Leigh’s Diary episode 1



I’m just going to take you back to about 17 days ago before I ended up being kidnapped.
“Mummy! My backpack is filled. Can I put some of my stuff in your bag?” One could hear the excitement in my voice that morning, I was overjoyed. Finally, my family is going on the vacation Daddy promised.

I am a delightful sixteen-year-old girl; you would have to look twice when you come across me for the first time. I am very attractive; I trust my abilities and know that I am valuable. A virtuous woman who loves attention. Actually, I have come to realize I love specifically the attention of men. This is quite embarrassing to say, but I can’t stop fascinating each time I see a fine man. A fine man can be defined as Chima, my dad’s assistant. He comes to the house almost every time and since I finished with my WAEC, I have got so much more time to admire him when he comes around. Sporadically, I feel embarrassed, like, what am I doing? But I can’t help it. That man is fine! I go as far as visiting my dad in his study room pretending to be sick just so I could stay with him and then admire the man of my dreams, Chima.

I recently checked the internet on why I act the way I do, then I read the book by Tim Lahaye and figured out I’m Choleric, so I can’t blame myself for being the way I am. I am just perfect, and I’d definitely get what I want. Likewise, I will work very hard and then, when I get to eighteen, I will ask Chima to marry me. Easy-peasy!
I had packed a lot, but I still needed to pack more, I needed to flaunt this beauty in the city of Calabar but my bag wouldn’t close properly, literally trying to frustrate me, so I had to call mummy’s assistance.

“I can relate to how excited you are about this vacation.” Mummy stood akimbo by my room door and Daddy was right behind her. They must have been watching me for some seconds while I struggled with that bag.
“I didn’t expect less, it is her first travel out of Lagos. She had been anticipating” Daddy said and shook his head, Mummy came in to help me with packing and Daddy went towards Ovie’s room.

Ovie is my elder brother, he is just like you should imagine, ugly and annoying, but I don’t know how and why he has a girlfriend. This bothers me a lot. Each time I see his girlfriend, Onyi, I get pissed at her for stooping so low to date his type. Don’t get me wrong, I love my brother but, eww! I had snitched on him when I found out about Onyi but Mummy didn’t scold him as much as I expected for having a girlfriend because he is above 18. I usually wonder if Onyi thinks she has a future with a boy of 19 years old. I can’t be in a relationship with a man who hasn’t achieved anything in life. Ovie is still living off our parents and still schooling. What a relationship.

Finally, we started our journey to the Cattle Ranch at Calabar, The trip was fun and I must admit, Nigeria is a beautiful place.
“You want some popcorn?” Daddy asked during the ride, We were stuck in traffic, and as you know, Nigerians and their roadside hawking.
“Yes please,” Ovie said while still engrossed on his phone playing games.
“Yes Daddy and water too” I was thirsty. Daddy bought the water and I gulped like a camel. Now, time to check updates on my phone and stalk Chima on Facebook. I couldn’t use my fingerprint on my phone because my hands were wet and on typing my password, Ovie startled me.
“Chima? Chima is your password?” He said with this sinister smile.

Daddy and mummy looked back at us. “Who is Chima?” Daddy asked.
I almost peed on my panties at that moment. I tried to avoid their faces. “It wasn’t …”
“Look at me and say it!” Mummy ordered. She knew I lied when I looked away. So she needed to ensure I wasn’t lying, but little did she know that I had mastered the art of lying. Plus, she had given me more time to think of the lie to say. I looked her straight in the eye, “It wasn’t Chima, it was chime. Jeez Ovie, I know you’re trying hard to ruin my day, but you won’t succeed. Chime, the musical instrument.”
Mummy’s eyes settled, she had been suspecting me of indulging in a romantic relationship since the day she heard Vicky, a friend of mine got pregnant but, I am innocent! It only goes on in my thoughts and nothing more. I sighed in disbelief and went back to pressing my phone.

It only goes on in my thoughts and nothing more. But Napoleon Hill stated that “whatever the mind of man conceives and believes, it can achieve. Strong, deeply rooted desire is the starting point of all achievement.” Damn, what if my thoughts yield fruits? No, no no, not until I am eighteen. I have self-control and have great value and must not make any crazy decisions until I am eighteen. When I am eighteen, I can achieve all my desires, Amen. Now, back to stalking Chima, what did he post today?

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