A wife for my husband episode 8


Episode 8

The lawyer proceeded with the reading of the will “Osagie Agro-Chemical, the three other houses, the estate at Jabi, the house in the US, the other house in the United Emirate, all my Jewries, the remaining cars, 50% of my interest in the other companies and 30% of the cash goes to my heir. This family house goes to Imonofi with no conditions attached. His memories of this house were not always good considering what he suffered at the hands of Eghosa and her son Efosa. I am giving him this house hoping that he will make good memories here.”

Eghosa objected “Is this some kind of joke? How can Efe give my house to you? This is my house.”

IMONOFI replied “You this woman, what did I ever do to you? I didn’t ask to be adopted. When you had Efosa why didn’t you return me back to the orphanage instead of making my life miserable and making it obvious you didn’t want me; If not for Dad, I would have left when I turned 18. But I will live in this house, this house that you so badly want. I will live in It, and there is nothing you can do about it.”

“Over my dead body.”

“Then so be it,” Imonofi replied.

“And just so you know I wanted to return you back to that orphanage it was Efe who begged me not to.”

“You are evil and I hate you.”

“The feeling is mutual.” They glare at each other across the table.

“Imonofi, are you out of your mind? How dare you talk to my mother like that?” Efosa retorted.

“And what are you going to do about it? Fool, what are you going to do about it, eh?”

“I will hurt you man.”

“I would like to see you try. Mummy’s boy, always running to your mother or hiding behind your wife. You spineless fool.”

“Who are you calling mummy’s boy? I will…”

“Enough!” Chief Osaro banged the table. “Don’t you people have respect for your elders anymore? I’m here and you people are bickering, Sit down both of you.” They sat down reluctantly.

“Eghosa I expect better from you. I don’t want to hear a word from any of you until the lawyers are done.” He turned to the lawyer, “Please continue.”

“Well, seeing that Imonofi has no heir, this means that his portion of inheritance will go to Chief Efe’s heir.” Efosa, his mother, and Omo were already rejoicing.

“Imonofi has an heir,” Adesuwa announced. Everywhere was quiet after her announcement. Imonofi gave her a surprised look, and he shifted to the edge of his seat.

“What did you say?” Imonofi asked.

The lawyer asked, “I beg your pardon?”

“What kind of game are you people playing?’ Eghosa asked.

“Imonofi can never father a child, he is sterile. Twice now, he has been married and he couldn’t even make babies with any of those women, so where is this heir coming from?”

Chief Osaro asked, “Young lady what do you mean by he has an heir? Can you please explain?”

“That little boy in there is Imonofi’s son. His name is Thomas Imonofi Osagie.”

Everyone was talking at the same time. While Imonofi and Adesuwa look at each other.

“I’m willing to submit my son for a DNA test as soon as possible,” Adesuwa announced.

Imonofi finally found his voice “Adesuwa, are you sure? We only dated for a few weeks before you disappeared.”

“We dated for six weeks; I was pregnant with your son when I left. I left because you said you were never getting married again and because I didn’t want you to think I was trying to trap you into marriage with the pregnancy.”

He moved and bent down in front of her, feeling overwhelmed “How is this possible? I was diagnosed with low sperm count and all treatment failed. I was a laughing stock amongst my friends, my mother, and my brother. They mocked me to no end. I felt like a failure; I felt life wasn’t fair to me at all. I was abandoned as a child, and maltreated by the ones who promised to love me. I was alone except for Chief Efe and just a few minutes ago he took that away from me too. I have always wanted a family of my own and it seems once again I wasn’t deserving and now you are telling me that I, Imonofi have a son, a son.” He laughed and cried at the same time. “Do you know what this means, I don’t care about the inheritance, for me to have a son is like having the best gift in the world; Oh, this is so much for me to process. Tell me this is a dream, am I dreaming, somebody please wake me up.”

“No, Imonofi, you are not dreaming, and your dad didn’t sell you out either. He loved you so much. He knew about his grandchild. Imonofi, on my journey of life, I found out that God is kind and gracious and he never forgets his children. The world may give up on you, but God never does. My case is similar to yours. I was raised in an orphanage, I never knew my father, and my mother died while giving birth to me. I got married to the love of my life, thinking that finally I would have my own family, but I couldn’t bear him children. I was termed barren and another woman took my place, but it pleased God to unite both of us and console us with a son. I didn’t tell you my story because you didn’t want to get personal, you were not interested in my past.”

“I’m so sorry Adesuwa, I was scared. My two marriages failed. I didn’t want to get hurt again.”

“I understand, I was like that too until I found Jesus and he gave my life a new meaning.”

The lawyers interrupted their reunion.
“Imonofi, we will conduct a DNA test, and if truly he is your son, then you will have to fulfil the second clause, which says you must marry the mother of your son. The will says the whole estate goes to the heir if you can’t meet the conditions of the will. But if you meet the conditions of the will, then the rest of Chief Efe Osagie’s assets go to the heir in the person of Adesuwa Akugbe.”

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