A wife for my husband part 2 episode 1


Episode 1

Lakunle returned home to visit his parents as promised, feeling uneasy because he knew his mother well enough to expect she would have some tricks up her sleeve. After greeting his parents and inquiring about their well-being, he sat down to enjoy his mother’s delicious amala and Ewedu soup. While still savouring his meal, aunts, nephews, and nieces started filling the house, to see him.

It wasn’t until evening that Lakunle found a moment to sit down with his parents. “Bami, Mami once again I appreciate your efforts and support in ensuring that Adesuwa and I have children. I love my wife and I want children but not at the expense of my happiness. Since our marriage, things have been going well and our home has been peaceful. Marrying a second wife will be a big mistake and I don’t want to make that error.”

“Gbo mi Lakunle (Listen to me Lakunle), Adesuwa will never find out you will rent another apartment for her” Mami said.

“Even at that Mami, I can’t do it, I can’t betray Adesuwa like that.”

“Son, If Adesuwa loves you, she should support your desire to have children,” Bami suggested.

“Bami, Adesuwa loves me, and we both want children, but not if it jeopardizes our happiness. Many marriages are in trouble out there, and I’ve been blessed with a woman like Adesuwa in my life. I won’t throw away my happiness just because we are experiencing delays in childbearing.”

“Abi ebgon nkan to wi (Can you imagine what he is saying). Oda na (Okay), what solution do you have in mind.” Bami asked.

“Give us a year, Bami, if we don’t conceive, we will consider adoption.” He suggested.

“Olorumaje! (God forbid) Adoption is not an option. You can’t bring a child into this family without knowing their lineage.” Bami declared.

“Bami, please, people do it all the time.”

“No Lakunle, it’s either you and Adesuwa give us grandchildren in a year or the deal is off. I’m off to bed.” Bami stood up and left.

Lakunle pleaded with his mother to intervene. “Mami, you’re a woman like Adesuwa; surely you understand what this would do to her.”

His mother explained the pressure they were under from other family members. “We can’t live our lives to please them. Help me talk to Bami about accepting adoption as an option,” Lakunle pleaded.

As they continued discussing, there was a knock on the door. Lakunle’s mother opened it, revealing Simi, Lakunle was surprised.

“Ekale Mami.” (Good evening Mami)

“Omo dada (Good child), how was your outing?”

“It went well ma. I had to wait for her my friend’s husband to return from work so he could drop me.” Simi replied.

“Mami what is she doing here,” Lakunle asked.

“Se oti jeun?” (Have you eaten?)

“Yes, I have ma.”

“Mami, I asked a question, what is she doing here?”

“She is spending a few days here with us,” Mami replied.

“Good evening, Lakunle.”

Lakunle ignored her. He was right when he said his mother may have a trick up her sleeve.

“I’m tired I will go to bed now. Good night both of you.” Mami announced.

“But Mami we are not done discussing” Lakunle said.

“We will continue tomorrow. O daro (Good night).”

As Lakunle headed to his room, Simi confronted him “Why are you so hostile towards me Lakunle?”

“Why are you determined to break another woman’s home?”

“You should be grateful that I agreed to bear you a son.”

“Because you are God, abi? I don’t need your help just stay out of my way while I’m here.”

“Are you sure that is what you really want?” And as she said that she moved really close to him and traced a finger on his chest. “I could make your stay here enjoyable.”

“I’m not interested.” Lakunle declined, heading to bed without locking his door – a decision he would regret.

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