and not that happy look. I guess the taming worked. The other girls were also looking thrilled. They acted like strangers to each other.
“Do you remember me?” I asked Grace
“Am I supposed to?” she asked, still smiling.
“No, of course not”
Immediately, the handsome devil came with some guards.

“Yes sir” They all stood before him with so much respect, and smiling faces. I played along.

“I love your smiley faces. Anyway, I will be giving you out to your masters today. I will no longer be your master, whoever I give you to become your master. You are to love him and cherish him like you would do to me, do you understand?

“Yes sir!” they replied, still smiling.
“Okay, I guess you have all forgotten your names. Your mistress will come and remind you, and subsequently, you will be transported to see your masters. Ensure to have a great trip, be a good girl, and protect your master with everything you have. That is why you were trained to learn to fight anyway because you will be your master’s guide, love, peace, joy, and strength. Understood?

“Yes sir!”

He left and immediately, Mistress came in.
“Oh, look at how you guys are now. As loyal as dogs. Okay, I’m going to tell you your names one after the other, do not forget.” She starts out calling everyone by their name.

The girls were so happy and practically anticipating to see their masters. I couldn’t stop thinking of who my master was buying me with. I hope that will not ruin what the Captain has asked me to do.

Finally, one by one, guards started taking the girls away. I was waiting patiently and foolishly, like the others to be taken to my master. Grace and I were the last girls and it was Handsome Devil who came by himself to get us.

“You both have the same master,” he said, smiling. “He is my best customer ever, so make sure you behave yourself properly. Understood?”

“Yes sir,” we both replied.

“Follow me”
We followed him, and we saw a car parked outside, that was the first time since my abduction that I had seen a car. The thought of the bondage I have been In made me want to cry, but I can’t afford to have that emotion right now, The only emotions allowed to have been joy, love towards my master, and anger toward anyone who tries to hurt my master. I learnt this from the Captain.

Grace and I got into the car, and we were driven to the hangar, where we found our master and his bodyguards waiting for us.
“My king! The girls are here” Handsome Devil said to a man. That man was Akeme.
He looked at us and I got to see his face well enough. He wasn’t African. He doesn’t look like any race I can think of. Asian eyes, blonde hair, African accent, yellowish skin. What race is this man?

My eyes locked his, and I realized he had been looking at me as I looked and examined him. He frowned.

“Why is she looking at me like that?” he asked, pointing at me.
“That’s how she looks, don’t worry. “ Handsome devil said, looking at me also with this worrisome face.

I realized I may not be acting tame, I looked at Grace, and she was all smiles and happy to see Akeme, I decided to act the same too.
“You can go now, I have my property,” Akeme said to Handsome Devil. He waved at us and went away. “Let’s get you cleaned up, girls,” he said and gestured us into his helicopter. He was still giving me that weird look as I got into the helicopter.

Grace and I sat together, and he came toward us
“What’s your name?” he asked me.
I smiled, but before I could respond, Grace did. “My name is Grace, and I am ever loyal to serve you”
Great! Now I know what to say. He looked at Grace and smiled, then back to me and lifted a brow, I realized immediately and responded. It was so awkward.

“My name is Leigh, and I am ever loyal to serve you.”
He smiled and scoffed, then he shook his head and said,“ I never make a wrong choice.”
The helicopter engine got turned on, and I realized we were ready to take off.

I was scared. Can I do this? Should I jump out of this helicopter and run away? I sighed and looked at Grace. She seemed so happy. I have never seen her look this happy before. The smile she wore made her look more beautiful. I decided to relax and rethink everything. If Captain had not spared me, would I not be acting like Grace, smiling unnecessarily? I sighed and relaxed myself. It may not be that bad with this Akeme I guess, he seems nice, and he likes us.

I had slept off and woken up in a bed. In a very large bed, larger than King size, Grace was sleeping beside me. I sat up to get a good view of the room and, oh my goodness, it was more of those castle chambers I see In historical movies, immediately, a woman in her 40s came in.
“Hello, my name is Lisa and I will be your help” Her accent was like one I had never heard before.
“Help?” I asked, and she nodded, “What will you be helping me with?”
“Anything you want me to do for you. I was assigned to serve you”
“Okay, alright, but where are we?”
“I do not understand”
“Where am I? What is this place?? Which country is this?”
Lisa was very surprised at my question? “This is Tacfes. The kingdom of Tacfes, the king himself brought you and His lady here” she said, gesturing at sleeping, Grace.
“His Lady?” I asked again, acting all shocked and naïve.
“Did you take some wine last night, ma? I could get you some warm tea”

“I didn’t drink anything last night! I am not drunk. Who am I?”
She was surprised again, she looked left and right to check if anyone was around and then back at me.

“You are Lady Leigh, the King mentioned handing you over to his younger brother, Prince Greahm. That is your sister, Lady Grace, the king’s lady. You both came in yesterday, and I was asked to take care of you.”

Now, for you to know how silly I can be, my concern at that moment was why Grace was the king’s lady and not me. I had to shove off that thought immediately. I need to focus.
“Okay, thank you for this information. I must have drank some things last night”
“I hope you will be fine with Prince Greahm, he is quite a handful”
I looked at her sternly.
“I am sorry my lady” she apologized immediately.
“No, no… I don’t quite understand what you mean by Prince Whatever his name is, he is quite a handful”
She replied shyly, “I overheard him yelling at the king that he didn’t need you, and he should take you back”
I scoffed. I didn’t know where that laugh came from, but it was on impulse. Unbelievable! Immediately, another woman walked in. dressed the same as Lisa.
“Good morning, My lady.” She approached the bedroom. “My name is Joon and I will be Lady Grace’s help, the king seeks her now”
I burst into laughter immediately, I couldn’t help but laugh. It all seemed like a movie to me. What is this? Ancient kingdom?
Grace sluggishly woke up.

“The king seeks me? I am coming my king” she said, standing up and hurrying out, her help, Joon followed her. It was just me and Lisa. I looked at Lisa, and she looked at me, smiling innocently. I burst into laughter again. WHAT THE HELL!


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